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  • Movies Like World War Z

Movies Like World War Z

The zombie film World War Z was a huge smash in 2013. civilization War Z, which is based on Max Brooks's 2006 book of the same name, tells the tale of a civilization overtaken by [...]

  • Movies Like Superbad

Movies Like Superbad

Super Bad follows Evan and Seth, two closest friends. At the end of the year celebration, the two try to wow their different crushes with the help of their pal Fogell. It doesn't go according [...]

  • Movies Like Rush Hour

Movies Like Rush Hour

Rush Hour was Jackie Chan's first real Hollywood hit. Playing a Hong Kong police officer, Chan collaborates with Chris Tucker's LAPD detective in the 1998 buddy cop comedy to save the Chinese diplomat's stolen daughter. [...]

  • Movies Like Fantastic Mr. Fox

Movies Like Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Based on the well-known children's book of the same name, Mr. Fox is a 2009 stop-motion animated picture. A charming and crafty wild animal named Mr. Fox goes on adventures stealing food from nearby [...]

  • Movies Like Good Will Hunting

Movies Like Good Will Hunting

A highly successful film in 1997 was Good Will Hunting. It is a tale of a South Boston math prodigy who agrees to visit a therapist in order to postpone being prosecuted. One young genius's [...]

  • Movies like Pineapple Express

Movies like Pineapple Express

Saul Silver, his drug dealer, and process server Dale Denton. Hitmen and a dishonest police officer are seeking the two after they watch a drug lord murder someone. They are currently on the run. You [...]

  • Movies Like Pacific Rim

Movies Like Pacific Rim

Massive combat robots and man-made machinery are recurring motifs in mecha films. Mecha is the term for science fiction genres and scientific theories focusing on robots and machinery; these works often feature kaiju and typically [...]

  • Movies Like Just Go with It

Movies Like Just Go with It

To hide a thoughtless deception, cosmetic surgeon Danny Maccabee enlists his devoted helper Katherine to pose as his soon-to-be ex-wife while he is in love with Palmer, a much younger schoolteacher. We've carefully chosen a [...]

  • Movies Like 9 Songs

Movies Like 9 Songs

Art house films frequently have erotic themes, even when they are handled tastefully. But certain movies have a tendency to go too far with their sensual moments, almost to the point of being too suggestive. [...]

  • Movies Like Project X

Movies Like Project X

The comedy Project X uses recovered film to tell the story of Thomas Kub's 17th birthday party, which he arranged while his parents were away. As hundreds of teens and young adults pour into Thomas' [...]

  • Movies Like The Strangers

Movies Like The Strangers

Two young people on vacation in a remote vacation home have a terrible ordeal as three unknown assailants annoy them nonstop. The filmmaker Bryan Bertino's childhood experiences served as the inspiration for the movie. One [...]

  • Movies Like Juno

Movies Like Juno

The plot of Juno centers on a high school student who gets pregnant and must manage the accompanying duties. In its genre, this groundbreaking film explores adolescence, the challenges of growing up, and the question [...]

  • Movies Like Crazy Stupid Love

Movies Like Crazy Stupid Love

Undoubtedly, one of the most overlooked romantic comedies of the past ten years is Crazy, Stupid, Love. Cal Weaver's life takes an unexpected turn when his wife files for divorce, and the film depicts his [...]

  • Movies Like Baby Driver

Movies Like Baby Driver

The captivating action thriller Baby Driver centers on Baby, a hesitant getaway driver suffering from tinnitus who turns to music to block out the ringing in his ears. With Baby's story, filmmaker Wright offers his [...]

  • Movies Like The Truman Show

Movies Like The Truman Show

Considered one of the greatest films ever made, The Truman Show debuted in 1998. Truman Burbank is the subject of the story. He finds out that since his birth, his whole life has been portrayed [...]

  • Movies Like Vivarium

Movies Like Vivarium

The 2019 science fiction horror movie Vivarium is eerie and hallucinogenic. A couple who travel to a suburban community where every house has the same appearance is at the center of the story. Every path [...]

  • Movies like Percy Jackson

Movies like Percy Jackson

The best-selling Rick Riordan book series served as the inspiration for the Percy Jackson film trilogy. Logan Lerman plays Percy Jackson in the film adaptations. Jackson is an adolescent who finds out he is descended [...]

  • Movies Like White Chicks

Movies Like White Chicks

The plot of the American criminal comedy White Chicks centers on two FBI agents tasked with defending two hotel heiresses from any danger to their person. The shenanigans that ensue are endearing and entertaining as [...]

  • Movies Like The Thing

Movies Like The Thing

The Thing, a science fiction horror film directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., was released in 2011. It is a rough replica of the 1982 movie of the same name. A team of US scientists [...]

  • Movies Like Talk to Me

Movies Like Talk to Me

Teenage occult horror film Talk to Me is immensely popular. As Mia discovers about a recently popular viral phenomenon—a severed hand that allegedly calls the dead to take possession of the living—the narrative unfolds. Mia [...]

  • Movies Like The Departed

Movies Like The Departed

A lot of people consider Martin Scorsese's The Departed to be the best crime drama ever made. It is a reimagining of the equally fantastic criminal thriller Infernal Affairs from Hong Kong in 2002. The [...]

  • Movies Like Nobody

Movies Like Nobody

The film Nobody has become a global phenomenon. It centers on Hutch Mansell, a family guy who, after two burglars break into his house, returns to his risky, old life. Mansell is a suburban parent, [...]

  • Movies Like Little Women

Movies Like Little Women

In Little Women, the unshakable relationships between the March sisters and their mother, Marmee, are depicted in the tale of four sisters coming of age while growing up in a filthy New England house during [...]

  • Movies Like The Social Network

Movies Like The Social Network

The Social Network is, without a doubt, the movie from the last 20 years that will endure the test of time. The documentary follows a teenage Mark Zuckerberg and his best buddy Eduardo as they [...]