Best Crime Movies

Movies Like American Psycho

Since its 2000 premiere, American Psycho has grown to become one of the most prominent cult films of the century. It's a crime, dark comedy, and psychological horror film all rolled into one that centers on the life of Patrick Bateman, an investment banker in 1980s New York City. At night, he kills a lot of people or imagines killing a lot of people. Even if it feels unique, there are numerous movies like American Psycho. Here is a list of movies offered for plenty of fans of American Psycho. 8 Best Movies Like American Psycho That You Must Watch [...]

Movies Like Zodiac

Zodiac is a thriller directed by David Fincher that uses a genuine crime narrative as one of its inspirations. With precision, suspense, and an all-star ensemble, it depicts the events leading up to the Zodiac killings. You will be engrossed in the hunt for the killer's identity and the persons involved, even if you are familiar with every aspect of the true incident. In an effort to introduce you to a number of other gripping tales that you might find interesting, we've compiled a list of thriller movies like Zodiac. 12 Best Movies Like Zodiac Copycat From Hell Manhunter Red [...]

Movies Like Now You See Me

Using professional magicians as its core squad of thieves is an innovation in the 2013 heist film Now You See Me. Atlas, together with his team of skilled illusionists, is known as the Four Horsemen. To execute their bold scheme, they must avoid a determined FBI agent and an Interpol detective - all while performing in front of a crowd. Its incredible action sequences and surprising story turns are undeniable. Are you prepared to discover more movies like Now You See Me that you will adore? Explore them with us by following this post! Heist Confidence The Prestige The Great Gatsby [...]

Movies Like Ocean’s 11

With one of the greatest ensemble casts, Ocean's 11 is a star-studded criminal comedy. The movie is about a crew of con artists, each having a special ability or expertise to offer, organizing a complex scam that is aimed at three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Even over 70 years after it first appeared on screen, heist and criminal movies continue to be hugely popular. The emotional intensity and stakes have been upped in each of the heist movies like Ocean's 11. Follow this post, and these 17 more movies like Ocean's 11 are highly recommended for anyone who [...]

Movies Like Prisoners

Nothing comes close to the really terrifying events in Denis Villeneuve's film Prisoners. The movie, which takes place in Pennsylvania, centers on two families enjoying Thanksgiving dinner together before the two little girls, Joy Birch and Anna Dover, vanish. As a result, there is turmoil in the home, and despite intense searching, neither of the two families is able to find the kids. After the girls vanish, the police send Detective Loki to look into it. What he finds is unexpected in the event that you've previously seen it and are seeking more movies like Prisoners. Now let's explore the [...]

Movies Like The Strangers

Two young people on vacation in a remote vacation home have a terrible ordeal as three unknown assailants annoy them nonstop. The filmmaker Bryan Bertino's childhood experiences served as the inspiration for the movie. One night, a stranger knocked on his door and asked to speak with someone who wasn't there. Later, Bertino learned that the neighborhood's unoccupied houses had been broken into. Check out these suggestions if you loved this film and are eager to watch more action-packed movies like The Strangers. Follow this post, and we will guide you to explore good horror movies like The Strangers. Emelie [...]

Movies Like White Chicks

The plot of the American criminal comedy White Chicks centers on two FBI agents tasked with defending two hotel heiresses from any danger to their person. The shenanigans that ensue are endearing and entertaining as they go undercover as affluent socialites in order to stop an abduction scheme. From the time of its 2004 release, the film has captured the interest of several film enthusiasts. You don't need to look any further if you've already seen White Chicks and are looking for more enjoyable movies like White Chicks to see. In this post, we'll recommend some comedy movies like White [...]

Movies Like The Departed

A lot of people consider Martin Scorsese's The Departed to be the best crime drama ever made. It is a reimagining of the equally fantastic criminal thriller Infernal Affairs from Hong Kong in 2002. The film, which became a 2006 box office and critical blockbuster, was loosely centered on the notorious mobster Whitey Bulger and his protégé, the dishonest FBI agent John Connolly. If you would like to watch some of the best movies like The Departed, I hope the movies listed below can offer you an enjoyable weekend. Have a good time with these excellent movies like The Departed! [...]

Movies Like We’re The Millers

Lighthearted, ridiculous comedies with outrageous concepts will always find an audience. These are the films that manage to maintain the appearance of being grounded in reality while having wildly improbable stories. We're The Millers is such a relaxing comedy film. To evade detection by border control, David employs stripper Rose and two teenagers to pose as his virtuous family to smuggle narcotics into the country in order to pay off a debt. If you are seeking some enjoyable or more relaxing films to watch, these are 15 really popular comedy movies like We're the Millers. Hope you can discover your [...]

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