Best Fantasy Movies

Movies like Percy Jackson

The best-selling Rick Riordan book series served as the inspiration for the Percy Jackson film trilogy. Logan Lerman plays Percy Jackson in the film adaptations. Jackson is an adolescent who finds out he is descended from a Greek deity and becomes caught up in the continuing conflict between the Greek gods. What comes next is a convoluted, fanciful, and unmistakably mythological journey that takes place from the mountain to the underworld. In fact, in addition to the series, there are many wonderful movies like Percy Jackson to watch. Having said that, we have compiled a list of more movies like [...]

Movies Like Elemental

In Elemental, citizens of fire, water, and air coexist in a metropolis in a manner reminiscent of a romantic comedy. A fire element named Ember Lumen and a water element girl named Wade Ripple appear to connect and fall in love. This Pixar movie, which just came out in theaters, exquisitely captures the spirit of romance and demonstrates how love can blossom in the most unlikely of settings and situations. Here are 15 similar movies like Elemental that you might like seeing if you enjoy watching cartoons, including Disney movies like Elemental. Coco Moana Megamind Strange World Flushed Away The [...]

Movies Like Spirited Away

A lot of people who are new to anime see the internationally recognized Studio Ghibli films. One of the well-known anime films that Hayao Miyazaki has directed is Spirited Away. The movie centers on 10-year-old Chihiro, whose parents are turned into pigs by a witch and who thereafter enters the spirit realm. Chihiro has a lot of obstacles to overcome before she can leave the magical land she's been imprisoned in. Thankfully, she bravely defeats them with her friends' assistance. There are many other animated movies like Spirited Away about self-discovery, the genuine meaning of friendship, and the power of [...]

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