Best Musical Movies

Movies Like 9 Songs

Art house films frequently have erotic themes, even when they are handled tastefully. But certain movies have a tendency to go too far with their sensual moments, almost to the point of being too suggestive. 9 Songs is one of these movies. The plot revolves around a young couple named Matt and Lisa, whose romance is chronicled across nine shows featuring well-known British indie bands. The film's background soundtrack consists of these nine well-known rock songs at different points. Numerous nations declined to provide even an R classification. Though seen as sultry and disrespectful, the movie has had its fans. [...]

Movies Like Pitch Perfect

A group of college students attempt to preserve a cappella group by winning a competition in the 2012 musical comedy Pitch Perfect. Viewers were introduced to the interesting world of competitive collegiate a cappella through it. The film's memorable dialogue and catchy mashup songs helped it become a cultural phenomenon. If you are looking for more excellent movies like Pitch Perfect, there are many Pitch Perfect like movies about friendship, youth, and music on the list below. Pitch Perfect 2 Pitch Perfect 3 Sing Street Bandslam Work It Drumline Lemonade Mouth High School Musical Best In Show Hairspray Camp Rock [...]

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