Best Sci-fi Movies

Movies Like Edge of Tomorrow

The main character of Edge of Tomorrow, William Cage, is trapped in a time loop while fighting against extraterrestrial invaders known as Mimics alongside other troops on Earth. The story is based on the Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill. It employs the time loop trope in a well-known and incredibly entertaining way. Some of the past few years' most exciting action and sci-fi brain-bending films like Edge of Tomorrow. This post is a great resource if you're looking for more action-packed and time-traveling movies like Edge of Tomorrow. 9 Best Time Loop Movies Like Edge of Tomorrow [...]

Movies Like The Prestige

The Prestige is a legendary mystery thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan that centers on two competing magicians who vie for the attention of the same woman and the praise of the audience. Following the tragic loss of a strong childhood friendship, the two men resort to ever more desperate means to surpass each other. They square off in a decisive battle, and only one guy survives. If you are willing to explore more exciting psychological thrillers, here is a list of the 9 best movies like The Prestige prepared for you. Follow this post with us, and you will definitely discover [...]

Movies Like Pacific Rim

Massive combat robots and man-made machinery are recurring motifs in mecha films. Mecha is the term for science fiction genres and scientific theories focusing on robots and machinery; these works often feature kaiju and typically feature humanoid mobile robots. Pacific Rim, which emerged in 2013, has developed a cult following. Many people like the mysterious bond between Mako and Raleigh, who operate a massive robot called a Jaeger that battles aliens together. If you enjoy mecha films, you will enjoy these 15 movies like Pacific Rim. Come and find more Pacific Rim like movies to watch this weekend with us! [...]

Movies Like The Truman Show

Considered one of the greatest films ever made, The Truman Show debuted in 1998. Truman Burbank is the subject of the story. He finds out that since his birth, his whole life has been portrayed on television. He attempts to inform people about it, but they don't take him seriously. One of the most intriguing ideas to be shown on television is explored in it. What transpires when your universe falls apart right before your eyes and your entire reality is destroyed? Here is a list of 15 movies like The Truman Show. Follow this post, and we will introduce [...]

Movies Like Vivarium

The 2019 science fiction horror movie Vivarium is eerie and hallucinogenic. A couple who travel to a suburban community where every house has the same appearance is at the center of the story. Every path they attempt to take out of the complex that resembles a labyrinth returns them to the starting point. Being confined to their home forces the two protagonists to cope with social isolation, terror, and paranoia. If you need more movies like Vivarium to see characters contend with a cinematic reality that is just as flawed as the real one, here are 15 movies like Vivarium [...]

Movies Like The Thing

The Thing, a science fiction horror film directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., was released in 2011. It is a rough replica of the 1982 movie of the same name. A team of US scientists dispatched to examine a strange capsule that landed in Antarctica is the movie's main focus; however, they soon come under attack by an alien species. The Thing and many other great movies like The Thing have a lot in common. This is the ideal location for horror enthusiasts who wish to discover really enjoyable movies like The Thing. The Ruins Splinter Superdeep Prometheus The Void [...]

Movies Like Bird Box

In Bird Box, a group of survivors attempt to survive in a world suddenly invaded by monsters that devour everyone in their path and force the rest of the world to adapt to their danger. Imagine what happens when civilization collapses, and individuals are driven only by fear and desperation. In fact, there are many Bird Box like movies. A frequent theme in many movies depicting the aftermath of cataclysmic events is dangerous expeditions, the hunt for more survivors, and the safety found in numbers. We have some recommendations for movies you should watch next if you are looking for [...]

Movies Like Transformers

Childhood idols are brilliantly brought to life in mind-blowing 3D in the Transformers films. It was a big thing when the first movie came out and launched the franchise's other magnificent film journeys. Transformers did rather well at the box office in terms of finances. While there's a lot of amazing robot-themed content in the past, the future of the series is equally fascinating. Thus, this post will introduce more thrilling science fiction movies like Transformers, including some animated movies and good action movies like Transformers. Real Steel WALL·E Green Lantern Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Transformers: The Last Knight [...]

Movies Like The Maze Runner

Thomas, who grows up in a post-apocalyptic world like many young people in movies, overcomes his situation with cunning, willpower, and some amazing stunt work. The mix of charming teenagers, action-packed scenes, and tons of sci-fi riddles in the "Maze Runner" series led to box office success and two sequels. However, Thomas is by no means the only fictional figure to face an impossible task. The main characters in movies like The Maze Runner listed below are all thrust into unsettling, unexpected situations reminiscent of those seen in "Maze Runner" films; they may be seeking to escape a mystery maze, [...]

Movies Like The Meg

Sometimes, the ocean is a scary place. We must never lose sight of the secrets and perils that seas may conceal from us. Filmmakers have taken use of the ocean's abundance of terrors, from the great white sharks peeking their fins above the surface to the subtle undercurrents that entice you out to sea. Here are 14 The Meg like movies for movie fans. If you are interested in it, just follow us and explore the best movies like The Meg. Meg 2: The Trench King Kong Malibu Shark Attack Bait Sharknado Deep Blue Sea Crawl Great White The Shallows [...]

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