Best Thriller Movies

Movies Like Ocean’s 11

With one of the greatest ensemble casts, Ocean's 11 is a star-studded criminal comedy. The movie is about a crew of con artists, each having a special ability or expertise to offer, organizing a complex scam that is aimed at three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Even over 70 years after it first appeared on screen, heist and criminal movies continue to be hugely popular. The emotional intensity and stakes have been upped in each of the heist movies like Ocean's 11. Follow this post, and these 17 more movies like Ocean's 11 are highly recommended for anyone who [...]

Movies Like Good Will Hunting

A highly successful film in 1997 was Good Will Hunting. It is a tale of a South Boston math prodigy who agrees to visit a therapist in order to postpone being prosecuted. One young genius's coming of age is shown in Good Will Hunting, a touching, sensitive, and very human story. The movie is a tribute to the effectiveness of treatment and how it may help individuals turn their lives around. There are many classic movies like Good Will Hunting, even if there isn't a single picture that is precisely like it. Follow this post and explore the 15 best [...]

Movies Like Baby Driver

The captivating action thriller Baby Driver centers on Baby, a hesitant getaway driver suffering from tinnitus who turns to music to block out the ringing in his ears. With Baby's story, filmmaker Wright offers his distinct spin on the heist movie genre. Though he is loyal to crime lord Doc and is regarded as the best getaway driver in the business, Baby longs to leave his life of crime and dreams of escaping with diner girl Debora. For movie fans of this Genre, there are many good movies like Baby Driver. These 15 gripping heist films will have you on [...]

Movies Like The Departed

A lot of people consider Martin Scorsese's The Departed to be the best crime drama ever made. It is a reimagining of the equally fantastic criminal thriller Infernal Affairs from Hong Kong in 2002. The film, which became a 2006 box office and critical blockbuster, was loosely centered on the notorious mobster Whitey Bulger and his protégé, the dishonest FBI agent John Connolly. If you would like to watch some of the best movies like The Departed, I hope the movies listed below can offer you an enjoyable weekend. Have a good time with these excellent movies like The Departed! [...]

Movies Like Nobody

The film Nobody has become a global phenomenon. It centers on Hutch Mansell, a family guy who, after two burglars break into his house, returns to his risky, old life. Mansell is a suburban parent, an unappreciated spouse, and a nosy neighbor. Hutch discovers terrible truths he concealed in order to live a calm life as he attempts to protect and rescue his family without resorting to much violence. We'll talk about the 15 best action movies like Nobody that are certain to make your pulse race if you're searching for more movies like Nobody 2021. Ava Bullet Train Death [...]

Movies Like The Devil Wears Prada

The scenes of working in the fashion industry are well captured in the classic film The Devil Wears Prada. Andy is a young lady with lofty aspirations for the future. When she gets hired as Runway Magazine's personal assistant, she has to prove herself as well as her evil employer, Miranda. If you're seeking some fantastic movies like The Devil Wears Prada, a selection of movies with comparable themes and styles has been assembled by us. Everyone will find something they enjoy on this list, which includes comedies with strong female characters and fashion-focused movies. Prepare to travel to a [...]

Movies Like Freedom Writers

In Freedom Writers, a schoolteacher is determined to encourage her students to set lofty goals in order to realize their full potential. Nothing else has ever moved us as much as this movie did! Both the influence of instructors and the power of words should never be undervalued. There are many inspiring movies like Freedom Writers, and they will captivate you from beginning to end since they are all incredibly moving and inspirational. Follow us and discover more amazing movies like the Freedom Writers for tonight! Sarafina! Coach Carter Half Nelson Pay It Forward Won't Back Down Mr. Holland's Opus [...]

Movies Like Hacksaw Ridge

You've probably heard of Hacksaw Ridge if you enjoy watching combat and military-themed films. Regarded as one of the finest war films in recent memory is this one. A strong message about the negative repercussions of war was sent to the audience, and an outstanding cast brilliantly portrayed people inspired by actual events, which is why this film was so successful. Right today, a lot of films try to portray the reality of battle while providing as much historically accurate material as they can. Consider any of these movies like Hacksaw Ridge listed below, if you're searching for some big [...]

Movies Like Black Swan

Black Swan is not a dramatic documentary about ballerinas, nor was it intended to be. It's a deliberately stylized view - an obsession with art and a depravity to madness. Natalie Portman's beautiful ballet and award-winning acting have also captivated countless fans for her. If you are looking for other psychological thriller movies like Black Swan or ballet movies like Black Swan, check the following list and explore those 15 similar movies with us! Coherence Annihilation Jacob's Ladder Uncut Gems 10 Cloverfield Lane Hereditary I'm Thinking of Ending Things Shutter Island The Killing of a Sacred Deer Beau Is Afraid [...]

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