Movies Like 13 Going On 30

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People have occasionally wished they could only go through time to be younger or older. One such well-known romantic fantasy comedy film is 13 Going on 30. Junior high student Jenna wishes she was thirty years old. When she wakes up the following morning, she is already a thirty-year-old fashion magazine editor, discovering that many things are something she needs to learn the hard way. If you are looking for 13 Going on 30 like movies, we’ll explore a universe of movies like 13 Going on 30 in this post. Let the magical movie adventure begin!

Movies Like 13 Going On 30

  1. TiMER
  2. 17 Again
  3. 16 Wishes
  4. Sweet Home Alabama
  5. Miss Congeniality
  6. When We First Met
  7. When in Rome
  8. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
  9. First Daughter
  10. Little
  11. What Women Want
  12. Just My Luck
  13. Serendipity
  14. Kate & Leopold
  15. Isn’t It Romantic

TiMER (2009) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video

TiMER (2009) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

A new idea is gaining popularity in Los Angeles. The “love clock” is the name of it. Put it on your wrist and precisely count down the genuine love of your master, provided you pay a set installation charge and monthly leasing fee. Curious, Oona hurried to install it with her companion. His clock has practically gone blank as a result. When Oona decided to suspend her criteria for selecting a husband, Mickey, the grocery store cashier, immediately fell in love. Mickey’s love clock is down to just four months, and Oona is anxious about what will transpire in those four months—perhaps ignoring the ticking clock in the hopes of finding their true love?

17 Again (2009) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, rent or buy on Apple TV

17 Again (2009) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

In an act of self-discovery, basketball champion Mike, at 17 years old, asks his sweetheart Scarlett to marry him. Twenty years later, Mike’s wife Scarlett chose to divorce him, and he also had two children. It was a frustrating time for Mike as he approached middle age. When Mike and his buddies were returning to high school, they ran across an enigmatic 17-year-old cleaner while reminiscing about their bright future. Thinking he has a second opportunity to make the right choice, Mike chooses to re-enroll in high school and pretend to be father and son with Ned. Don’t miss this film when finding movies to watch if you like 13 going on 30.

16 Wishes (2010) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

16 Wishes (2010) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

She had planned her Sweet Sixteen since she was a little girl and kept a wish list of things she wanted to achieve. When the big day finally comes, everything goes wrong. A 16-year-old wasp nest surrounds Abby’s house, and the family cannot leave until the wasps are eliminated. Abby believes her birthday has been marred. However, Abby’s 16 wishes come true when the fairy gives her an enigmatic box filled with magical birthday candles, and the roles start to reverse. Her days continue to improve until she grants a desire that has the power to alter history.

Sweet Home Alabama (2002) – Streaming on Hulu, DIRECTV, AMC

Sweet Home Alabama (2002) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

One of the most attractive designers in New York is Melanie. The mayor’s son Andrew is engaged to the youthful and attractive Melanie, but she has turned down his costly proposals three times in a row. Melanie was formerly a regular girl in Alabama married to a straightforward young guy from the town. However, she was unwilling to live an average life there and moved to New York City a few years ago to survive. Before she could travel back to New York and begin her new life with Andrew, she had to go back for a divorce. Melanie hated her life there before, but now she felt superior to it when she returned home. She awoke abruptly at this point, and the original was unchanged.

Miss Congeniality (2000) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Miss Congeniality (2000) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

Sadly, Gracie’s mother, a talented federal agent, died while performing her job. Gracie grew up to become a federal agent, carrying on her mother’s career. Only her partner and closest friend, Eric, understood Gracie since she was an outcast growing up. A terrorist organization is preparing a terrorist assault against the Miss America event, the FBI has learned. To thwart the scheme, the FBI deploys a covert agent to the pageant. Gracie was assigned the duty, of course. Nothing appeared abnormal up until the evening of the Miss America contest. But something unexpected occurs as Gracie steps onto the stage with many stunning women!

When We First Met (2018) – Streaming on Netflix

When We First Met (2018) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

It was love at first sight when Noah Ashby met Avery Martin, the ideal girl, at a fancy dress party. That night, everything was perfect, and Avery was Noah’s ideal girl. Even so, Avery offers Noah a warm hug and limits their friendship connection, depriving Noah of his first kiss. For the following three years, Noah and Avery stayed close. Noah couldn’t help but reflect on that evening and wonder what went wrong, particularly after Avery became engaged to another person! Noah can time travel thanks to an unforeseen circumstance and returns that evening. Over and endlessly. Is this what fate has for him? You can find the answer in this one of the movies like 13 Going on 30 on Netflix.

When in Rome (2010) – Streaming on Hulu, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

When in Rome (2010) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

Modern art curator Beth takes a plane to Rome, Italy, to attend her sister’s wedding. While at the wedding, Beth instantly falls in love with Nicholas, but she also catches him making out with another woman. Disillusioned, Beth drunkenly dove into the Wishing fountain, picked up the dropped coin, and returned it to the United States. The men whose coins Beth finds court her madly, and an old Italian tale comes to life as she is under pressure from her employer to ensure the museum’s annual fundraising dinner is a success. The turning point came when Nicholas offered to help, and just when Beth thought she was happily in love, she discovered that the chip she had taken from the wishing fountain belonged to Nicholas. Is it fake or true love?

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) – Rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

The attractive and well-known photographer Conor Mead enjoys his independence and goes out with stunning women without promising anything. Paul, the younger brother of Connor, is about to tie the knot, in contrast to his elder sibling in the virtual world. Since Connor is attending the wedding first, this may be the start of something new for him romantically. He doesn’t anticipate how things will turn out; in the restroom, he first runs with his long-dead uncle and sees the spirits of his three former girlfriends. They take Connor on a tour of his “romantic history” throughout the years, and while doing so, Connor finds something he had long since lost and forgotten. Follow us to explore more movies like 13 Going on 30!

First Daughter (2004) – Rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

First Daughter (2004) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

Samantha grew up in an affluent family because her father was a president. She yearned for independence since she was under too much surveillance. She is eagerly awaiting the start of a new life as she now awaits the university’s admissions announcement. Samantha is teased and mocked by her peers because she is helpless. But when Samantha falls in love with James, the dorm warden, she also discovers her kind of love. She has experienced much beauty and tenderness from her love life. Shortly after, Samantha learns that the boy she is in love with is spying on her for the president’s father. Samantha was upset and depressed by this.

Little (2019) – Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

Little (2019) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

Smart, science-loving Jordan Sanders was humiliated and hurt by bullies in middle school. Twenty-five years later, she runs a computer firm in Atlanta and is a despot who harasses her coworkers, neighbors, and other people. However, the girl bestowed a little blessing upon Jordan with a wand after she mistreated her while she was doing a magic act. She woke up in 1993 at thirteen the next morning. Reentering high school, she made an effort to counteract the bullying. Over the phone, she chastised her assistant for her novel idea and gave her the order to resign. However, Jordan felt alone when she used the program to learn from employee testimonies that she was unwanted and had no friends. She must locate the magical girl and return to her life.

What Women Want (2000) – Streaming on Paramount+, Hoopla, rent or buy on Apple TV

What Women Want (2000) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

At a Chicago advertising agency, Nick holds the position of junior manager. He is very unhappy with his new female boss, Darcy. Nick accidentally touched electricity in his bathtub while designing a creative advertisement for a feminine product for Darcy. This gave Nick a headache, but it also gave him the miraculous power to read minds. Thanks to this unexpected benefit, Nick can quickly discover what the ladies around him think. To his amazement, he finds that Darcy has always had a crush on him as he progressively grows obsessed with this. Thus, Nick decided to tease Darcy by using her mind. He tried to be close to Darcy and win her approval, but he was unaware he was falling in love.

Just My Luck (2006) – Streaming on Fubo TV, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

Just My Luck (2006) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

Ashley was the luckiest girl alive; she had a terrific career and a promising future and won the jackpot on any lottery ticket. This time, Ashley is throwing a costume party to welcome Damon from the record industry. Conversely, Jack the Janitor is ill-lucky and accountable for various misfortunes. Jack gives Damon the CD his band made when he finds out about his arrival. When Jack and Ashley kissed by mistake at this masquerade ball, their fortunes were turned. Ashley chose to track down the stranger who had kissed her to stop her bad luck. Unexpectedly, she discovered she had fallen in love with the guy who hurt her unlucky.

Serendipity (2001) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

Serendipity (2001) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

Jonathan met Sarah on a typical, busy Christmas Eve. They fell madly in love with one other within hours of meeting. However, each of them has a unique mate and life circle. When daylight arrives, they are forced to face reality after spending a long night happily meandering around Manhattan’s streets. Sarah trusted God and turned down Jonathan’s offer to switch numbers. After a few years, they lost contact with one another. Though every little thing in their life might bring back memories of that Christmas Eve years ago, they are both about to get married. Using hints left behind years prior, Jonathan starts looking for Sarah the night before the wedding.

Kate & Leopold (2001) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

Kate & Leopold (2001) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

Kate is living with her actor brother in New York in the twenty-first century. Her ex-boyfriend Stuart resides in her apartment complex. Near the Brooklyn Bridge, Stewart discovered a break in time. Leopold, who is from the 1870s, is perplexed by Stuart’s little camera and decides to follow him through the time portal to the past, ultimately bringing them both to the present. Regarding his new surroundings, Leopold knew nothing. Charlie provided him with support and wisdom, always seeing Leopold as a character actor. The bright Leopold made every effort to understand and even enhance the modern comforts he encountered.

Isn’t It Romantic (2019) – Rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

Isn't It Romantic (2019) Movie Like 13 Going On 30

Natalie is an architect and lives in New York. She detests romantic comedies that have implausible resolutions. Everyone at her New York office treats her disrespectfully except her two pals. The attractive millionaire Blake is their newest client, and when Natalie attends their presentation, she instantly falls in love with him. On her way home in the evening, she was robbed on the metro; in her bewilderment, she smashed into a pillar and lost consciousness. When she wakes up, she finds that guys find her attractive as the lead of a romantic comedy. She and Billionaire Blake are in love. For more movie discussion with others, movies like 13 Going on 30 Reddit is a good social platform for you.

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