Movies Like 9 Songs

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Art house films frequently have erotic themes, even when they are handled tastefully. But certain movies have a tendency to go too far with their sensual moments, almost to the point of being too suggestive. 9 Songs is one of these movies. The plot revolves around a young couple named Matt and Lisa, whose romance is chronicled across nine shows featuring well-known British indie bands. The film’s background soundtrack consists of these nine well-known rock songs at different points. Numerous nations declined to provide even an R classification. Though seen as sultry and disrespectful, the movie has had its fans. If you liked this movie, this post will introduce you to 15 excellent movies like 9 Songs. This list of movies like 9 Songs will offer you a pleasant watching journey.

Movies Like 9 Songs

  1. Yes
  2. Intimacy
  3. Showgirls
  4. Original Sin
  5. Romance
  6. Group Sex
  7. All About Anna
  8. Eyes Wide Shut
  9. Regarding Henry
  10.  The Comfort of Strangers
  11.  The Last Seduction
  12.  The Deep Blue Sea
  13. Between Your Legs
  14. The To Do List
  15. Zandalee

 Yes (2004) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video

 Yes (2004) Movie Like 9 Songs

She is a scientist married to clever politician Anthony in a loveless union. He is a chef at a London restaurant and a self-exiled Lebanese physician. They become involved in a carefree, passionate relationship after meeting at a dinner party. But he ended their relationship with no reason and left for his native country, seeing himself as a mocked Muslim immigrant to Britain. She attempted to empathize as she gradually coerced him into giving her reasoning. Sensing the depth of his loss of love, she took a plane to Havana to make amends in the cabana and on the beach. She had given him a ticket, but she didn’t think he would come melt with her in the Caribbean.

Intimacy (2001) – Streaming on Kanopy

Intimacy (2001) Movie Like 9 Songs
Jay works as a bartender, and his spouse no longer finds him interesting. These days, he lives alone in a run-down home and engages in weekly casual intercourse with an unidentified lady whose identity he is unaware of. They had a solely sexual connection at first, but he ultimately developed feelings for her. He tracks her to her home in a drab neighborhood of London in order to discover more about her. After that, he trailed her to a bar theater where she performed in the evenings as an actor. He discovered that her name was Claire and she had been married previously. Then, he explicitly said that she would not be leaving her family. They had passionate intercourse during their final meeting.

Showgirls (1995) – Rent or buy on Redbox

Showgirls (1995) Movie Like 9 Songs
In search of employment that would allow her to establish herself, young Nomi traveled to Las Vegas in search of gold. She was broke when she unexpectedly got here, was taken advantage of by the criminals, and met cosmetics artist Christe. They quickly became close friends. Nomi, who adores dancing, decided to eventually join the most well-known lap dance company in the community. Nomi started selling her body to get ahead. Not only did Nomi grow in popularity, but she and Christer also grew more and more apart. Nomi sets up a meeting between Krist and her idol singer, who is severely abused and admitted to the hospital, in an attempt to make up for their relationship. Don’t miss this class movie like 9 Songs.

Original Sin (2001) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, DIRECTV, Hoopla

Original Sin (2001) Movie Like 9 Songs
In this vibrant late 19th-century Cuba, a wealthy coffee magnate named Luis decides to wed Julia, an American mail-order bride he has never met. He had been captivated by her beauty when he had first seen her at the pier, but nobody knew that the wife he had married was a wicked lady with a seductive look and a lot of secrets. After being married, life appears to be extremely pleasant. However, just when he believed he would be able to live a happy life with his lovely bride, he suddenly discovered that Julia was not the straightforward person he had anticipated; rather, she was hiding a lie—that is, her motivation was Louis’s fortune. Thus, the cheerful existence undergoes a fatalistic transformation that is further obscured by the haze.

Romance (1999) – Rent or buy on Vudu

Romance (1999) Movie Like 9 Songs
Despite Paul’s claims to be in love with Mary, Mary, an elementary school teacher, is madly infatuated with her model boyfriend and would much prefer to read aloud at a Japanese restaurant than go home and have sex. Mary, feeling self-conscious, decides to go on a sexual journey. Marie picks Paolo up one morning and heads to a pub. Afterward, the two had intercourse. Mary was taken to her home one day by Roberto, the principal. The two started doing BDSM, but Mary requested him to stop when she opened up about how she loved being gagged and acknowledged that she could imagine what it would be like to be restrained.

Group Sex (2010) – Rent or buy on Apple TV

Group Sex (2010) Movie Like 9 Songs

Andy and Jerry are two business partners and housemates. After following Vanessa to church and hearing her sing at a pub, Andy discovers that she has been going to a program for sex addicts and falls in love. Herman developed four new acquaintances there. He was passionate about strip clubs. Donnie loves condiments, and Tiffany is a martial artist who has decided to give up alcohol. Andy makes an effort to get along with other sex addicts in his class in an attempt to get closer to Vanessa. He assumes the character of his sex-crazed roommate, but he quickly discovers that his attempts to make new acquaintances and win Vanessa over endangering his employment and their business relationship with Jerry. Follow us to explore other movies like 9 Songs.

All About Anna (2005) – Available on Amazon Video

All About Anna (2005) Movie Like 9 Songs
Modern and self-reliant, Anna is a single female who doesn’t waste time on relationships and concentrates on her career, with no guarantees and no losses. Her latest lover, Frank, wants to move in with her since she recently got a new apartment. As an alternative, she discovers Camilla, a colorful and humorous renter who agrees with Anna’s philosophy on commitment and love. John, the same guy who crushed Anna’s heart five years prior, comes to knock on her door at that same moment. Anna found herself tempted. This is not optimal. Now more than ever, she must get back on the circling wheel and continue. Thankfully, an invitation to create a costume for a Parisian theater came her way.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – Rent or buy on Apple TV, DIRECTV

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Movie Like 9 Songs
William, a physician, was having a party at the house of a local celebrity patron when he and his spouse were there when he ran into a buddy from college. William had to travel for work that evening. Following his business, he runs into Nick again in a club, whereupon Nick informs him about a covert dance party where there are nude beauties all around, and people are clothed in evening dresses and masks. Curious as hell, William pleaded with Nick, who gave him the party’s address and the secret word to get inside. William got ready quickly and set out on a wonderful journey. It is hard to comprehend the enigma surrounding the unusual and mysterious processes involved in it. If you are looking for some classic films like 9 Songs, pay attention to this one.

Regarding Henry (1991) – Streaming on Hoopla, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Regarding Henry (1991) Movie Like 9 Songs
Henry is a successful lawyer who has been married to Sarah for a long time. They have a beautiful daughter named Rachel and have admirable lives. Henry was tragically shot in an accident, losing his speech and mobility, in addition to causing him to lose priceless memories. Henry’s life is now back on track thanks to Bradley, his physical therapist. But now he saw that the first contented existence was already full of holes. Following a loss, Henry decides to preserve his family. Henry learns that a case he is working on has a deeper meaning at the same time, and when given the option, he chooses justice over profit.

The Comfort of Strangers (1991) – Streaming on Criterion Channel

The Comfort of Strangers (1991) Movie Like 9 Songs
Let’s dive into the following 9 Songs similar movies. Colin and Mary, whose romance has hit a standstill, take a holiday to Venice to liven up their dull and dreary life. They encounter Mr. Robert, a local, one evening, who tells the weird lovers about his childhood injuries and advocates for severe male chauvinism. Despite an unexplainable sense of peril, Colin and Mary accept Robert’s invitation to his house out of dissatisfaction with their routine and a desire for adventure. Mary has an unclear psychological shift after learning about her intricate sadomasochistic connection with Robert from Caroline, Robert’s wife. This uneasy exhilaration oddly rekindles the long-simmering flame of love between Mary and Colin.

The Last Seduction (1994) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Last Seduction (1994) Movie Like 9 Songs
Though she’s worse than him, Bridget’s spouse is a drug dealer. To live a happy life, she moved money from the busy American city of New York City to a tiny village in the middle of the country, where she laundered her husband’s enormous wealth from drug trafficking when he was not looking. One blonde beauty has her eye on Cono’ Neill, while Bridget is attracted to the charming, naive local man. The cunning Bridget carefully laid each trap before moving on to the next, allowing Kang O’Neill to beat the river. It appears that Bridget has complete control over how her life will go.

The Deep Blue Sea (2011) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Hoopla, Fubo TV

The Deep Blue Sea (2011) Movie Like 9 Songs
The English lawyer Hester’s wife leads a tranquil existence in her married life, but she feels more and more empty inside. For Freddie, the man next door who was a pilot in the Royal Air Force, it’s a desperate case of moth to flame. Hester moves into a filthy London apartment with Freddie after her affair is revealed, leaving behind a life of relative luxury. Although Hester’s new partner helps her discover her sexuality, she will never be able to get the security and affection her husband provided from the careless, thrill-seeking Freddy. It was intolerable for her to go back to a life devoid of passion.

Between Your Legs (1999) – Streaming on Plex

Between Your Legs (1999) Movie Like 9 Songs
Miranda is a nighttime radio show employee. She has a daughter with her spouse, Felix, a police officer. Miranda uses her daily dog walk as a cover for sex with men, but she leaves these men right away. To kick her addiction to sex, she enrolled in therapy. Javier, a productive producer and screenwriter who also has a problem with phone sex, is also a member of the group. When two misfits get together, a passionate love affair starts. However, things become a little more problematic when Javier finds out that his ex-wife is cohabitating with his business partner and that the phone tryst was covertly filmed and shared throughout Madrid. In another instance, Felix stumbles onto Miranda’s liaison with Javier while looking into a homicide.

 The To Do List (2013) – Streaming on Paramount+, Hoopla

Between Your Legs (1999) Movie Like 9 Songs
Teenage girl Brandi Clark never skips school to study at home when her classmates are out having fun. She was exceptionally good at everything save real-life sex education. She’s beginning to understand how much pleasure she’s losing out on as graduation draws near. After hearing from her sister about the significance of the encounter, Brandi made a list of sexual activities she wanted to try throughout the summer. Her ultimate aim is the attractive and well-liked Rusty Waters, but her pal Cameron would make the ideal test subject. But Brandi found it difficult to cross out the remaining tasks on her gender to-do list once emotions got in the way.

Zandalee (1991) – Rent or buy on Apple TV, Vudu

Zandalee (1991) Movie Like 9 Songs
Terry, the youthful, unbridled poet, is dragged hand in hand into the marriage palace by the Shan Duo. The good times did not last, though, as Terry’s father passed away, and he had to take care of the family business. To fulfill his father’s wishes, Terry gave up poetry and threw himself into a never-ending commercial pursuit, and over time, he gave Shan Duo less and less time and energy, which caused the two people to progressively grow apart. Sandy Doli was at her most alone when Johnnie showed up at her side. Although Johnny is Terry’s most reliable buddy, Terry and Johnny don’t get along at all. Shan Duo was greatly drawn to Johnny’s joy and enthusiasm to the point where she eventually retreated. Discuss more about movies on movies like 9 Songs Reddit.

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