Movies Like Bird Box

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In Bird Box, a group of survivors attempt to survive in a world suddenly invaded by monsters that devour everyone in their path and force the rest of the world to adapt to their danger. Imagine what happens when civilization collapses, and individuals are driven only by fear and desperation. In fact, there are many Bird Box like movies. A frequent theme in many movies depicting the aftermath of cataclysmic events is dangerous expeditions, the hunt for more survivors, and the safety found in numbers. We have some recommendations for movies you should watch next if you are looking for movies like Bird Box!

Movies Like Bird Box

  1. 1922
  2. I Am Mother
  3. What Still Remains
  4. The Silence
  5. It Comes at Night
  6. The Platform
  7. In the Shadow of the Moon
  8. The Road
  9. Gerald’s Game
  10. A Quiet Place
  11. 28 Days Later
  12. Don’t Breathe
  13. The Mist
  14. Hush
  15. Nope

1922 (2017) – Streaming on Netflix

1922 (2017) Movie Like Bird Box

Wilfred and Arlette James, along with their adolescent son Henry, relocated to Nebraska in 1922 after Arlette inherited the property from his father. After some time, Arlette concluded that country life was not for her and made the decision to sell it and relocate to the city. Wilfred disagreed with Arlette’s proposal to sell the property. To obtain control of the farm his wife inherited, Fred James kills her with the reluctant assistance of his adolescent son. But soon, James and his property are beset by odd paranormal occurrences. Was there anything more nefarious, or was it simply simple poor luck? You can find answers in this one of the movies like Bird Box on Netflix.

I Am Mother (2019) – Streaming on Netflix

I Am Mother (2019) Movie Like Bird Box

A robot created to repopulate Earth raises a teenage girl after the apocalyptic end of the human species. A teenage girl and her mother reside in a bunker many years later. When a rat is discovered during a power outage, the mother burns it because she believes it may be a disease carrier. The daughter interprets the rodent’s discovery as proof that life exists beyond the bunker. The daughter, who remained inquisitive, put on a protective suit and started exploring the airlock of the establishment. As she arrived, she heard a lady who had been shot in the head begging for assistance from outside. Their special friendship is in jeopardy due to this surprising revelation.

What Still Remains (2018) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

What Still Remains (2018) Movie Like Bird Box

People become uncivilized and aggressive as a result of the epidemic. Two decades and five years later, in the wreckage of a neighboring city, young Anna and her brother David are fighting for survival. In North America’s woodlands, she learned self-sufficiency and how to feed others. Very competent and eager to learn more about life, Anna is a young lady. She was still on the lookout, though. He encountered Peter, an unfamiliar person, while getting water. She receives an invitation to join Peter’s religious commune when he discloses that he is a member of one nearby. When Anna remembers her mother’s final request, she remembers to join the other survivors and goes with Peter, even if at first she refuses.

The Silence (2019) – Streaming on Netflix

The Silence (2019) Movie Like Bird Box

Vesps are deadly flying insects that attack and murder humans after a gang of cave explorers releases them from an underground mine. People were urged to be quiet in their houses when the authorities learned that the animals attacked through human speech. Nevertheless, builder Hugh Andrews and his spouse Kelly choose to go to a secluded shelter to find safety; their teenage daughter Ellie suffered a hearing loss due to an automobile accident a few years prior. Their thoughts turned to what the globe might look like after the invasion. It is also one of the Bird Box like movies on Netflix.

It Comes at Night (2017) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

It Comes at Night (2017) Movie Like Bird Box

In this post-apocalyptic tale, Paul and his family meticulously live in a boarded-out house in the wilderness, rigorous self-isolation from the outside world. The virus is rampaging, and anyone infected will be burned. The outside world is avoided in this instance and is only briefly engaged when required. Nevertheless, the delicate equilibrium will be abruptly disturbed when a low-income family in need of food and shelter moves into Paul’s house. Through time, mistrust grows as the two families live in an uncomfortable cohabitation, and eventually, paranoia takes hold in a volatile setting where anybody may be the enemy, even themselves. Is Paul able to battle the night’s events alongside the other survivors?

The Platform (2019) – Streaming on Netflix

The Platform (2019) Movie Like Bird Box

Goreng, a member of the antisocial system, willingly locks himself up in the not-too-distant future in the hopes that his acts would alter the current system. But he grew so politicized while in captivity that he did not take any chances. To comprehend his human transformation trajectory, we must comprehend his jail system, namely the prison pit, which is a “ring prison” consisting of an arbitrary number of vertically stacked stories hollowed out in the center. Food-filled platforms are lowered from the top floor each day. For a few minutes, it remains on each level, with those at the top getting enough food and those at the bottom fighting over leftovers.

In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) – Streaming on Netflix

In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) Movie Like Bird Box

Let’s dive into the following best movies like Bird Box. Detective Locke and his colleague Maddox searched for a female serial murderer in Philadelphia in 1988. After Locke murders her on the subway, his chief Holt closes the case without disclosing the identity of the murderer. When a comparable incident happened in 1997, Locke and Maddox thought there could have been duplicates. But Locke discovers that the murderer is the same lady he murdered nine years prior. Over time, Locke became enthralled with the case and thought she was living in another historical period. When the woman resurfaced nine years later, Locke was there to greet her.

The Road (2009) – Streaming on Hoopla, Starz, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Road (2009) Movie Like Bird Box

Bleak future—the entire planet appears to be in ruins. The world was like hell; people were devouring people, and the survivors had to do everything in the severe lack of supplies. A father is traveling indefinitely with his son. With all they owned packed into the beaten grocery cart, they continued southward in search of a warmer place to stay. The father continues thinking of his wife’s voice, face, and the happy moments they shared in the past, but the good days are gone now, and he and his kid have no idea where their tomorrow will bring them.

Gerald’s Game (2017) – Streaming on Netflix

Gerald's Game (2017) Movie Like Bird Box

Gerald and Jessie try to rekindle their romance at a remote lakeside resort to preserve their failing marriage. Reviving long-lost connections is not as simple as it seems. In any case, Gerard thinks inventive sex play and handcuffs will work. Now, Jessie was going to play a whole new game, tied to a solid wooden bed. Gerald, her spouse, has passed away. When Jessie discovers that wild dogs are gnawing on Jerrod’s corpse, he has to find a way out. But this time, to survive the night, she required a clear head and unwavering persistence.

A Quiet Place (2018) – Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

A Quiet Place (2018) Movie Like Bird Box

Following a cataclysmic invasion that nearly wipes out the whole planet, the family that survives leads a tranquil and silent existence until they are discovered by monsters at the first sign of movement. In A Quiet Place, the family must learn to distinguish between sounds that are acceptable and unacceptable while maintaining constant silence. The monsters that hunt them are everywhere, which is a real challenge. The family must overcome obstacles that could mean the difference between life and death and try to survive. The father builds a sand road to muffle the sound, and they must use sign language and a lighting system to communicate to avoid terrible things. Don’t miss this film like Bird Box if you are looking for some excellent thrillers.

28 Days Later (2003) – Available on Amazon Video

28 Days Later (2003) Movie Like Bird Box

The virus, which is incredibly rapid and unstoppable, is something that a team of experts at Cambridge has found that may permanently kill anyone infected with it. Accidentally releasing a group of virus-carrying gorillas from a laboratory was done by members of an animal rescue organization. Only a small number of London residents and a few military personnel stationed outside Manchester are not infected, and when the bike courier arrives 28 days later at night, he is attacked by infected people. Serena and Mike save him at the last minute. When the virus is not the true horror, three individuals are searching for a glimmer of hope to rescue the future.

Don’t Breathe (2016) – Streaming on AMC+, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Don't Breathe (2016) Movie Like Bird Box

Rocky, a young lady with aspirations of bettering her life and those of her sister, consents to loot a wealthy blind man’s home alongside her friend Alex and lover Money. After his cherished daughter perishes in an automobile accident, a blind father inherits a substantial quantity of money. They intended to use the stolen funds to relocate to California. Since they had to discover a way out of the house in the dark without dying, they didn’t know much about the blind man’s talents or the hidden mysteries of their house.

The Mist (2007) – Streaming on Peacock Premium, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video

The Mist (2007) Movie Like Bird Box

A dense fog unexpectedly engulfed a tiny town with a breathtaking landscape. People panicked when they heard screams coming from the fog. As many townspeople wait for the fog to dissipate, David and his kid are stranded in the small grocery store. The predicted lift of the fog never materialized, and those who ventured into it never emerged. Slowly, its horrible visage emerged from the dense fog. Panic, fear, struggle, loss, and hopelessness. People’s morale is almost at breaking point. Holding his kid close, David faced the near-madness of people in the shop and the all-encompassing, unknown fog outside as he started down the treacherous path to survival.

Hush (2016) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon Video

Hush (2016) Movie Like Bird Box

The stunning writer, Maddie, is deaf and lives in a wooden cottage distant from the bustle of the city. Maddy gets up to clean up the dishes in the kitchen as the writing reaches a standstill right before her friend Sarah—whom she had just met—is brutally killed. Unfortunately, Maddie was unable to gain Sarah’s attention despite her many pleas for assistance. When the man slips inside, Maddy returns unawares to her computer and keeps working. Then, all of a sudden, Maddy’s cell phone sent her a text message with a picture that the man in the mask had snapped. Upon realizing that she was in danger, the woman turned into a bird in a cage that the hunters could play with.

Nope (2022) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Amazon Video

Nope (2022) Movie Like Bird Box

The young siblings OJ and Emerald Haywood, who run the Haywood Hollywood Horse Operation Company and are horse wranglers, are facing financial difficulties in maintaining the family ranch following the death of their father in an unusual accident. OJ, who is struggling financially, makes a deal with Ricky Park, the operator of the problematic Jupiter Claims theme park, without realizing that a storm is about to blow. OJ creates history when he blindly enlists the aid of a seasoned cameraman and an electronics salesman because he believes he has had a second type of near encounter. What started as sheer terror soon transformed into morbid fascination. But when this strange guest returns in the future, enterprising sleuths will discover its actual nature. Don’t forget to follow the latest sequel to Bird Box – Bird Box Barcelona, and stream these movies like Bird Box Barcelona.

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