Movies Like Corpse Bride

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Corpse Bride is set in the Victorian era. Victor, the hesitant and anxious future husband, unintentionally marries Emily, a deceased wife. Tim Burton is renowned for his distinct visual flair, which is evident in this stop-motion animated film. It takes a romantic and amusing look at social constraints and unorthodox love. There are many excellent fantasy movies like Corpse Bride. This list of 11 darkly themed movies is ideal if you liked it and are searching for more Halloween movies like Corpse Bride.

Movies Like Corpse Bride

  1. Igor
  2. Beetlejuice
  3. Frankenweenie
  4. Pan’s Labyrinth
  5. Dark Shadows
  6. Sleepy Hollow
  7. Monster House
  8. The Little Vampire
  9. The Haunted Mansion
  10. Edward Scissorhands
  11. The House with a Clock in Its Walls


Igor (2008) – Streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, rent or buy on Apple TV

Igor-Movies Like Corpse Bride


Movies like Corpse Bride: Igor (2008) IMDb Rating 5.9 English 1h 27m

Directed by Tony Leondis, Igor is one of the animated comedy movies like Corpse Bride. John Cusack, Molly Shannon, Steve Buscemi, John Cleese, and other actors voiced the characters. In 2008, The movie used an odd concept to tell the tale of a kingdom in a world where monsters are the only ones who can create horror stories. The scientists in the town pride themselves on inventing evil inventions. Igor is not satisfied with being an assistant for the rest of his life but aspires to become a scientist!

Igor is an imaginative and humorous animated comedy. The film takes viewers on a daring and friendship-filled trip through the eyes of the little monster. Igor is a timeless and ideal family cartoon despite having a straightforward narrative because of its unique charm and sense of humor. The production crew and plot of the show also captivate a large number of fans. In conclusion, Igor stands out as one of our favorite movies similar to Corpse Bride.

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Beetlejuice (1988) – Rent or buy on Apple TV

Beetlejuice-Movies Like Corpse Bride


Movies like Corpse Bride: Beetlejuice (1988) IMDb Rating 7.5 English 1h 32m

Beetlejuice is a 1988 Tim Burton-directed dark comedy film starring Michael Keaton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alec Baldwin, and Winona Ryder. in the lead. An unexpected couple’s death and subsequent transformation into ghosts is the subject of the movie. They made the mistake of drawing “Beetlejuice,” an obnoxious and rambunctious ghost helper when they attempted to frighten off the new occupants. A collection of muddled tales was the outcome.

Even though “Beetlejuice” has a rather strange narrative, its exaggerated comedy and distinctive style drew people in and helped the movie become a classic with a lasting cultural impact. A lot of hilarity and energy is added to the movie by Michael Keaton’s masterful interpretation of the erratic and humorous Dixter Butte. All things considered, “Beetlejuice” is a beloved and classic black comedy movie like The Corpse Bride.

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Frankenweenie (2012) – Streaming on Disney+, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Frankenweenie-Movies Like Corpse Bride


Movies like Corpse Bride: Frankenweenie (2012) IMDb Rating 6.9 English 1h 27m

Tim Burton directed the animated movie Frankenweenie, which was released in 2012. This stop-motion animation movie is in black and white. A youngster and his cherished dog are the subjects of the movie. When Sparky, his cherished dog, is killed by an automobile, Victor is devastated. When he notices his instructor doing an experiment in class, he devises a plan to save Sparky’s life. He succeeds in reviving the dog with the aid of lightning.

This film has Burton’s signature weird and unsettling look. Black-and-white images set against a mystical, enigmatic backdrop give the spectator a touching and heartfelt story. In addition to covering life and death in a profound and humorous way, the film demonstrates a profound understanding of love and grief. The animated classic “Frankenweenie” is inventive and incredibly touching all around. It is a must-watch for those seeking exciting thriller movies like Corpse Bride.


Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Pan's Labyrinth-Movies Like Corpse Bride


Movies like Corpse Bride: Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) IMDb Rating 8.2 English 1h 58m


Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s fantasy dark movie “Pan’s Labyrinth” was released in 2006. During the Spanish Civil War, Ofelia, plagued by loneliness and the pain of witnessing the atrocities, begins to indulge in her own fantasies to comfort herself. One day, Ophelia meets Fauno, the guardian of the labyrinth. Fauno tells her that she is, in fact, the missing princess of the Kingdom of Fantasy and that she must pass three dangerous tests to regain her identity.

Guillermo del Toro is a gifted director who has made Pan’s Labyrinth and Corpse Bride. Both of them combine parts of realism and fiction. Then, They show a deep understanding of human nature. Through Ophelia’s journey, Pan’s Labyrinth explores faith, bravery, and self-worth. Finally, both movies have excellent animation and stunning graphics. They are fantastic fantasy cinema classics that are definitely worth seeing.

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Dark Shadows (2012) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV


Movies like Corpse Bride: Dark Shadows (2012) IMDb Rating 6.2 English 1h 53m


Follow this post to discover more movies like Corpse Bride and Coraline. As a 2012 horror comedy film directed by Tim Burton, “Dark Shadows” stars Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Johnny Depp. Based on the same-named television series, the film follows the vampire Collins family. Barnabas Collins is a cursed vampire who awakens after two centuries in a grave and returns to the Collins family home. He discovered that the family had deteriorated and dealt with disputes and altercations among family members. He attempts to bring the family back to life.

The mysterious Collins Manor, home to vampires, witches, and internal family strife, is the setting for Dark Shadows. The dream love tale of Victor and Emily, the late bride, is the subject of the romantic comedy Corpse Bride. Their powerful gothic aesthetics produce an unsettling atmosphere. Both the value of love and the complexities of human nature are discussed. Viewing these is highly recommended since they are superb demonstrations of the director’s skills.

Sleepy Hollow (1999) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV


Movies like Corpse Bride: Sleepy Hollow (1999) IMDb Rating 7.3 English 1h 45m


Sleepy Hollow is in sixth place on our list of the best movies like Corpse Bride. Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, and Miranda Richardson appeared in Tim Burton’s 1999 horror-fantasy film Sleepy Hollow. The short novella “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving served as its inspiration. Ichabod Crane, a young police officer, is assigned to investigate a case of serial killings in the small hamlet of Sleepy Hollow because he thinks crimes should be handled scientifically. There is a popular belief about the Headless Horseman tale in Sleepy Hollow. Crane slept at the residence of Van Tassel, a local magnate who disregarded the legend of the Headless Horseman.

Sleepy Hollow is renowned for its extravagant imagery and gloomy, unsettling mood. In order to create a world full of mystery and dread, director Burton expertly combines fantasy hues with horror aspects. Reimagining and fusing classic horror tales, “Sleepy Hollow” is an amazing horror film. The distinct style and inventiveness of director Burton. The movie is nevertheless a masterpiece that is worth seeing, especially for fans of movies like Corpse Bride, even though the horror components are somewhat over-the-top.

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Monster House (2006) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV


Movies like Corpse Bride: Monster House (2006) IMDb Rating 6.6 English 1h 31m


Robert Zemeckis and Jill Christian directed the animated comedy “Monster House” in 2006. The movie narrates the tale of an enigmatic, haunting home that engulfs people and everything around it. All day, DJ, twelve, could not shake the impression that things were missing all the time. A bunch of kids set out on an exciting quest to discover the secrets of the old home after DJ and his companion Chowder unintentionally throw the basketball into the entryway. Don’t miss Corpse Bride movies like it.

The film received high praise from critics for both its amazing graphics and original plot. It explores friendship, bravery, and personal development from the viewpoint of youngsters. A large number of people enjoyed the movie, particularly families and teens. In addition to being a financial success, the movie received an Academy Award nomination. Monster House is imaginative and unexpected overall, which earns a spot on our list of best movies similar to Corpse Bride.


The Little Vampire (2000) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV


Movies like Corpse Bride: The Little Vampire (2000) IMDb Rating 5.7 English 1h 35m


Uli Edel’s fantasy adventure film “The Little Vampire,” which starred Jonathan Lipnicki and Richard E. Walter, among others, was released in 2000. The movie is based on British author Angela Summers’ picture book of the same name. It is the tale of Tony, a small youngster who befriends a gang of amiable vampire kids and assists them in discovering a remedy that would allow them to revert to human form. Tony helps an injured Rudolph, a vampire, escape an operation that was hunting vampires.

The Little Vampire is more eerie than frightening, skillfully fusing humor and horror despite a narrative that generally follows a formula. Nevertheless, it’s encouraging to see a children’s movie tackle such a dark theme. Good amusement for anyone who gets goosebumps. This gothic tale is about welcoming others who are different and not allowing social standing or appearances to stand in the way of possible connections. For fans of movies like Corpse Bride, this film offers a different take on the action with a touch of mystery adventure.


The Haunted Mansion (2003) – Streaming on Disney+, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV


Movies like Corpse Bride: The Haunted Mansion (2003) IMDb Rating 5.2 English 1h 39m


Starring Eddie Murphy, Terry Cheney, and Janet Maker, Rob Mitchell’s 2003 fantasy comedy, The Haunted Mansion, is a work of fantasy comedy. The theme park at Disneyland serves as the inspiration for the movie’s haunted house attraction. In it, a family battles against ghosts and demons when they unintentionally find themselves stranded in a cursed castle.

It’s true that The Haunted Mansion is modeled after the beloved Disney theme park attraction that has been around for decades, and the movie setting is also quite well done. The Mansion that bears the title is a magnificent illustration of how terror may be created via design rather than just incidental scare techniques. The pace itself is never overly frantic, and Murphy’s presence and adherence provide the impression that the entire thing is being grounded. So, Haunted Mansion deservedly rounds off our list of the best movies like Corpse Bride.


Edward Scissorhands (1990) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video


Movies like Corpse Bride: Edward Scissorhands (1990) IMDb Rating 7.9 English 1h 45m


Tim Burton’s 1990 fantasy romance “Edward Scissorhands” starred Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp. Edward lives in a castle perched atop a hill. He has the mind of a man but the hands of a scissor because his creator passed away before he could complete Edward’s hands. Ever since, Edward has lived alone until a kind woman named Peg finds him and takes him into her home. The simple Edward falls in love with Peg’s daughter, Kim, who is slowly attracted to Edward’s kindness. It is a classic movie like Corpse Bride.

Tim Burton achieved a true cinematic achievement with Edward Scissorhands 34 years ago, which cemented the director’s status as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable directors by skillfully articulating these very serious and valid comparisons with real life. Burton promotes the dignity and inherent worth of every human existence in addition to offering the ideal escape through the enchantment of this film. Edward Scissorhands is a highly recommended watch, especially for fans of movies like Corpse Bride.


The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV


Movies like Corpse Bride: The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) IMDb Rating 6.1 English 1h 45m


Directed by Elliot Criss, “The House with a Clock in Its Walls” is a 2018 fantasy adventure film that is based on John Bales’ children’s book of the same name. It follows the tale of an orphan kid and his enigmatic uncle as they collaborate to unravel the mystery of a mansion filled with mysteries. Little Lewis finds his uncle Jonathan is a magician. A frightening secret that might wipe out human civilization is hidden in Jonathan’s home.

Although the movie presents itself as a menacing mystery, it is actually a children’s horror flick. The movie becomes really eerie after the antagonists are identified. In the latter act, a lot happens very rapidly. Children who are easily scared by horror may find the large magical fight scenes and a few flashbacks unsettling. So, on Halloween night, make sure you watch this movie with your children and guide them to watch. The House with a Clock in Its Walls is, without a doubt, one of the best movies like Corpse Bride.


Conclusion: We have discussed 11 movies like Corpse Bride in this post. These classic works lead us to journeys of bravery, adventure, and friendship and remind us not to forget the pursuit of love. If you are looking for the best films to watch, like Corpse Bride, the information above may be helpful.

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