Movies Like Freedom Writers

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In Freedom Writers, a schoolteacher is determined to encourage her students to set lofty goals in order to realize their full potential. Nothing else has ever moved us as much as this movie did! Both the influence of instructors and the power of words should never be undervalued. There are many inspiring movies like Freedom Writers, and they will captivate you from beginning to end since they are all incredibly moving and inspirational. Follow us and discover more amazing movies like the Freedom Writers for tonight!

Movies Like Freedom Writers

  1. Sarafina!
  2. Coach Carter
  3. Half Nelson
  4. Pay It Forward
  5. Won’t Back Down
  6. Mr. Holland’s Opus
  7. Million Dollar Baby
  8. Remember The Titans
  9. Finding Forrester
  10. Beyond The Blackboard
  11. Spare Parts
  12. Patch Adams
  13. Music of the Heart
  14. Detachment
  15. Pride

Sarafina! (1992) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Sarafina! (1992) Movie Like Freedom Writers

The movie, which is against Afrikaans being taught in schools, focuses on the students who were part of the Soweto riots. Several individuals are introduced by the narrator, among them the activist schoolgirl Sarafina. When a police officer opens fire on many children in a classroom, things escalate out of control. However, a large portion of the second act is devoted to the joyful goodbye performance of the departing students, which marks the conclusion of the musical. In the movie adaptation, Sarafina is humiliated by her mother’s acknowledgment of her position as a domestic helper in a white home during South Africa’s apartheid era. She motivates her friends to rebel against her government, particularly after her mentor, Mary Masenbuka, is imprisoned.

Coach Carter (2005) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Coach Carter (2005) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Carter was able to turn around the Richmond High School basketball squad, which had been struggling. Under his guidance, he thought the club might become the best in the league. Therefore, he requested the players to sign a contract committing them to not playing in any more games if the squad did not perform well or did not stay together. The team started to improve under his direction and finally became unmatched. The team’s performance at the 1999 National Championships, however, left Coach Carter so angry that he shuttered the gym and forbade the squad from competing in any more events. More movies like Coach Carter and Freedom Writers are as follows.

Half Nelson (2006) – Streaming on Fubo TV, Hoopla, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Half Nelson (2006) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Dan Dunn, a white history teacher, teaches in a dilapidated public middle school in Brooklyn, New York, and most of his students are black. Dan loves teaching and students and also has a unique teaching style. Non-conformist, a believer in Hegelian dialectics and the belief that history is shaped by the action of opposing forces. He makes the boring history on the page vivid and encourages students to think and analyze history and the rules of operation in the world around them. By night, he was an incorrigible drug addict. This divided life did not last long. Dan was discovered by his black female student, Deli, after taking drugs and collapsing in the empty women’s locker room.

Pay It Forward (2000) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Pay It Forward (2000) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Alcohol was Arlene McKinney’s go-to escape from her intense feelings of grief and powerlessness as a single mother raising her son Trevor McKinney. Their lives have been bleak; they are a dependent mother and son. Yet, one day, everything was different. Trevor receives a unique homework assignment from Eugene Semment, his sociology teacher: improve the world. Trevor makes some observations about how to make mankind better, and he concludes that good things will happen if he can help three people, and those people can “pay it forward” by helping others, and so on. Trevor invites homeless individuals into his house because he believes that “what goes around, comes around” and is determined to start with himself. Don’t miss it if you are looking for Freedom Writers like movies.

Won’t Back Down (2012) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Won't Back Down (2012) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Jamie is a strong single mother raising her daughter Maria by herself. However, due to a little speech impairment, Maria is teased at school, and even the teachers laugh at her. Nona works as a teacher. Cody and Maria, Nona’s boys, are faced with the same problem, but neither the government nor Nona can take any action. When two common, hopeless moms cross paths one day, they eventually realize they have to speak out and defend their kids. The only definite thing is that the two moms’ unwavering momentum provided their children the strength and confidence to live despite the criticism and support they received for their activities in violating the strict system.

Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Mr. Holland's Opus (1995) Movie Like Freedom Writers

In 1965, Composer and musician Glenn Holland decided to go into music education at John F. Kennedy High School. He quickly concluded that he detested his profession since his students had no musical background. After being initially disappointed by his inability to interact with his kids, he learns—with the assistance of Mrs. Jacobs, the administrator of the school—that if he is to live in this world, He will eventually achieve great success in his field and develop into a highly skilled professional. He was astonished to discover that his newborn baby had hearing loss at this stage. After thirty years of teaching, the school eliminated its music department, and he questioned what he had done in his life.

Million Dollar Baby (2004) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Million Dollar Baby (2004) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Let’s dive into more movies like Freedom Writers. Eddie is Frankie Deng’s lone buddy, a former boxer who manages his gym. He retired long ago, even though he has been training fighters himself. That is, until one day, Maggie, a woman, comes into the gym and wants Frankie to teach her how to box. Frankie declined as he had never trained a woman to box, and Maggie was barely old enough to retire at age 31. Frankie’s intransigence gave way to Maggie’s tenacity, and he consented to assist her with her training. During their preparation, they discovered the spirit of one another, and by working together, they were able to tackle a championship challenge that was more difficult than they had anticipated and demanded extraordinary bravery and tenacity.

Remember The Titans (2000) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Remember The Titans (2000) Movie Like Freedom Writers

TC Williams High School was established by the merger of two Alexandria, Virginia, schools in the early 1970s. A North Carolina coach took over as head coach of the Titans. When football players of various races are compelled to play on the same squad, tensions might develop. Throughout the two-week training camp near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, many tensions were reduced. After being forced to desegregate the high school, the players find Alexandria in disarray upon their return. The team’s performance during the season made the community more receptive to the adjustments. With the Titans having had an incredible season, the city and the team have never been closer. Don’t forget to watch Freedom Writers movies like it.

Finding Forrester (2000) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Finding Forrester (2000) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Sixteen-year-old Jaime Wallace was a gifted basketball player. With his buddies, he plays basketball frequently. He met renowned author William Forrest by accident, and it turned out that he was also a gifted writer. Jaime received admission to a prominent private school shortly afterward because of his outstanding basketball abilities and GPA. However, Jaime had difficult decisions to make and inquiries to answer for a white school. William consented to assist James in honing his writing. With time, the two developed a close relationship through their exchanges, and William encouraged James to pursue his undiscovered creative passion. William also started to change, moving out of his solitary apartment after many years.

Beyond The Blackboard (2011) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Beyond The Blackboard (2011) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Bess had wanted to be a teacher since she was a little child. After completing her college education, she was allowed to work as a teacher at a homeless shelter. Bess came on stage carefully, even though she never imagined her goal would materialize in this manner. The sanctuary has a single classroom that Bess may use, and she is in charge of all sixth-grade students—a terrible reality given how crowded the ideal is. When Bess finally gave up on the notion after experiencing several failures, her husband Brandon was there to support and console her. Bass hires Nelson, a homeless guy, to teach art and, with Brandon’s assistance, repaints the teachers. Before long, the small school will be open.

Spare Parts (2015) – Streaming on Peacock Premium, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Spare Parts (2015) Movie Like Freedom Writers

The movie, which is based on actual events, follows four Latino high school students as they compete to build underwater robots. Despite their extraordinary talent, they are despised worldwide due to the “hukou” immigration issue. Although they attended an impoverished public high school while growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, they were born in Mexico. Thankfully, Freddie, the school’s new teacher, is on their side. He had no prior expertise and a $800 budget, yet he was up against the nation’s best robot-building team from MIT, the previous winner of the competition. During this procedure, the four students underwent spiritual development and change in addition to learning how to make robots.

Patch Adams (1998) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Patch Adams (1998) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Adam attended the Medical School of Virginia to become a doctor when he recovered from his mental condition. Because the hospital adheres to outdated ideas, the physicians are quite cold. He despised this state and considered humor to be a vital component of patient care. His goal at the college was to make every patient laugh, so he constantly dressed brightly and went in humorous costumes. Adam continued to believe in his philosophy even though the school was unhappy with his actions and threatened to expel him. Adam nevertheless keeps pushing toward his goals despite the numerous obstacles he must conquer.

Music of the Heart (1999) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Music of the Heart (1999) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Roberta is too young to handle her anguish after her spouse leaves unexpectedly, so how does she handle it? Roberta came home to East Harlem, New York, where she started a new life as a violin teacher. She was sad, too sad, but she was still alive and had two children. Roberta thinks that art has the power to nurture people’s emotions and that even young children who have never been exposed to art will be moved by the exquisite sound of the violin. Roberta’s resolve hasn’t wavered despite the administrators of the school where she works continuing to cut her funds because they don’t agree. It is a classic movie like Freedom Writers.

Detachment (2011) – Streaming on Topic, available on Amazon Video

Detachment (2011) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Henry Bacher was hired as a temporary instructor at the community school. Mismanagement and student revolt led the school to its knees. A renegade student disputed Henry’s first class, but he skillfully diffused the situation. His instructional style piqued his students’ interest. Henry, nevertheless, is under a lot of internal pressure because his mother committed suicide, his grandfather is terminally ill, and the memory of her haunts him constantly. He cried by himself on the bus one lonely, depressed night. Erica, a teenage prostitute who was just assaulted by John, witnesses this. Hoping to get his assistance, she trailed behind him. After first declining her request, he led her back to the bachelor pad.

Pride (2007) – Streaming on Starz, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Pride (2007) Movie Like Freedom Writers

Jim is an avid swimmer who also happens to be kind. Nonetheless, Jim encountered prejudice from rival teams during swimming events since he was the sole African-American swimmer on the collegiate squad. Jim finds himself in need of money when his application for a teaching position at a private school in Philadelphia is turned down. He takes a temporary job packaging supplies at an outdated leisure center that is about to be destroyed. After discovering the pool, Jim revived it. Jim was mad, according to Elston, the guardian of many years. By organizing the first African-American swim team in the city and going to the state championship, Jim believed he might make a difference for some of the local youngsters. Maybe even he can prevent the destruction of the PDR center.

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