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In Game Night, a bunch of friends have weekly game nights held by Max and Annie. But when Max’s brother recommends turning the evening into a mysterious murder night, things really go out of control, and someone is abducted. It goes without saying that the entire group embarks on a crazy trip together. While few films have the same dark plot as Game Night, there are others that are strikingly comparable in other ways. This post will provide you with a list of excellent action and comedy movies like Game Night. Grab your popcorn and explore more Game Night like movies with us!

Movies Like Game Night

  1. Spy
  2. Vacation
  3. Good Boys
  4. Snatched
  5. The Gift
  6. Rough Night
  7. Date Night
  8. Central Intelligence
  9. The Man From Toronto
  10. The Spy Who Dumped Me
  11. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  12. Father Figures
  13. The Hangover
  14. The Heat
  15. Stuber

Spy (2015) – Streaming on Max, available on Amazon, Apple TV

Spy (2015) Movie Like Game Night

A little-known support worker with a reputation for aiding with risky operations is Susan, a CIA analyst. In an operation involving Rick, another elite CIA agent, and her partner Bradley’s safety, Bradley goes missing. Susan offers her services to go undercover and join the most deadly armaments gang in history—one that is determined to cause a worldwide nuclear crisis—to locate her partner and save a planet in danger. Speak with the femme Fatale leader to learn the truth and wage war. Though Susan finds things more complicated than initially believed, she makes a gallant rescue.

Vacation (2015) – Available on Amazon, Apple TV

Vacation (2015) Movie Like Game Night

Rusty decided to emulate his father, Clark, and go on an amazing trip with his wife and kids to spice up the family dynamic. That’s why he purchased a brand-new vehicle, loaded up his family—including his two boys, James and Kevin—and headed to Willy Deer, the “most family-friendly” theme park in the country. Amazing experiences abound as they travel, including being pursued by a huge truck, seeing the Wild West on a four-wheeler, canoeing down a swift-moving stream, bathing in a sewage pool that is mistaken for a hot spring, and witnessing Rusty’s burly brother-in-law Stone show off his strength. Will Willy Deer Paradise, the fabled place, be reached safely by the Griswold family? You can find the answer in Game Night movies like it.

Good Boys (2019) – Streaming on Netflix, Fubo TV, DIRECTV

Good Boys (2019) Movie Like Game Night

When Max, at 12 years old, receives an invitation to his first kissing party, he turns to his closest pals, Lucas and Thor, for much-needed assistance in learning how to frown. Four lads, who are being pursued by a teenage girl, leave school and go to the party while carrying narcotics that they unintentionally stole. Max decides to spy on the adolescent girl next door using his father’s drone when they get into problems. The lads intended to get from their suburban Los Angeles home to downtown in time for their parents to arrive home after they lost their drone.

Snatched (2017) – Available on Amazon, Apple TV

Snatched (2017) Movie Like Game Night

When she was thirty years old and receiving two non-refundable plane tickets to Ecuador, Emily Middleton unexpectedly found herself without a job when her musician boyfriend dismissed her the same day. Accepting that she will miss the vacation of a lifetime, Emily goes to her strange, phobic, cat-loving mother, Linda, the only one who can stay with her. There, though, the idyllic getaway swiftly devolves into a tropical nightmare as the mother and daughter pair are captured and taken captive during the day. Emily, being impetuous, and Linda, being cautious, must now set aside their differences and navigate the deep forest to survive. Follow us to discover other funny movies like Game Night.

The Gift (2015) – Streaming on AMC+, available on Amazon, Apple TV

The Gift (2015) Movie Like Game Night

Relocating from Chicago to Los Angeles as a result of Simon’s promotion, Simon and Robin are a happy couple. Gordon is a man Simon met 20 years ago while attending school. Gordon started to unexpectedly stay at the couple’s residence and started delivering them presents. It was a little unsettling, so they were initially pleased to accommodate him but later urged him to avoid them. Yes, Gordon replies, but based on his breakup letter, Robin surmises that Simon may have been involved in an incident during their school days that he would like not to discuss. Godot’s arrival splits the couple’s affections, and odd things happen around them. She then began her investigation.

Rough Night (2017) – Streaming on Starz, DIRECTV, available on Amazon, Apple TV

Rough Night (2017) Movie Like Game Night

After growing up following college, Jesse, Alice, Frankie, and Blair are reunited ten years later as best friends. Jesse is also about to marry Peter, her fiancé, and is running for state Senate. The story begins with a once-in-a-lifetime bachelor weekend in sun-drenched Miami, recreating the glory days of old college with a new free-spirited Australian buddy named Pippa and the assistance of Jess’s closest friend Alice. The girls, in this instance, planned to purchase a male stripper for the soon-to-be bride from Craigslist while the night was still young, but regrettably, they killed him by mistake in the heat of the moment. It’s just going to grow worse from here on out, yet there’s no solution without a body.

Date Night (2010) – Streaming on Max, available on Amazon, Apple TV

Date Night (2010) Movie Like Game Night

After filing for divorce from his real estate agent wife Claire, tax attorney Phil Foster decides to treat himself to a weekend supper at a recently opened seafood restaurant in Manhattan. Not wanting to dine midway through, two strangers abducted them from the restaurant and threatened to return a flash memory. The two individuals who had not made an appointment took the place of someone else’s seat. Bewildered and terrified beyond belief, the Fosters attempt to flee and seek assistance from Holbrook, a former client of Claire’s, but they are unable to end the search. To get entry into mob lord Joe Moretto’s strip club, they even had to pose as dancers and pimps, only to wind up looking ridiculous.

Central Intelligence (2016) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple TV

Central Intelligence (2016) Movie Like Game Night

Don’t miss this classic movie like Game Night. Calvin went on to become an accountant twenty years later. In the run-up to the high school reunion, he made an effort to reconnect with former classmates. A man by the name of Bob Stone reached out to him. He said that in school, he went as Robbie Verdihert. Calvin recalls that he was teased and quit school as a result of a hurtful joke. When they finally get to meet, Calvin is shocked by how much has changed in him. Bob begged Calvin for assistance. He had no clue that the bully he had known in high school would turn into a CIA hit guy or that he would be working on a project to protect military secrets from being leaked.

The Man From Toronto (2022) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon, Apple TV

The Man From Toronto (2022) Movie Like Game Night

Teddy is a fitness entrepreneur in Virginia who was just laid off. He chose to take his wife Lori to Onancock to celebrate her birthday without telling her. Teddy drops her off at the spa, but he goes to the wrong cabin and finds a man called Coughlin being held captive. Teddy, who lacks intelligence, is misidentified as “The Man from Toronto,” an enigmatic assassin known for his merciless interrogation techniques. His goal was to scare Coughlin into giving him the code. After the FBI raids the cabin, Teddy is persuaded to pretend to be a Torontonian to assist in the apprehension of Colonel Marin, the possible ruler of Venezuela, in exchange for the FBI paying off Teddy’s past-due mortgage.

The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) – Available on Amazon, Apple TV

The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) Movie Like Game Night

When Drew, Audrey’s former spy boyfriend, unexpectedly turns up at their flat with a crew of lethal assassins, Optimal partners Audrey and Morgan are unintentionally dragged into a global conspiracy. To pick up his belongings, Drew goes back to Audrey’s residence. Before long, shots are being fired into the flat, and Drew warns Audrey that she needs to go to Vienna and give the trophy to his contact in case something were to happen to him. To their amazement, the two decide to take on the assassins, eluding them and shadowy but endearing British operatives as they travel around Europe, planning a worldwide escape that is both hilarious and sarcastic and coming up with a plan to rescue the world.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) – Available on Amazon, Apple TV

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) Movie Like Game Night

Robber Harry Lockhart accidentally auditions for a movie detective role and gets invited to a party in Los Angeles as he is fleeing from the police during an attempted robbery. When he meets Guy Perry, a private investigator, he is advised to participate in an investigation to grow as a person. In addition, he meets Harmony Faith Lane, a stunning and ambitious actress, and learns that she was a childhood friend. There are several hints in this intricate murder case involving Harry and Perry. They learn the horrible truth about the case with Harmony’s help.

Father Figures (2017) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, available on Amazon, Apple TV

Father Figures (2017) Movie Like Game Night

Since their father passed away before they were even born, Kyle and Peter, who are fraternal twins, were raised by their mother, Helen. Peter approaches Helen soon after his mother remarries and says he knows an actor from a picture of his putative father. As a way to avoid their father becoming involved, Helen revealed that she began being promiscuous while she was pregnant. Helen confirms that Terry Bradshaw is their father as long as they insist. To find Bradshaw, the brothers traveled to Miami. Bradshaw had been in Australia when Helen became pregnant, though. That means their father is not Bradshaw.

The Hangover (2009) – Streaming on TNT, TBS, available on Amazon, Apple TV

The Hangover (2009) Movie Like Game Night

Let’s dive into the following best movies like Game Night. His girlfriend, Doug, is getting married. Doug had his bachelorette party in a luxurious room at Caesars Palace after driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with his buddies Phil, Sid, and Alan two days before the wedding. Doug is gone, there’s a tiger in the toilet, a baby in the closet, Sid is missing a tooth, there’s a Simmons mattress on the spire outside the window, Phil is wearing a medical bracelet, Sid has a $800 receipt in his pocket, and their automobile has magically changed into a police cruiser once the three discover these things one night later. Unable to recall what occurred the night before, the three are in a panic. They have only 24 hours to figure out the riddle and locate Doug to return to Los Angeles.

The Heat (2013) – Available on Amazon, Apple TV

The Heat (2013) Movie Like Game Night

Though motivated and focused on getting promoted, FBI agent Sarah Ashburn is not well-liked by her coworkers. Assigned to locate the elusive drug Lord Mr. Larkin’s agent, Rojas, in Boston, she is informed that her chances of being promoted are high should she succeed in finding Larkin. She went to meet Rojas after learning that he was being held by the Boston Police Department when she got there, but she was advised not to approach Shannon Mullins, the officer who had detained Rojas, as she was known to be a very combative and indifferent person. To find the Russian drug network, the two guys must cooperate, and at that time, they become friends.

Stuber (2019) – Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV, available on Amazon, Apple TV

Stuber (2019) Movie Like Game Night

An elderly investigator is picked up by Stu, a kind Uber driver. Seeking to apprehend the perpetrator of his partner’s death, he works as a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department. Someone alerted him to the location of the offender. Temporary blindness prevented the police from driving or shooting directly, so he had to deal with his passengers, keep his sanity, and make sure he was safe. In this way, Uber driver Stu becomes involved in the event. This puts the driver to the test; to receive a five-star rating, he must maintain composure and ensure the caliber of his service. The other is fixated on apprehending a lethal drug lord, while the first is fixated on five-star reviews. After reading this post, did you find any favorite movies like Game Night?

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