Movies Like Green Book

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In addition to romantic films, there are also films that explore the harsh reality of life, which is full of discrimination, estrangement, and prejudice. This kind of film tends to be more serious and tells a moving story with tough characters and a brave fighting spirit. The Green Book, for example, tells the audience a thought-provoking story about the incredible road trip that white drivers and black musicians experience together. If you are looking for more similar movies like Green Book, check the following movies like Green Book recommendation right now!

Movies Like Green Book

  1. Driving Miss Daisy
  2. The Help
  3. 20th Century Women
  4. Junebug
  5. C’mon C’mon
  6. The Big Sick
  7. The Bucket List
  8. Marshall
  9. Loving
  10. The Upside
  11. Saving Mr. Banks
  12. 10 Items or Less
  13. Little Miss Sunshine
  14. Captain Fantastic
  15. The Banker

Driving Miss Daisy (1989) – Streaming on Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Youtube

Driving Miss Daisy (1989) Movies Like Green Book

Atlanta-based Jewish widow who is too old to drive. She is resistant to any changes in her life, but her son hired the driver, Hoke. Hoke gradually wins her over with his local charm when she first refuses to let him drive her anywhere. The film does explicitly depict that it is based on a theatrical play. It covers over twenty years of the couple’s lives together as they gradually bridge the divides between them. More feel good movies like Green Book are as follows.

The Help (2011) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Help (2011) Movies Like Green Book

Three exceptional, very different women in Mississippi in the 1960s form an unusual relationship through a clandestine writing endeavor that defies social norms and puts them all in danger. A wonderful sisterhood grows out of their unlikely collaboration, giving them all the confidence to transcend the boundaries that separate them and the insight that sometimes such boundaries must be crossed—even if doing so means forcing everyone in town to confront the realities of modern life. It would be one of your favorite movies like The Green Book.

20th Century Women (2016) – Streaming on Max, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

20th Century Women (2016) Movies Like Green Book

It is about love, life, and a mother’s tribulations in the late 1970s while Raising a kid. The demands of a young guy striving to discover his own nature and convictions are pitted against the naivety of a free spirit. His mother attempts to form ties that he cannot handle as they share a bohemian home with three other free-spirited people in order to help pay the rent. Because she finds it difficult to deal with his verbal immaturity, she asks the other ladies in his life to aid with his parenting. They cannot understand how their lives are slowly falling apart. They all continue to live defined lives despite their alleged hardships without suffering any negative outcomes. It is highly recommended among Green Book like movies.

Junebug (2005) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Junebug (2005) Movies Like Green Book

The balance of her middle-class in-laws in North Carolina is threatened by a dealer in outsider art. Madeline, a driven Chicagoan and owner of an art gallery, just wed George, an almost ideal Southern match. George introduces Madeline to his family when she has to clinch a transaction with a reclusive artist in North Carolina. His family includes a sarcastic mother, Peg, a reserved father, Eugene, a grumpy brother, Johnny, and Johnny’s childish wife, Ashley, who is envious of her glitzy sister-in-law.

C’mon C’mon (2021) – Streaming on Fubo TV, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

C'mon C'mon (2021) Movies Like Green Book

Johnny, a radio journalist, is traveling across the country, asking kids what they think and feel about growing up in the United States. When he contacts his sister, Viv, she requests that he keep her nine-year-old kid Jesse in Los Angeles so that she may visit her mentally ill husband, Paul, in Oakland. Johnny hesitantly agrees, and when Viv doesn’t show up there as scheduled, she agrees to allow Johnny to take Jesse along so they may conduct further interviews with the kids. If you want to share your film review with others, you can choose movies like the Green Book Reddit.

The Big Sick (2017) – Streaming on Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Youtube

The Big Sick (2017) Movies Like Green Book

The Big Sick is among the best movies like Green Book. Kumail, the Pakistani-American son of an immigrant, works as an Uber driver during the day and dreams of becoming a successful stand-up comedian at night. Despite his family’s high expectations for his marriage, they constantly screened suitable Muslim women in an effort to set up a happy union. Kumail struggles to make ends meet. Instead, despite their best attempts, Emily, an American graduate student, will win over Kumail.

The Bucket List (2007) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Bucket List (2007) Movies Like Green Book

To boost the reputation of his business, Edward, a wealthy guy, is made to share a room with Carter in the cancer unit of his hospital. Less than a year remains, it is announced to both. They decide to create a bucket list in their remaining time. They tick things off the list one by one until everything is checked off, adding value to each other’s lives in the process. This film is also a classic one in good movies like Green Book.

Marshall (2017) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Marshall (2017) Movies Like Green Book

A black chauffeur was accused of rape and attempted murder by his affluent socialite employer in the year 1941, and the NAACP, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, sent its lone attorney, 32-year-old Thurgood Marshall, to defend the man. The case was heard in conservative Connecticut. Samuel Friedman, a young Jewish attorney who has never fought a criminal case before, joins Marshall because he needs a big profile triumph but is being restrained by the trial court. It’s one of the movies like Green Book Netflix.

Loving (2016) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Loving (2016) Movies Like Green Book

Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter fall in love and get married. However, the Commonwealth of Virginia does not only not recognize such a union but also considers interracial partnerships to be unlawful. To be able to live in loving peace in Caroline County, they start lengthy and highly public legal fights on a national scale, at considerable cost to their own lives. You can watch these movies like Green Book on Netflix.

The Upside (2017) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Upside (2017) Movies Like Green Book

Let’s explore other movies like Green Book. Park Avenue mogul Phillip Lacasse employs incompetent ex-con Dell Scott to take care of him after a hang gliding accident leaves him crippled. Dell is the ideal person to carry out the Do Not Resuscitate order Phil has requested should his health deteriorate because Phil, who just lost his wife to cancer, has lost the desire to live. Phil and Dell have an unexpected relationship despite coming from very different cultures and origins.

Saving Mr. Banks (2013) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Saving Mr. Banks (2013) Movies Like Green Book

The popular fictional character “Mary Poppins” was developed by author P. L. Travers and is based on her childhood experiences. She exhibited excessive character protection even after the book’s widespread popularity by being hesitant to see her visions come true as movies. She despises the thought of any producer turning this book, which had a significant role in her early life, into a simple kiddie comedy.

10 Items or Less (2006) – Streaming on Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Vudu

10 Items or Less (2006) Movies Like Green Book

A renowned actor who hasn’t taken on a part in four years is thinking about taking on a project. He is driven to Archie’s Ranch Market in Carson by the director’s cousin, where he is left to conduct some research. One of the checks, Scarlet, a young Spanish lady with an uncanny ability to ring up merchandise at the register, fascinates him. She is trapped in the ten items or fewer lanes and detests her work. When her shift ends, the actor engages in conversation with her and requests a ride. There are more movies like The Green Book.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Movies Like Green Book

To grant Olive, a 7-year-old girl with great aspirations, her greatest wish, the dysfunctional six-member family travels from Albuquerque to California. In the course of getting to the bizarre Little Miss Sunshine pageant, the family must cope with dashed hopes, heartaches, and a broken-down VW van. The Hoovers learn to trust and support one another no matter what obstacles they face along life’s journey as they traverse this weirdly humorous world.

Captain Fantastic (2016) – Streaming on Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Vudu

Captain Fantastic (2016) Movies Like Green Book

Follow us to discover more movies like Green Book. Ben is an adoring father of six kids. The kids are brought up on a strict physical and academic routine and never interact with anybody else. They use large, serrated knives to engage in self-sufficient hunting. The kids wish to go to their mother’s funeral when she kills herself while she is in the hospital being treated for a variety of mental illnesses. Ben forces himself to accompany them on the trip.

The Banker (2020) – Streaming on Apple TV

The Banker (2020) Movies Like Green Book

By assisting other African Americans in pursuing the American dream, revolutionary businessmen Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris came up with a bold and hazardous strategy to challenge the racist establishment of the 1960s. They prepare Matt Steiner, a working-class white guy, together with Garrett’s wife, Eunice, to act as the wealthy and aristocratic face of their expanding real estate and banking company. For more discussion, movies like Green Book Reddit are also a good social platform, and you can discover other movies like John Green Books.

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