Movies Like Hacksaw Ridge

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You’ve probably heard of Hacksaw Ridge if you enjoy watching combat and military-themed films. Regarded as one of the finest war films in recent memory is this one. A strong message about the negative repercussions of war was sent to the audience, and an outstanding cast brilliantly portrayed people inspired by actual events, which is why this film was so successful. Right today, a lot of films try to portray the reality of battle while providing as much historically accurate material as they can. Consider any of these movies like Hacksaw Ridge listed below, if you’re searching for some big military or historical dramas. You will discover more movies like Hacksaw Ridge after reading this post.

Movies Like Hacksaw Ridge

  1. The pianist
  2. Pearl Harbor
  3. Unbroken
  4. Dunkirk
  5. Darkest Hour
  6. Greyhound
  7. Black Hawk Down
  8. The Outpost
  9. Jarhead: Law of Return
  10. Empire of the Sun
  11. Jarhead
  12. Sand Castle
  13. American Sniper
  14. The Wall
  15. Platoon

The Pianist (2002) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple TV

The Pianist (2002) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

During World War II, a gifted Polish Jewish pianist hides from the Nazis. He was imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto and suffered from malnutrition, humiliation, and the possibility of dying there. Later, during Operation Reinhard, he was taken away from his family. Spearman hid in several places among the Warsaw ruins from this point till the camp captives were freed. He hid among the city’s ruins to avoid being found by a broad search. Luckily, the pianist’s musical ability impressed a German commander, and with the officer’s protection, he lived to see the conclusion of the war and the beginning of freedom.

Pearl Harbor (2001) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Pearl Harbor (2001) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

Danny and Rafe have been close siblings since their early years. Evelyn, a female nurse working in a military hospital, captures Rafe’s heart during the start of World War II. The US Army chose to deploy elite forces to aid in fending off Nazi Germany’s invasion; Rafe volunteered to fight. Rafe’s jet was shot down by the Germans during the air fight, and bad news soon reached us. Danny and Evelyn in the act of introducing love and encouraging one another. They are surprised to learn that Rafe is still alive, and they have an uneasy reunion. Pearl Harbor is definitely one of the best war movies like Hacksaw Ridge.

Unbroken (2014) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Unbroken (2014) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

Former Olympic runner Louis Zamperini’s plane crashed during World War II. Louis and two other crew members were held captive by the Japanese Navy after 47 days at sea, and one of the commanders, Nagano Watanabe, subjected them to torture. This horrific ordeal persisted long after the war was over. He frequently has nightmares and drinking. Just when it seems like he will never get well, his faith keeps him going, and he ultimately makes it to Japan to meet the forgiving Nagano Watanabe. Louis Zamperini, a former Olympic runner, inspired the film.

Dunkirk (2017) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Dunkirk (2017) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

400,000 British and French Allied soldiers were surrounded on the beaches of Dunkirk at the start of the Second World War, confronting an advancing enemy. The civilians were recruited by the British fleet and government. As Mr. Dawson, a civilian ship owner, and his son depart England to save the men at Dunkirk, Tommy, a British soldier, finds two friends while running from the shore. One by one, the three saved Tommy and his crew, while in the meantime, fighter pilot Farrier, facing enemy flanks on both sides, battled valiantly. With German forces around them, everyone had to battle for their lives to escape and return home.

Darkest Hour (2017) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Darkest Hour (2017) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

The British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, was compelled to retire as Adolf Hitler’s formidable Wehrmacht marched throughout Europe during World War II, and he suggested Winston Churchill succeed him. A few days after taking office as prime minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Winston Churchill had to decide between pursuing a negotiated peace accord with Nazi Germany and unwaveringly defending the principles, freedoms, and liberty of the people. Churchill had to lead the country through its worst hour, try to alter the path of global history, and withstand an unstoppable Nazi army that was marching across Western Europe, an impending invasion, an unprepared people, a skeptical King George VI, and his party scheming against him. It is also one of the movies like Hacksaw Ridge on Netflix.

Greyhound (2020) – Streaming on Apple TV+

Greyhound (2020) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

A German submarine, Wolf Pack, launched a continuous attack on an Allied convoy traveling across the North Atlantic a few months after the United States entered World War II. A US Navy commander, undertaking his maiden transatlantic voyage, was leading the convoy’s destroyer screen. They will sail to Britain across perilous waters with masses of supplies and hundreds of men. Since they won’t have air protection for four days, the captain and his convoy must battle the German submarines that are close to aid the Allies in winning the war. The narrative centers on his leadership responsibilities as he pursues assault submarines in a dangerous game of cat and mouse while enduring frigid, merciless nights, harsh seas, and extreme exhaustion.

Black Hawk Down (2001) – Streaming on Paramount+, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Black Hawk Down (2001) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

Following the 1992 declaration of war on foreign troops and theft of supplies by Somalia’s governing tyrant, Mohamed Farah Aidid, the US dispatched 160 special forces to Mogadishu to topple Aidid’s government. Somali militias put up a fierce fight against the special forces during their search for two of Aidid’s top leaders. A violent confrontation broke out between the two sides in the heart of the city, and the crew of an American army Black Hawk chopper was put at risk when it was assaulted and crashed into the city. To save their friends, a tiny group of special forces men ventured far inside the tiger’s den. They passed through the most unbelievable area on earth for the following fifteen hours.

The Outpost (2020) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Outpost (2020) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

Don’t miss this film when looking for Hacksaw Ridge like movies. Several outposts were established in Afghanistan throughout the war to regulate the movement and supply lines of the Taliban. Camp Keating is situated in a valley. They attempt to gain the respect of the village elders and persuade them to assist in putting an end to these clashes, even though they frequently fire shots at them. 400 Taliban must finally take advantage of shaky fortifications, a shortage of supplies and people, and a chance at surprise assault one day to live and return to their loved ones. One of the most renowned units during the 19-year struggle was the 3-61CAV.

Jarhead: Law of Return (2019) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Jarhead Law of Return (2019) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

The son of a US senator, Major Ronan Jackson, was shot down while flying over Syrian territory. Jackson was an IDF fighter pilot. Jackson, who had somehow survived the collision, was taken prisoner by a gang of militants from Hezbollah. Because Ronan is the son of a US senator, a combined Israeli-American team is dispatched to rescue him within 36 hours in this compelling and riveting narrative full of intense action. Jarhead: Law of Return is about a group of Marines under the command of Sgt. Dave Flores, who put their life in danger to save an unknown comrade.

Empire of the Sun (1987) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Empire of the Sun (1987) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

On December 8, 1941, the Japanese attacked Shanghai, throwing James Graham, a British youngster, and his affluent upbringing completely upside down. He was ultimately separated from his parents following his abduction and subsequent imprisonment in Suzhou. The Chinese airport, now under occupation, is located next to the camp. Amidst the malnourishment and sickness in the camp, Jim endeavors to recreate his past life. He lost contact with his parents during the evacuation and now has to take care of himself for the first time in his life. It’s at this point in his life that Jamie hopes to mature and discover how to navigate his new, uncertain surroundings to eventually find himself back with his parents.

Jarhead (2005) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Jarhead (2005) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

It is narrated from the perspective of a U.S. Marine sharpshooter who faces several challenges in his homeland, including boredom and solitude. In the late eighties, Anthony Swofford enlisted in the Marines. During boot camp, he makes up a sickness, but in the end, he teams up as a sharpshooter with reliable Troy. It didn’t take long for him and his battalion to arrive in Saudi Arabia to take part in Operation Desert Shield and be ready for Operation Desert Storm. Although the war is ongoing, he and his fellow troops are itching for action and glory, but they are unable to engage in the fighting.

Sand Castle (2017) – Streaming on Netflix

Sand Castle (2017) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

The tale of “Sandcastle” is based on Chris Roessner’s personal experiences as a machine gunner stationed in the Sunni Triangle during his time fighting in Iraq in the early 2003s. American soldier Matt Ocre was assigned to a squad that was tasked to repair a malfunctioning water system in the Iraqi hamlet of Baquba. Iraqis here are extremely hostile and leery of the American forces, who are always in danger, in contrast to Baghdad, where the troops are welcomed with great warmth. Matt and his group have to persuade the local people that they are not there to create issues but rather to solve them to finish this specific assignment. Follow us to dive into other Hacksaw Ridge movies like it.

American Sniper (2014) – Streaming on Max, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

American Sniper (2014) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

Before 9/11, Chris Kyle was just a regular American cowboy. He joined the Navy Seals at age 30, and as a sharpshooter in Iraq, he performed admirably. Chris met Taya after enlisting in the army. The two got married and had kids, but their family struggled greatly as a result of Chris’s several tours in Iraq. Chris is a very skilled combatant who was dubbed a “legend” by his teammates. Terrorists have paid professional snipers large sums of money to try and kill him, but they have failed time and time again. Despite his wife’s persistent pleas for him to give up, Chris believes he will exact revenge on his opponents.

The Wall (2017) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

The Wall (2017) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

US Army Staff Sergeant Sean Matthews, a sniper, and his spotter, Sgt. Alan Isaac is dispatched to a pipeline construction site in the nation’s desert to investigate the Iraq War. It took the two twenty-two hours of careful observation under surveillance before they were certain the situation was clean. As Matthews persisted in his investigation, an Iraqi sniper fired and killed him. While attempting to save the dying Mathews, Isaac also sustains injuries to his right knee, breaks his radio, and destroys his water bottle. All that stood between them was a collapsing wall. Their conflict is not just one of deadly accuracy but also one of will and cunning.

Platoon (1986) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Platoon (1986) Movie Like Hacksaw Ridge

Taylor, at 19 years old, was most influenced by Sergeants Barnes and Elias in the infantry company, but the two men’s perspectives on the war were drastically different. Elias attempted to talk Barnes out of the brutality, which Barnes harbored resentment for, after one fight when Barnes ordered flamethrowers to burn down the whole hamlet. After a furious struggle in which Elias is wounded, Barnes shows up and tells Taylor to escape with another injured while he aims at Elias and fires twice; then, a bomb goes off, and they both pass out. Upon awakening, Barnes gave Taylor the command to get a physician, and Taylor drew a revolver on him.

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