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Hereditary was a global phenomenon when it was released in 2018. The film centers on the Graham family, who begin to receive mysterious signals following the death of their matriarch and the revelation of long-kept truths. It describes what occurs when a family finds out they have a fate that seems suspicious. Hereditary is horrifying as hell but also a great meditation on trauma, family, and the emotional ties that bind us to our ancestors for eternity. Here are some more scary movies like Hereditary you must see if you enjoy this contemporary horror masterpiece. You will find your favorite movies like Hereditary after reading this post.

Movies Like Hereditary

  1. Kill List
  2. Lake Mungo
  3. Anything for Jackson
  4. The Feast
  5. Lovely Molly
  6. The Night House
  7. A Dark Song
  8. The Empty Man
  9. Caveat
  10. Possum
  11. Midsommar
  12. Relic
  13. Amulet
  14. The Invitation
  15. The Conjuring

Kill List (2011) – Streaming on DIRECTV, AMC+, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Kill List (2011) Movie Like Hereditary

After being traumatized by a botched job in Kyiv, ex-soldier Jay struggles to find employment and support when he returns to the UK. Compulsorily, he teams up with his former companion, Gal, to become a professional assassin, offering a generous payment upon executing three murders. When Jay accepts the job, the enigmatic client shows up and lists three targets for murder. To make the contract legally binding, the employer went so far as to chop off both Jay’s and his own hands. The strange nocturnal cult ritual, however, is what eventually awakens them to the fact that they are being used.

Lake Mungo (2009) – Streaming on AMC+, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Lake Mungo (2009) Movie Like Hereditary

The four Palmer family members were enjoying a leisurely holiday at a reservoir close to the Ararat Mountains of Australia one day in December 2005. However, misfortune struck when Alice, the family’s sixteen-year-old daughter, vanished while swimming. Alice’s body was discovered by the search team shortly after, and the Palmer family had a Christmas they would never forget, full of sorrow. The mood is one of horror, yet the sadness has not completely subsided. The Palmer residence started to exhibit weird occurrences ten days after Alice was buried. They sensed their deceased daughter returning home. The worst worry persisted for many months. Their goal is to put an end to this never-ending horror as quickly as possible.

Anything for Jackson (2020) – Streaming on DIRECTV, AMC+, available on Amazon Video

Anything for Jackson (2020) Movie Like Hereditary

Audrey, upset by the death of her only grandchild, Jackson, in an automobile accident, abducts Henry’s pregnant patient with the help of Doctor Henry so they may use an old book of spells to execute a “reverse exorcism” in which they transfer Jackson’s soul to the unborn child. Jackson was not the only ghost his grandparents had let into their house. It soon became clear. Now that they’ve put themselves in this situation, the pregnant woman and the couple are racing against time to figure out how to get out of it.

The Feast (2021) – Available on Amazon Video

The Feast (2021) Movie Like Hereditary

A prosperous family invites a local businessman and farmer to supper at their mountainside house in Wales to facilitate a business deal. Subsequently, the family hires a mystery young woman to work as their waitress. Her subdued but unsettling presence starts to slowly and intentionally destroy their lives, challenging their ideas and ideals with deadly results. They come to understand that the rising goddess who resides in Cadi’s drowned corpse is indeed Cadi, not the lady who spends the entire day at Glenda’s house, after learning that Cadi’s automobile has been discovered submerged in a pond.

Lovely Molly (2011) – Available on Amazon Video

Lovely Molly (2011) Movie Like Hereditary

Let’s dive into the following horror movies like Hereditary. Molly and her new spouse, Tim, are the subject of the film. They relocated to the rural home of Molly’s late parents. However, Molly believed that she was tormented by long-forgotten memories shortly after they moved in. While her truck-driving husband, Tim, is away, she begins to see and hear unexplainable things. She reverted to her previous drug-using behavior. Molly is causing concern for her sister Hannah, her preacher, and her boss, who has also observed something. However, most individuals are unaware of all that is happening. Since everything is disclosed in the most horrible way imaginable, nobody is secure.

The Night House (2021) – Streaming on Fubo TV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Night House (2021) Movie Like Hereditary

Beth, a high school teacher who has lately experienced the death of her spouse, goes back to the large, deserted lakeside home he constructed for her in the middle of a dismal wilderness. But as scared Beth reaches for the fragments, eerie reflections and shadowy figures in the window soon start to torment her, and before she knows it, she opens the box and goes through the deceased man’s possessions. Over time, Beth’s dreams get more vivid, which strains her already thin mental state. Urgent questions now demand precise responses. Will Beth figure out what the Night Room’s mysteries are?

A Dark Song (2016) – Streaming on DIRECTV, AMC+, available on Amazon Video

A Dark Song (2016) Movie Like Hereditary

Sophia Howard, a young mother of the Catholic faith, is willing to go to whatever lengths to carry out an intricate and drawn-out Hermish process, even if she cannot accept the loss of her son that occurred three years ago. Finally, the enthusiastic mother convinced Gnostic ritual wizard Joseph Solomon to help her with the intricate preparations, and they leased a peaceful home in the isolated Highlands of North Wales. Sophia confines herself in the home with Joseph until the prayer that promises to release her from the chains of the invisible world is finished, determined to go on no matter what the consequences. But even as odd synchronicity starts to happen, the convoluted and risky ritual of giving the caller information and conversation ends in failure, leading Joseph to wonder about Sophia’s motivations.

The Empty Man (2020) – Streaming on DIRECTV, Hulu, Fubo TV

The Empty Man (2020) Movie Like Hereditary

The losses of his wife, Allison, and son, Henry, who perished in an automobile accident a year prior, are the source of James Lasombra’s grief in Missouri in 2018. Nora, a widowed single mother who lives next door, is one of his neighbors. The friends started searching for Amanda, Nora’s daughter, after she ran away. James finds out about the Pontifex Institute, a cult, while conducting his research. The leader’s description of the “empty Man” as an entity that could grant followers their desires if they would simply follow his orders astounded him.

Caveat (2020) – Streaming on AMC+, available on Amazon Video

Caveat (2020) Movie Like Hereditary

Isaac, a lone wanderer with partial memory loss, takes a job with his former landlord Barrett to look for his niece Olga, who periodically loses her mind and puts her life in danger on a secluded island. A cat-and-mouse game starts when Barrett persuades Isaac to confine his activities within the home and leave the two of them alone. After putting her husband in the cellar, Olga’s mother vanishes as he finds out from Mo. Extreme claustrophobia drove Olga’s father into a psychotic episode, which culminated in his suicide. When Olga is awake, Isaac discovers her exploring the home with a crossbow and an odd toy rabbit that has glass eyes that resemble human eyes.

Possum (2018) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Possum (2018) Movie Like Hereditary

After losing his job as a children’s puppeteer, Philip Connell is compelled to move back to Norfolk, where he was raised by his ailing uncle Maurice. A previous fire caused the home to fall into ruin. Owning a frightening puppet that resembles a spider and keeps it in a leather duffel bag, Philip calls it “Possum.” He tried many times to get rid of the puppet while he was living in Norfolk, but it kept coming back to him for some reason. He discovered an illustrated picture book he had written as a boy about the possum, detailing its beginnings and how it would climb on gullible orphans, intending to consume them in their beds.

Midsommar (2019) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, DIRECTV, available on Apple TV

Midsommar (2019) Movie Like Hereditary

Midsommar talks about Dani’s sister suffering from a mental illness and killing her parents before committing suicide. The shock of losing family caused Dani to suffer from depression. Dani’s boyfriend, Christian, had long wanted to break up with Danni, but the tragedy and her poor condition kept him from saying goodbye. For their graduation thesis, Christian and his classmates Peller, Mark, and Josh decided to go to Peller’s hometown—a remote village in Sweden, hoping to get inspiration from the ancient culture and sacrificial activities there. And Dani also joined the journey at Christian’s invitation. Follow us to discover more movies like Hereditary and Midsommar!

Relic (2020) – Streaming on DIRECTV, AMC+, available on Amazon Video

Relic (2020) Movie Like Hereditary

When Edna Young’s mother mysteriously vanishes, her daughter Kay and granddaughter Sam discover signs of her deteriorating dementia in the family’s run-down rural home. They discovered a peculiar black material on the upstairs walls that resembled mold, with the home locked from the inside. Sam’s blatant desire to get her grandma back collides with Kay’s concerns that her mother doesn’t appear willing or able to explain where she’s been when Edna returns as if missing. Together, they start to suspect that Edna could be under the influence of a malevolent force in the home as her conduct grows more and more unpredictable. Movies like Hereditary and Midsommar Reddit are great social platforms for you to discuss storylines and reviews with other movie lovers.

Amulet (2020) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Amulet (2020) Movie Like Hereditary

An ex-soldier left his nation and arrived in London. He lived in an abandoned building in London with other migrants while working as a casual laborer. Tomasz had to quickly flee at night when the building caught fire. Sister Claire discovered him unconscious in an alley, gasping for oxygen due to the smoke. Following a hospital visit, she offers him a better way of life and shows him around a house where she explains that the resident, Magda, needs assistance with the house while she tends to her dying mother. He can’t help but notice his growing feelings for her despite his uneasy suspicions that something bad is going on.

The Invitation (2015) – Streaming on Hoopla, AMC+, available on Amazon Video

The Invitation (2015) Movie Like Hereditary

A few years ago, Will and Eden’s kid passed away unexpectedly, leaving their happy family of three at an all-time low. Then, they parted ways. Eden sends Will and his current girlfriend Kira an invitation to a party at the house where they used to share both joyful and painful memories on this day. When Will’s automobile arrives, he greets Eden and her current husband, David, who are both old and new acquaintances. Will looks glum. About halfway through the celebration, David introduces the group to a new religious organization with its headquarters in Mexico and has them play a game called “Confessional.” However, it appears like the game is veering off track.

The Conjuring (2013) – Streaming on DIRECTV, Max, available on Amazon Video

The Conjuring (2013) Movie Like Hereditary

The Conjuring slowly begins as the Perron family, Roger and Caroline, and their five daughters move into a house in idyllic Rhode Island in 1971. Although the house is old and has a long history, it has beautiful scenery and is peaceful and pleasant. Unexpectedly, strange events happened one after another, which frightened the whole family. To this end, they found the most famous exorcist at the time to solve their troubles. Ed is the only exorcist recognized by the Catholic Church, and Lorraine has the ability to see spirits. They determined the crux of the sinister big house and started a series of actions to eradicate the problem. For more discussion about horror films, you can visit movies like Hereditary Reddit, a good social media platform.

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