Movies like Hidden Figures

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Some filmmakers are willing to turn their cameras on real life so that their movies reveal real-life tales of resiliency and empowerment, going beyond just amusement. Hidden Figures is one of the masterpieces. The movies relate to the tales of regular women who achieved incredible achievements. We will recommend 15 top Hidden Figures related movies in this post. To further assist you in comprehending these movies better, we will also introduce the plot of these great works. Follow us and explore more Hidden Figures similar movies!

Movies like Hidden Figures

  1. Woman Walks Ahead
  2. Selma
  3. The Best of Enemies
  4. 12 Years a Slave
  5. Suffragette
  6. The Current War
  7. Invictus
  8. On the Basis of Sex
  9. Mona Lisa Smile
  10. The Pursuit of Happyness
  11. The Founder
  12. 20th Century Women
  13. The Gathering Storm
  14. Mrs Brown
  15. Hell or High Water

Woman Walks Ahead (2018) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV

Woman Walks Ahead (2018) Movies like Hidden Figures

The narrative is based on actual late 19th-century individuals and events. In 1890, campaigner Caroline Wheeldon, a woman, went to the Dakotas to take a picture of Sitting Bull. On a bridge in New York City, Catherine tossed away a photograph of her late husband before boarding a train to the Standing Rock Reservation. She hopes to realize her dream of using her paintbrush to portray the essence of this great Indian leader there. She advocated for the government to treat Native Americans equitably and acted as Sitting Bull’s interpreter in English as the well-known Indian leader helped the tribe battle the government to save Sioux territories.

Selma (2014) – Streaming on Paramount+, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Selma (2014) Movies like Hidden Figures

African Americans’ right to vote was won via the efforts of Martin Luther King Jr. and the citizens of Selma, Alabama. Even though they were legally allowed to vote, they were kept from doing so by heinous tactics, including poll taxes and open violence. King planned a nonviolent protest march from Selma to Montgomery, defying the President’s orders, the state of Alabama’s official attitude, and Governor Wallace’s. Violence from those in positions of authority looked imminent despite the movement’s enormous backing from both Selma residents and outsiders.

The Best of Enemies (2019) – Streaming on Plex, available on Apple TV

The Best of Enemies (2019) Movies like Hidden Figures

Let’s dive into the following movies similar to Hidden Figures. Ann Atwater tried to get better housing circumstances for low-income Black people in Durham, North Carolina, in 1971, but an all-white panel of judges rejected her plea. CP, the head of the Ku Klux Klan, had a strong bond with his kids. CP was concerned that the black students might visit the white school because Ann’s daughter’s school was on fire. In reaction to a law requiring school desegregation, the two decided to co-chair a two-week community meeting. They had a life-changing meeting.

12 Years a Slave (2013) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

12 Years a Slave (2013) Movies like Hidden Figures

Solomon Northup, a free man who makes a fortune as a violinist, is married with two kids and has a contented existence. However, he proceeded to Washington after being duped into believing he was an accompanist for a circus by two white people, only to wake up to discover he was a slave. On the plantation, he worked as a cotton picker for several days, seeing the tragic deaths of numerous slaves. Even after twelve years, he never gave up on his dream of getting back to freedom until he met Mr. Bass, a carpenter who was progressive. Would Solomon become a slave at any point?

Suffragette (2015) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Suffragette (2015) Movies like Hidden Figures

The account of British women’s unwavering fight over a century ago for the right to vote. Emmeline Pankhurst, a well-known supporter of women’s suffrage, is portrayed by Streep. In addition to meeting and playing against the Parliament when it was in session, she and a few Allies started the “Women’s Parliament” movement. Pankhurst and her Allies were often imprisoned due to the drastic tactics of battle, which had a significant impact on society.

The Current War (2017) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Current War (2017) Movies like Hidden Figures

Famous inventor Thomas Edison is going to electrify Manhattan with his revolutionary DC technology. His intentions are derailed on the brink of triumph by the charming industrialist George Westinghouse, who thinks he and his colleague, the young prodigy Nikola Tesla, have an amazing idea about how to swiftly electrify the United States using alternating current. One of the biggest and oldest business conflicts in American history began when Edison and Westinghouse fought over who would provide the country with electricity. This competition laid the groundwork for later industrial behemoths to flout all regulations. Don’t miss it if you are looking for movies like The Help and Hidden Figures.

Invictus (2009) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Invictus (2009) Movies like Hidden Figures

South Africa chose Nelson Mandela as its President. He guided the masses in overthrowing the apartheid regime and establishing multiracial contact in all spheres of life. Many Black people considered South Africa’s all-white rugby squad, which hosted the 1995 Rugby World Cup, to be racist. Mandela encouraged the Springboks to play exchange matches with visiting foreign teams in an attempt to heal divisions. He had a heart-to-heart conversation with Francois Pienaar, the captain of the Springboks. The latter guided white players around South Africa, making rugby a common sport and a bridge between black and white people.

On the Basis of Sex (2018) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

On the Basis of Sex (2018) Movies like Hidden Figures

Ruth Bader Ginsburg realized that she would need to put in more effort than men to become well-known when she noticed that fewer women were attending Harvard Law School. Because she was a girl, no law firm would hire her after graduation. Following her triumph in a tax dispute about gender, she fearlessly advocated for women’s equality. Appointed by the President in 1993, she is the second female justice in American history to serve on the Supreme Court. Throughout her career, she has advocated for gender equality and equal rights for all people. These Hidden Figures like movies offer us thought-provoking journeys.

Mona Lisa Smile(2003) – Streaming on Plex, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Mona Lisa Smile(2003) Movies like Hidden Figures

Women’s position increased in the 1950s. However, instructors at institutions continue to treat female students primarily as well-married individuals and do not push them to pursue interests in learning. Upon joining the school as an art history teacher, Catherine faced challenges disseminating her expertise. While many of the female students who were fond of her decided to pursue a profession similar to that of the guys, other students had to deal with marriage.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) – Streaming on Plex, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Movies like Hidden Figures

Chris Garner spent all of his funds on high-tech therapy equipment that he then offered to hospitals throughout the world. However, due to its exorbitant cost, few institutions were willing to accept it. In the end, the wife decided to move out. He has lived with his son Christophe ever since. Despite the lack of compensation and the slim odds of success (five percent), Chris was able to secure an internship with a stock investing business. Despite his challenges, his son remains his pillar of support. He rolled his eyes, lived in a church shelter, and concealed himself and his son in a public restroom in a metro station. He thinks that tomorrow will bring bliss.

The Founder(2016) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Founder(2016) Movies like Hidden Figures

Ray Kroc was a failed traveling salesman who sold milkshake mixers in 1954. He had saved enough money and lived a modest but pleasant life in Arlington Heights, Illinois, thanks to the support of his wife, Ethel, but he yearned for more. In addition, Ray saw that a lot of the drive-thrus he was attempting to promote were running poorly and had lengthy border wait times. Ray came to California to visit after hearing that a SAN Bernardino drive-thru had placed an abnormally big order for milkshake mixers. What he discovered was McDonald’s, a well-known walk-up eatery with fast service, delicious food, single-use packaging, and a welcoming environment for families.

20th Century Women (2016) – Streaming on Plex, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

20th Century Women (2016) Movies like Hidden Figures

The late 1970s was a mother’s life, love, and tribulations as she raised her kid. His mother attempts to forge relationships that he finds too difficult to bear while living in a bohemian home shared with three other like-minded people who help pay the rent. Unable to handle his lack of speech, she turned to other women in his life for assistance so that they could split the responsibility of parenting him. They are not sure why, but their lives are steadily falling apart. Notwithstanding their difficulties, they both carried on with their lives without suffering any grave repercussions. Hope you enjoy Hidden Figures movies like it.

The Gathering Storm (2002) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV

The Gathering Storm (2002) Movies like Hidden Figures

Sir Winston Churchill left the administration and joined the Parliament’s backbench in the 1930s. His only source of income after suffering significant financial losses was writing a history of his grandfather, the Duke of Marlborough, and penning newspaper columns. Members of Parliament from both parties frequently chastise him because they regard him as a radical. A civil officer at the Foreign Office, who believed that the administration was not providing true information about rearmament, provided accurate data to Parliament and trustworthy information indicating things were starting to change. Churchill rejoined the cabinet as First Lord of the Admiralty in September 1939, just as the Second World War was breaking out.

Mrs Brown (1997) – Streaming on Hulu

Mrs Brown (1997) Movies like Hidden Figures

John Brown, the most dependable servant of her late husband, provided comfort to a grieving Queen Victoria. There was a commotion when this was made public. While the Queen made the decision to go into solitude, Brown was dragged off to court. The prime minister thought that Brown would utilize the Queen’s influence to make a speech that was rejected because anti-monarchical feeling was at an all-time high. He received the Service Medal at the end of his reign with the Queen in recognition of his ability to neutralize assassins and defend the monarch.

Hell or High Water (2016) – Streaming on Netflix and Paramount +, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Hell or High Water (2016) Movies like Hidden Figures

Following his mother’s passing, the bank seized Toby Howard’s ranch, leaving him jobless in the oil and gas industry. Toby’s spouse, who resides with their two boys, is divorced. To acquire the money necessary to repay the debt and allow Toby to leave the real estate to his boys, he teams up with his brother Tanner Howard, who has just been released from jail, to steal the Texas Midlands Bank. In the meantime, Alberto Parker, a partner of Native American origin, and retiring Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton attempt to guess what the thieves will do next. This is the end of our recommendation, and we are looking forward to you enjoying these splendid movies like Hidden Figures!

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