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Would you tell your closest friend the truth about how you feel, or would you keep it to yourself? For the sake of love, would you be willing to risk losing this friendship? Choosing to be vulnerable when your friendship is on the line can be intimidating, even if it may seem simple to someone else. Love Rosie is a romantic comedy that focuses on the two closest friends, Alex and Rosie. This film transports you to a world of unwavering love and unparalleled friendship; it’s funny and uplifting. Of course, there are many acclaimed romantic movies like Love Rosie. If you have finished watching Love, Rosie and want to discover more movies to watch like Love Rosie, here is a list of comparable films!

Movies Like Love Rosie

  1. Me Before You
  2. (500) Days of Summer
  3. Sweet November
  4. Ruby Sparks
  5. Elizabethtown
  6. Call Me By Your Name
  7. The Worst Person in the World
  8. Newness
  9. PS. I Love You
  10. Like Crazy
  11. Blue Valentine
  12. The Vow
  13. Blue Jay
  14. Palm Springs
  15. Sleepless in Seattle

Me Before You (2016) – Available on Apple TV and Youtube

Me Before You (2016) Movie Like Love Rosie

After being abruptly dismissed from her job at a café, Lou, a vibrant young woman from a small town, is forced to take on a job that calls for skill and care: working as a full-time caregiver for a paraplegic. Upon reaching the patient’s residence, she learned that her caretaker was a young guy named Will Traynor, who had a vehicle accident that left him paraplegic. Will is well-educated, attractive, youthful, and well-off. Before the automobile accident, he was full of adventure and travel, but now he’s self-destructive and pessimistic. Naturally upbeat, Lou demonstrates to him the positive things in life. Lou does his best to bring a smile back to Will’s face, and in doing so, they both reap a priceless surprise and rediscover their hearts and lives. Let’s look at the following similar movies like Me Before You and Love Rosie.

(500) Days of Summer (2009) – Streaming on Hoopla and Disney+, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

(500) Days of Summer (2009) Movie Like Love Rosie

Tom works as just another employee at an office. Tom’s supervisor presented Summer, his new assistant, at a meeting. After singing along to a karaoke song in a pub, they fell in love. Although the office romance takes off swiftly, the two eventually come to realize that their perspectives on relationships are different. At last, Summer breaks the news to Tom in a restaurant. Although Tom is sad, he must come to terms with Summer’s departure. It caused him to reflect on his shortcomings as a partner and if he was a decent boyfriend. Tom started reflecting on his 500 days and nights spent with Summer in an attempt to come up with some answers.

Sweet November (2001) – Available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Sweet November (2001) Movie Like Love Rosie

Due to his workaholic tendencies, Nelson Morse only cares about himself and his work. Sarah has a lively and intelligent demeanor. Since Nelson, in Sarah’s opinion, cannot appreciate life, Sarah extends an invitation for Nelson to move in with her for a month, during which time he will have to adopt all of Sarah’s habits. The two came to an understanding. Nelson turns into Sweet November for Sarah, and she helps him find the world. Nelson is about to go back in time with Sarah after just one month, but he discovers that she is hiding a painful secret from him, leaving him in a difficult situation. It is also a must-watch in Love Rosie like movies.

Ruby Sparks (2012) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Ruby Sparks (2012) Movie Like Love Rosie

Calvin is a young author whose first book is well-received, yet he finds it difficult to write a sequel. In his actual love life, he was unfortunate. In the end, he decided to design a character named Ruby who would embody the precise type of perfect girl who would motivate him. But a week later, out of the blue, a real girl called Ruby entered his life, and she was just like Kevin had described in every way. Is it even conceivable? Does the book’s heroine end up becoming a real person?

Elizabethtown (2005) – Available on Apple TV and Youtube

Elizabethtown (2005) Movie Like Love Rosie

Drew Baylor’s life is at its lowest point. The corporation had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the things it created. His girlfriend abandoned him, and his boss fired him. He chose to end his life in desperation. However, a phone call prevents him from ending his life, and he is now waiting for even worse news—he will soon have to travel back to far-off Elizabethtown to cope with his father’s passing. He first met Claire Colburn, a gorgeous, kind, and compassionate attendant, on the plane. She was always there to console Drew during his most isolating moments. With the comfort of love and care, Drew’s self-assurance in life slowly returned.

Call Me By Your Name (2017) – Streaming on Tubi, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Call Me By Your Name (2017) Movie Like Love Rosie

In the seventies, Elio, then seventeen, would come here every summer to spend time with his family on the Italian Riviera. Oliver is spending the holiday with them this year; he’s from the United States. Oliver immediately wins the admiration of Elio’s family since he is tall, handsome, outgoing, and cheerful. Oliver and Elio gradually form a lethal bond, but their differences in gender and age keep them from acting sooner. In the meantime, McHia, a simple, loving girl, gave Elio her body and her heart. Eventually, the strong emotion between Elio and Oliver gets in the way of their differences, and they begin a relationship that will never work. Don’t miss it when you are looking for movies like Love Rosie.

The Worst Person in the World (2021) – Streaming on Crave, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

The Worst Person in the World (2021) Movie Like Love Rosie

Julie is an Oslo-based medical student who originally majored in psychology before deciding to pursue photography. She was fifteen years older than the cartoonist Aksel Willman when they started dating in their 20s. She is thirty years old, still at a crossroads in her life, and although she is happy and secure with her successful cartographer boyfriend Axel, she refuses to have a child despite Axel’s desire for a child. When Axel suggests that they become parents, Julie objects. In an attempt to start again, Julie moved from Axel to Avende.

Newness (2017) – Available on Apple TV and Youtube

Newness (2017) Movie Like Love Rosie

Martin, a pharmacist, and Gabi, a physical therapy assistant, are two twentysomething millennials who spend their weekends “swiping” using dating apps in modern-day Los Angeles. Though there are countless possibilities, connecting is more important than ever. However, as soon as they met, they couldn’t stop chatting till the early morning hours and are now connecting. That’s thrilling. That’s fresh. They became enamored. They hurried to establish a connection since they were enthused about one another. They went on an evening out. Together, they relocated. They trade in their jobs for sex, but the relationship quickly becomes dull. They chose to give an open relationship ago.

PS. I Love You (2007) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

PS. I Love You (2007) Movie Like Love Rosie

Gary and Holly have a deep affection for one another. After they were married, Holly thought she had discovered her true love, but Gary passed away from brain cancer. Holly has carried the sorrow of losing the lover. She sensed that Gehry’s presence lingered in the house and that her husband had not vanished. Her mother, Denise, and Sarah, her two closest friends, are concerned about her since she has shut herself inside her house. The notes that ended with “I love you” were correspondence she started receiving from Gerry shortly after turning thirty. Holly is given a new life by Gary’s letter, but she will have to live alone since Gary is no longer with us.

Like Crazy (2011) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Like Crazy (2011) Movie Like Love Rosie

United Kingdom-born Anna is an international student, while Jacob is an American citizen. They moved in together after falling in love shortly after enrolling at the same university. Anna’s passport visa is about to expire, but she stays in the nation due to love. Immigration officials figure out a means to send her back home against her will and declare that she will never be permitted to set foot on US soil again. Passionate, Jacob decided to go back to England and find love. The two fought frequently because of their distance from one another before parting ways. Over time, two people in different countries start a new life together, yet they can never truly separate from one another in their hearts.

Blue Valentine (2010) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Blue Valentine (2010) Movie Like Love Rosie

After six years of marriage, Dean and Cindy experience marital difficulties that cause their inner thoughts about life and love to be disturbed. They need to discover something fresh to pique their love after six years of dating. One evening, when Dean and Cindy went out, their daughter stayed at home. The pair got into a fight en route, with their dispute about what they should do for a living. The two got into an increasingly violent argument because they could not agree. Memories of good times in marital life have turned into nearly painful and shameful ones. After this, where do Dean and Cindy go? It is one of the movies like Love Rosie on Netflix.

The Vow (2012) – Streaming on Netflix and Prime Video, available on Apple TV

The Vow (2012) Movie Like Love Rosie

Paige and Leo make a devoted pair. Paige loses her memory after a car accident, and when she wakes up, she can no longer remember the Leo she once loved. Leo, who is also madly in love with Paige, is determined to keep trying and uses a variety of techniques to try to retrieve Paige’s memory. He aided her memory with specifics. Paige, however, had forgotten everything and was prepared to resume her legal studies. Paige appears prepared to go back into her ex-boyfriend Jeremy’s arms, which exacerbates the situation. Leo seemed to have given up on trying to win Paige over to his way after a string of disappointments. Leo and Paige get together once more to reveal the solution on a chilly winter’s night.

Blue Jay (2016) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Apple TV and Youtube

Blue Jay (2016) Movie Like Love Rosie

Relocating to his hometown in California, Jim Henderson intends to renovate and sell the home he co-owned with his late mother. He encounters Amanda, his high school girlfriend, while grocery shopping. They talk about their current life and remember their once-sweet shared history. They called Blue Jay, the liquor store they used to frequent as children. The manager of the business offered them free beer and jelly beans and remarked about how they were still together after twenty years. The two decide to return to Jim’s mother’s home, where they discover a letter that Jim sent to him many years ago outlining their breakup’s reasons.

Palm Springs (2020) – Streaming on Hulu and Prime Video, available on Youtube

Palm Springs (2020) Movie Like Love Rosie

Neyers woke up in Palm Springs on November 9 but was unable to finish a sex act with his partner, Misty. At Tara’s and Abel’s wedding celebration that evening, Nils and Sarah became closer. They went to the neighboring desert to have sex and abandoned the party. Neyers was shot while he was undressed by the attacker, and then he crawled inside the cave after becoming hurt. For fear of Nils, Sarah chases him and gets sucked into the vortex. When Sarah awakens, November 9 has come around once more.

Sleepless in Seattle (1993) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Movie Like Love Rosie

Sam and his 8-year-old son Jonah have been living in solitude after the passing of Sam’s wife, Maggie. Believing that he would never meet another lady like Maggie, he turned down the prospect of remarriage as well as the consolation of friends. He decided to move out of Chicago and start over in Seattle to improve his attitude. Jonah, his son, comments that his father needs a new wife while struggling to assist him in making the transfer to the radio station over the phone. After that, Sam opened up on national radio. When Annie Reed, a young lady on the other side of the nation, learns this, she is so overtly drawn to Sam that she makes it her mission to track him down and finally meet him. If you want to discuss more with other movie lovers, Movies like Love Rosie Reddit is a good platform for you.

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