Movies Like Mid90s

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A teenage kid named Stevie becomes friends with an older group of skateboarders in the 1990s Los Angeles setting of the coming-of-age drama Mid90s. It examines the difficulties of maturing, discovering oneself, and overcoming the obstacles of puberty while evoking a sense of nostalgia for skating. Numerous teen films often center on the confusion and love of adolescence, such as movies like Mid90s and Thirteen. If you are looking for other best movies like Mid90s, this post will introduce you to more amazing films to enjoy. Come and start a wonderful movie journey with us!

Movies Like Mid90s

  1. Flower
  2. Honey Boy
  3. Paddleton
  4. Beautiful Boy
  5. Eighth Grade
  6. Thunder Road
  7. American Honey
  8. Wild Rose
  9. Big Time Adolescence
  10. Rocket Science
  11. North Hollywood
  12. The Florida Project
  13. Skate Kitchen
  14. The Cake Eaters
  15. Measure of a Man

Flower (2017) – Streaming on Fubo TV, Hoopla, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Flower (2017) Movie Like Mid90s

Teenager Erica, who enjoys drama, plays vigilante to make fun of a dishonest police officer in Los Angeles. They attacked other people, extorted police officers, and demanded beer in exchange for accusations of drug dealers being beaten or sexually assaulted. Erica is afraid that one day, the group’s plan will not work, and someone will die. Erica’s stepson, Luke, persuades her that they have to go to Mexico. In addition to learning that her father hasn’t spoken to her since being freed on bond, Erica finds life on the run difficult. They should return home and surrender themselves, Erica has decided; she doesn’t want to live the life of a runaway. Luke nodded. Luke confesses to Erika that he loves her during the police chase.

Honey Boy (2019) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Honey Boy (2019) Movie Like Mid90s

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was diagnosed in Otis, a former child actor and aspiring movie star, following another DUI run-in with the police. Otis was given a court order to enter treatment. His father, a former circus clown, comes back to him as his guardian as his career starts to take off, and Otis, angry and stubborn, is pushed by his counselor to remember his difficult childhood. When Otis was not on set, he resided in a hotel on the outskirts of the city with his controlling father, where he was abused.

Paddleton (2019) – Streaming on Netflix

Paddleton (2019) Movie Like Mid90s

Unexpected companionship blossoms from an unusual brotherhood when one of two estranged neighbors receives a fatal cancer diagnosis. Two brothers choose to travel after learning they are going to die. Their actual journey, however, turns into a symbolic one as their encounters highlight the genuine connection between the two guys and what it means for them to use comedy to avoid natural emotional expression. Andy is a lifelong pessimist who finds it difficult to find his fellow patients any cause for optimism. Michael gives in to fate and desires to savor every second of his journey out.

Beautiful Boy (2018) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Beautiful Boy (2018) Movie Like Mid90s

Journalist David Sheff is the addiction expert at Dr. Brown’s office. He clarified that he wasn’t come to write an essay but rather because he needed help because he didn’t know his son anymore and was a drug addict who had recently started using meth. Concerns were first raised about Nick’s behavior a year ago after David and his wife separated. Nick informed David and Karen that he intended to remain in treatment after a while there. David receives a call one day after Nick leaves treatment to discover that he has resumed drug use. David checked him into treatment this time.

Eighth Grade (2018) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Eighth Grade (2018) Movie Like Mid90s

Although Kayla was a nervous teenager, she made an effort to have a cheerful attitude during the final week of junior high school. Thirteen-year-old Kayla used YouTube as a platform for self-expression, creating advice blogs and acting as though she was in control of everything. Kayla avoided eye contact with her classmates and her single father, choosing instead to communicate with them mostly through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Like an inspirational online journal, her YouTube videos are a creative storytelling tool that reveals glimpses into her inner goals and dreams. Follow us to discover more movies like Mid90s.

Thunder Road (2018) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Thunder Road (2018) Movie Like Mid90s

Jim Arno is a police officer in a tiny Texas town who constantly strives to do the right thing, but his life is not flawless since he makes mistakes frequently. He and his mother, the dancer, did not get along well throughout that imperfect life. Additionally, after a year of separation from his wife, Rose, he only gets to spend the weekends with their nine-year-old daughter, Crystal. Many of his coworkers tolerated him and did their best to look after him. His mother passed very soon after, which crushed him. Second, Rose announced her intention to relocate out of town with her current lover, Chris, so she requested full custody of Krystal in addition to filing for divorce.

American Honey (2016) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

American Honey (2016) Movie Like Mid90s

Drawn to the charisma of Jack, the brassy and rebellious head salesman of a traveling door-to-door magazine subscription sales team, Stara, an 18-year-old troubled girl from Texas, is desperate to leave her dysfunctional family. Together, they will travel to Kansas City to begin a road trip across the American Midwest. Gradually, among a ragtag group of outcasts, America’s Southern Belle Starr finally finds her home. Before long, she’s fully enmeshed in a world of daring, courageous self-exploration and experimentation, as well as innocent love. Stara eventually becomes entangled in it, and while she’s perplexed by the self-assured Jack, she decides to take the chance of falling in love and becoming harmed, even if it means she could stray and become lost along the way.

Wild Rose (2019) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Wild Rose (2019) Movie Like Mid90s

Rose, a 23-year-old Glasgow, Scotland, working-class woman with two children who just served time in jail, is all that wants to leave her hometown and move to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue her dream of becoming a well-known country music singer. After working in a mall bakery for twenty years, her mother, who took care of her children while she was incarcerated, found it difficult to comprehend her daughter’s mental state. Rose uses her mother’s reputation to acquire work as a cleaning girl at Suzanne’s house after being fired by her employer. After seeing Rose singing at her regular work one day, Susannah decides to assist her in going to Nashville for a special fundraising event. Rose and Susannah become friends.

Big Time Adolescence (2020) – Streaming on Hulu

Big Time Adolescence (2020) Movie Like Mid90s

In the movie, a young man grows up in a depressing suburban town under the terrible influence of his charming college dropout best buddy. Kate, Mo’s elder sister, dated Zeke Pressanti, a classmate when Mo was younger. Zeke and Mo were close friends despite their age differences, even after she ended her relationship with him. Zeke, a 23-year-old, smokes marijuana and drinks alcohol most of the time and has a dead-end job. Mo never intended to become a degenerate, but he unavoidably turns into one in their connection. Two individuals grow and heal one another.

Rocket Science (2007) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Rocket Science (2007) Movie Like Mid90s

As a teenager living in a suburban town in New Jersey, Hal Haefner’s life is chaotic. The couple’s marriage has collapsed, his elder brother Earl is incredibly inept and self-centered, and Hal struggles with speaking. Hal’s basic philosophy is “home-school-home,” or “two points, one line.” The wheel of fortune started turning one fall day. Argue champion Jenny Ryerson surprises everyone at the school when she approaches Hal on the bus and wants to argue with him in the state semifinals. Hal’s miserable existence is changed when Jenny appears to have some insight into his hidden skill at debating. Don’t miss this one of the classic movies like Mid90’s.

North Hollywood (2021) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple TV

North Hollywood (2021) Movie Like Mid90s

With aspirations of becoming a professional skateboarder, Michael, a North Hollywood, California native, recently graduated from high school. Michael left the water polo squad to devote himself to skating after receiving notice from two professional skaters. Skating is something Michael takes very seriously, and he feels his pals Jay and Adolph don’t. Consequently, the stress in their relationship increased when he started skating with professional skaters less and less. His father encouraged him to enroll in college and look for stable employment since he didn’t think skating would be viable. Eventually, Michael had to decide between pursuing his ambition of being a professional skater and the future his father intended.

The Florida Project (2017) – Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV, Hoopla

The Florida Project (2017) Movie Like Mid90s

Budget hotels in a commercial sector outside of Orlando, Florida that only accommodate guests of Walt Disney World are where Halley and her six-year-old daughter, Moonee, are making a rough living. The hotel manager, Bobby, made arrangements for guests like Harley to stay there even though the establishment forbade long-term leases. This ugly world is a lovely heaven in the eyes of the resplendent Mooney. The ramifications of Halley’s choice become a question of survival as the struggling woman takes ever more risky actions to make ends meet. Moonee sets off on several adventures with her buddies over the summer.

Skate Kitchen (2018) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Skate Kitchen (2018) Movie Like Mid90s

The shy teenage skateboarder from Long Island named Camille makes friends with the all-girl Skate Kitchen squad in New York City. Her friendship with a group of female skateboarders had a profound impact on her life. She blends in with the group, has a falling out with her mother, and develops feelings for an enigmatic skateboarding man; nevertheless, managing a relationship with him turns out to be more difficult than doing a backflip. She learns more about herself and the true meaning of friendship as she immerses herself in this backward subculture of New York City. It is one of the skate movies like Mid90s.

The Cake Eaters (2007) – Available on Amazon Video

The Cake Eaters (2007) Movie Like Mid90s

The Kimbrough family resided in a peaceful farming community. Beagle, the family’s little boy, has been caring for his ailing mother while Easy, the family’s chief butcher, is away. Guy, the oldest son, left for New York to follow his rock and roll dreams, but his mother passed away before he could get to the burial. Beagle is a delicate, quiet person who has a deep affection for Georgia Kaminski, an ill girl who is unable to care for herself. Georgia longs to feel the joy of love even though she is lonely at heart. The covert relationship between each other’s elders has been unknown for a long time when they are experiencing love for the first time.

Measure of a Man (2018) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Measure of a Man (2018) Movie Like Mid90s

The movie follows Bobby Marks during a summer vacation with his family at a lake house in a tiny town in Rhode Island, where every outdoor activity seems to be intended to make his overweight, physically challenged self seem bad. While sister Michelle Marks was eager to return to a nearby day camp in 1976, Bobby was apprehensive about going. His father was irritated by this. Bobby defended himself against the accusation that he would lie all summer long by promising to find work, which he did, managing a sizable tract of land for a cranky and demanding widower. After reading this post, I hope you have found your favorite movies like Mid90s.

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