Movies Like Pirates of the Caribbean

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One of Johnny Depp’s best-ever films is Pirates of the Caribbean. It is considered among the finest pirate-themed motion pictures. If you enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean, you probably enjoy the ocean, ships, thrilling battle sequences, fantastical animals, and exciting adventures. Follow this post and explore more exciting adventure movies like Pirates of the Caribbean with us!

Movies Like Pirates of the Caribbean

  1. Stardust
  2. The Mummy
  3. The Mummy Returns
  4. Alice in Wonderland
  5. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  6. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  7. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  8. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  10. Alice Through the Looking Glass
  11. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  12. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  13. The Legend of Tarzan
  14. The Jungle Book
  15. Peter Pan

Stardust (2007) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Fubo TV, rent or buy on Apple TV


Despite growing up on the streets, Tristan is unaware of his identity as the prince of the Magic Kingdom. The foolish youngster Tristan Thorn crosses a town border and visits the legendary realm of Stormhold in search of a falling star for his sweetheart, Victoria. Within the star, which has changed into a maiden, is the key to the magic king’s mansion. He wasn’t the only one trying to win the star, though. After fighting fiercely with these foes early in the journey, Tristan discovers what genuine love is all about.

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The Mummy (1999) – Streaming on Hulu, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

The Mummy

Pharaoh Seti I’s rebellious high priest, Imhotep, was buried alive and condemned to an inconceivable state of pain for all eternity. When bookish English Egyptologist Evelyn, her brother Jonathan, and the daring American adventurer Rick O’Connell set out on a dangerous treasure quest in the buried city of Hamuna Putra in 1926—nearly three thousand years later—they unintentionally set Imhotep free. With ten terrible plagues set to fall upon Egypt and, most of all, the reunion with his everlasting love, Anxunamon, the slowly healing beast is now plotting his retaliatory plans. It is definitely one of the best movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Mummy Returns (2001) – Streaming on Hulu, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

movies like the pirates of the caribbean-The Mummy Returns

Nine years on, Rick, the intrepid traveler, and Evelyn, his library-loving partner, are devoted. Rick finds an old bracelet while exploring Egypt with his family. The band became ingrained on Alex’s wrist upon their return to London. Currently, the Book of Death has allowed a gang of insane individuals who stole the city of Death to bring the mummy and his beloved back to life. As long as the Scorpion King is in charge, they will be able to fulfill their evil plan to rule the entire world. To obtain the bracelet, however, they had to call upon the legendary demon Scorpion King, who was brought back to life via a bloody fight between ghosts and gods that took place in London.

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Alice in Wonderland (2010) – Streaming on Disney+, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

Alice in Wonderland

When Alice, then 20 years old, goes to a party with her mother, she unexpectedly finds herself being asked to marry in front of many haughty people. She flees into Wonderland through a hole by following a white rabbit. Alice had not remembered this place for thirteen years. Alice met up with her beloved old pals again at this place. Alice discovers in the fantastic Wonderland adventure that she has a big mission: to guide the people living beneath to overthrow the wicked Red Queen and reconstruct the previous Wonderland. It is also one of the Disney movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) – Streaming on Disney+, rent or buy on Apple TV

best movies like pirates of the caribbean-Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

A man of fifteen years, Dastan traveled with his two brothers and uncle, and the king proposed to Tamina, an Alamite princess. When Dastan unintentionally obtains the “Sands of Time” dagger—which Princess Tamina tried her hardest to keep hidden—he is falsely accused of poisoning the elderly king and is forced to escape. Dastan forces Princess Tamina to accompany him into the notorious “Valley of Slaves” to sabotage Chief Amar’s ostrich competition in an attempt to cleanse his name and prevent the enormous Persian Empire from ending up in his hands. Dastan ultimately finds the culprit during the old king’s burial.

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) – Streaming on Disney+, Hulu

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Pevensie kids realize that 1,300 years have passed in the mythical kingdom of Narnia when they return there a year after their previous excursion. The wicked king Miraz has assassinated his brother and taken the throne, bringing war back to Narnia. The legitimate successor to the throne, Prince Caspian, the son of the former monarch, had been driven into hiding. After Susan left the magic horn behind, Prince Caspian summoned the daughters of Eve and the sons of Adam back. Prince Caspian will be proclaimed king, and glory will undoubtedly return to this magnificent realm filled with enchantment once they lead Narnia’s talking creatures and elves to fight the evil ruler Miraz.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) – Streaming on Disney+, Hulu

movies like pirates of the caribbean-The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Do not miss this when looking for Pirates of the Caribbean like movies. During World War Two, the parents of four children and themselves left the fighting in the nation. When numerous kids were playing hide-and-seek one day, Lucy hid in the closet. Suddenly, a wonderful world with white snow and a lonely appearance materialized in front of her. The man-goat creature encountered her when she was strolling through the snow. They discovered that the interior country was named Narnia and that a wicked witch governed it. Narnia was turned into an eternally frozen land by the witch. The wicked witch and the lion Aslan will guide four human children on their quest to end the freezing spell, launch a battle, save the country of Narnia, and bring back the four seasons.

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) – Streaming on Disney+, Hulu

pirates of the caribbean like movies-The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The film depicts Edmund, his sister Lucy, and his problematic cousin Eustace unintentionally boarding the sailing ship Dawn Treader and entering the Narnian world. They meet up again on this ship with Mouse Long, also known as “old Temper,” and the now-king Prince Caspian. Finding devoted elderly pastors whom their treacherous uncle exiled is Caspian’s aim. They meet new acquaintances along the way, in addition to their longtime companion, Aslan. They overcame obstacles in one level after another with bravery and tenacity and left each other with surprises! Enjoy these excellent movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean with your family!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) – Streaming on Disney+, DIRECTV

movies like the pirates of the caribbean-Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

A violent ghost named Captain Salazar and his crew escape the Devil’s Triangle and seize control of the seas to find Captain Jack Sparrow, his nemesis and the source of all his torment. A young person who needs to locate the Poseidon Trident approaches Jack in the meanwhile and thinks Sparrow is the only one who can assist him. Astronomer and horologist Carina Smyth is joining the crew to assist in finding what she believes her father has always wanted her to locate. Jack’s sole chance lies in discovering the fabled Trident of Poseidon, whose possessor is rumored to have dominion over every ocean.

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Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) – Streaming on Disney+, DIRECTV

Alice Through the Looking Glass

When Alice Kingsley, a sea captain for three years, returns to London, she discovers that prejudices against women’s responsibilities in society still exist and that her ideal future might not come to pass. The Mad Hatter family has to be saved; therefore, the White Queen now wants her to utilize the time sphere to travel back in time. Concealing her plans to take the space-time Orb, the banished Red Queen also allied with time. Traveling across time, Alice meets up with friends and foes at different times and sets off on a fantastic journey with Time and the Red Queen to pursue each other across the ocean of time.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Let’s dive into the following recommended movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. For sixteen years, Walter Mitty oversaw film development for Life magazine. He is so shy that he is unable even to start a discussion with Cheryl, his cherished coworker. He is like a spectator in life, frequently “empty” to see himself as a day hero. The magazine must create the last cover before the firm is bought out, and finding a roll of film taken by the crazy photographer Sean will determine how well the cover turns out. When Walter and Cheryl finally get to chat, they both push him to have a true trip. Reality is significantly more stunning than Walter’s daydreams.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) – Streaming on Disney+, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

A powerful wizard named Balthazar Black lives in solitude in a Manhattan area in contemporary New York. He and the witch Veronica have been engaged in combat with their longtime adversary, Maxim Horvath. Dave Stutler, Balthazar’s much-anticipated new apprentice, was not cut out for the role; as Maxim’s evil talents became stronger, Balthazar felt he was no longer a match for him. Thus, Balthazar started a series of training programs that may summon Dave’s survival courage to teach him to be a magical wizard who can battle the dark powers.

The Legend of Tarzan (2016) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Apple TV

The Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan and his beloved Jane Potter were living in Victorian London by the 1880s, having spent ten years outside of the Congo jungle. For Taishan, despite living in a house and wearing exquisite clothes, the supposedly tranquil city life is uncomfortable and even suffocating, leaving them without a sense of belonging. Leon Rom, a Belgian, orchestrated a strategy for him to return to the Congo under the guise of a British parliamentary trade envoy. Because the jungle is Tarzan’s home, even if Jen and his friends are in danger, he starts to scale the walls once more in an attempt to save his friends and beloved.

The Jungle Book (2016) – Streaming on Disney+, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

The Jungle Book

Shere Khan, a tiger injured by people, assures that he will destroy Mowgli, a human kid reared by wolves. Mowgli sets off on an intriguing voyage of self-discovery with his free-spirited comrade Baloo the Brown Bear and his strict tutor Bagheera the Panther to escape being captured. Mowgli meets several jungle animals on his travels who harbor bad intentions toward him. King Louis, a talkative orangutan, tries to get Mowgli to reveal the whereabouts of the dangerous and hallucinogenic “red flower,” the flame. Khal the Python also captivates Mowgli with her voice and gaze. After Mowgli’s haven in the forest is destroyed, where does he go? The once-in-a-lifetime experience is only getting started.

Peter Pan (2003) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Peter Pan

Bedtime stories of swordplay, boldness, and the fearsome Captain Hook are how Wendy Darling enthralls her brothers every night in frantic Edwardian London. However, one night, Peter Pan soars into their nursery and takes the kids through the stars and over the starry roof to the deep forests of Neverland, where they end up the protagonists of a far bigger tale. Living adventurous lives free of adult restrictions with Peter and the Lost Boys, Wendy and her siblings must always prepare for their impending confrontation with Hook and his ruthless pirates. I hope you can enjoy movies like Pirates of the Caribbean with an adventurous spirit.

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