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The comedy Project X uses recovered film to tell the story of Thomas Kub’s 17th birthday party, which he arranged while his parents were away. As hundreds of teens and young adults pour into Thomas’ suburban neighborhood, the party spirals out of hand, forcing Thomas, his closest friends, and his dog to escape the scene of the biggest home party ever. Project X is an irreverent, amusing, and bold addition to the house party and “one wild night” genre. Here are 15 similar movies like Project X. Continue reading to find out what other movies like Project X will satisfy your want for a fun and crazy party time.

Movies Like Project X

  1. Go
  2. 21 and Over
  3. Bad Moms
  4. This Is The End
  5. That’s My Boy
  6. Can’t Hardly Wait
  7. American Reunion
  8. The Girl Next Door
  9. Not Another Teen Movie
  10. Sixteen Candles
  11. Risky Business
  12. Animal House
  13. House Party
  14. Good Kids
  15. Zola

Go (1999) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Go (1999) Movie Like Project X

Lacking money, Lorna decided to become a drug dealer to get by. As police informants, Adham and Zach have Lorna as their first “mission” target. Despite their good intentions, Lorna is unaware that she is in serious jeopardy. Simon also has some difficulties at this period; he is baffled as to why he is having fun in Las Vegas one minute and turning into a wanted criminal the next. The tense connection between Adham and Zach and the policeman in charge of them, Buck, makes their circumstances even less hopeful.

21 and Over (2013) – Streaming on Hulu, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

21 and Over (2013) Movie Like Project X

Jeff Chen, the student who had the highest grades, would never act inappropriately. His interview for medical school is coming up. His 21st birthday fell on the day before the interview. Their two closest friends, Casey and Miller, encourage and convince them to get together to celebrate Jeff’s birthday in the bright and wild world. They couldn’t stop drinking, though, once they got into it. As the three of them flee, Casey’s conversation with Jeff’s endearing buddy Nicole is cut short when Jeff unintentionally strikes a man with a dart at the bar. Although Jeff enjoyed drinking within the law, he became too drunk and fell asleep. Over time, the situation became unmanageable. It got crazier and more terrifying.

Bad Moms (2016) – Streaming on DIRECTV, TNT, TBS, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Bad Moms (2016) Movie Like Project X

Amy is intelligent and has a lovely marriage and family, well-behaved kids, and a steady career; everything about her life appears ideal. However, she is tired of working nonstop for her family and is being tormented by other moms; her soul is close to breaking. She could take no more and decided to split off from her family, leave her husband and kids, ignore endless housework, free herself and her two pals, indulge, overindulge in alcohol, and relish the freedom that comes with being a married woman. However, this journey has gotten completely out of control.

This Is The End (2013) – Streaming on History Vault, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

This Is The End (2013) Movie Like Project X

Comedian and actor Jay Baruchel was lured away from his closest buddy Seth Rogen to attend a lavish welcome party at James Franco’s new Hollywood property rather than spend time together. The neighborhood around the home is hit by a catastrophic catastrophe that kills a lot of people, leading the survivors to believe that either real ecstasy or a zombie apocalypse is taking place. A few survivors seek sanctuary in James’s home, where they might or might not be shielded from the events outside. Problems of self-preservation may come up as they struggle to live, particularly about food and water and whether or not to offer cover to intruding parties from the outside. Don’t miss this one if you are looking for the best movies like Project X.

That’s My Boy (2012) – Streaming on Fubo TV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

That's My Boy (2012) Movie Like Project X

Donnie gave birth to a boy after having an affair with a teacher while she was a student. After being sent to jail, the teacher advises Donnie to raise his son well. However, 13-year-old Donnie doesn’t know how to be a decent parent, so he furiously abandons him when his child turns 18. Over ten years went by. Until he saw in the media that his son Todd was married and had a bright profession as a young financial manager, Donnie had become a hopeless middle-aged man. Nevertheless, he decided to attend the wedding of his son, whom he had not seen in decades.

Can’t Hardly Wait (1998) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Can't Hardly Wait (1998) Movie Like Project X

The whole graduating class, which includes attractive females, nerds, and talented football players, gets together at a wealthy classmate’s house. At the celebration, something intriguing happened. Preston is in love and wants to tell Amanda, the class cheerleader and beauty, how he feels. However, Amanda recently was rejected by naive jock Mike, who is the jealous target of geek William. While all of this is going on, Preston’s psychotic, anti-school pal Dennis, who needs to make up with her old grade-school buddy Kenny, throws a wrench in Kenny’s plans to lose his virginity.

American Reunion (2012) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

American Reunion (2012) Movie Like Project X

When the pals get together for their high school reunion, they will spend a unique weekend getting to know one other’s altered and unaltered personalities, demonstrating that friendships don’t break down due to distance. Four high school students—Jim, Kevin, Finch, and Oz—go on a date in the summer of 1999 to lose their virginity on the evening of their senior prom. After all these years, Finch is still pining for Stifler’s mother, Jim and Michelle are married, and Kevin and Vicki have split up. These days, several old pals are getting together to share stories about their crazy, hormonal past. Follow us to discover more movies like Project X.

The Girl Next Door (2004) – Streaming on Plex, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Girl Next Door (2004) Movie Like Project X

Matthew Kidman, an eighteen-year-old student who excelled academically, felt that his life had never really been complete. Until he meets the lovely, modest Danielle, Matthew believes he has found the girl of his dreams when Danielle moves in next door. Everything is OK until Danielle’s past as a porn actress is revealed by Eli, Matthew’s sex-crazed pal. When Danielle’s old producer, Kelly, appears to be trying to bring her back, things seem to be getting worse for Matthew, who is unsure of how to handle the news and what to do with her. The Girl Next Door is one of the best party movies like Project X.

Not Another Teen Movie (2001) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Not Another Teen Movie (2001) Movie Like Project X

The little girl, Janey, wants to be an artist. Because of her disheveled appearance and the unprincipled females in her immediate vicinity, Janey experiences social isolation from her peers. As the most well-liked football captain in the school, Jack has won the hearts of many girls. One day, however, bored and idle, Jack and his partner placed a bet to make the modest Janey the most stunning and stunning campus PROM queen. Jack set out to win the bet, so he started pursuing Jenny. Janey has been viewed as a lot of different terrible ladies, with a “big sister head,” a coquette cheerleader hiding behind a mask of jealousy and hate, and, of course, attempting to stop Jack from pursuing her.

Sixteen Candles (1984) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Sixteen Candles (1984) Movie Like Project X

Samantha has a crush in school. The boy Samantha is crushing on is the most ugly and geeky geek boy. An exchange student from Asia was one of the fans. Samantha, a bright-eyed sophomore in high school, discovers that her family has forgotten her birthday on the crucial morning of her sweet sixteen. Samantha’s sister was getting married, and her family was so focused on the big day that they neglected to remember Samantha’s birthday. She thought she was going to have a regrettable sixteenth birthday since she was having a rough time. It is a classic one in movies that are like Project X.

Risky Business (1983) – Rent or buy on Apple TV

Risky Business (1983) Movie Like Project X

Joe’s middle-class parents secured him an interview at Princeton University when the high school student struggled academically, and his low grades jeopardized his chances of attending college. Joe encountered call lady Lana by chance during his parents’ outing, and as a result, Lana showed Joe some affection. Amidst several mishaps, Joe and Lana get more intimate, and ultimately, Joe accepts Lana’s proposal to throw a party at the house and generate revenue by connecting youth to call prostitutes. Upon the unexpected visitation of the Princeton University interviewer, Joe rushes to cope with the uncertain future of the university. So, the house becomes a cheerful field without parents, and every night is a party?

Animal House (1978) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Animal House (1978) Movie Like Project X

All of the rich white English majors who were members of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity at Faber College were the scourge of President Vernon Wormer’s life. Its members disobey all rules, don’t show up to class, and start countless pranks on campus. Together, they have a very low GPA, and partying is their life’s work. The only person in Delta Tauchi who can tolerate their duplicity is Tingwomo. When Womo manages to exile them all, the residents of Delta Tauchi decide to organize a memorable homecoming procession for the college.

House Party (1990) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

House Party (1990) Movie Like Project X

Let’s dive into the following best films like Project X. The child received an invitation to a playhouse party hosted by his buddy. But the youngster’s father grounded him following a quarrel at school. Still, the boy slipped out when his dad was sleeping. When Kidd meets Stubb and his brother, Roughouse is having sex. Kidd gets stopped by a passing police officer on his approach to the party. Shot by Rugelhaus are Kidd, Stubb, Zilla, and Pee-wee. Kidd seeks safety in an Alpha Triangle Sigma party nearby to get away from them. Kidd is unaware, though, that three school bullies have made it their mission to teach him good manners.

Good Kids (2016) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Good Kids (2016) Movie Like Project X

Andy, along with his three geeky friends, feels that they are losing out on the joy of being a male. As they prepare to graduate, they decide to spend the summer catching up on love and partying before Andy leaves for college. As a martial arts instructor, Lion achieved the first score via the dojo labor. But Andy’s position coaching junior tennis at a country club is ideal for generating tons of money from private sessions, which, as it happens, generally take place in the beds of staid, wealthy ladies. Andy still has thoughts of genuine love, with an online acquaintance from India who says she would buy his tickets so they may meet for real.

Zola (2020) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Hoopla, rent or buy on Apple TV

Zola (2020) Movie Like Project X

Zola shares her tale with another stripper. In Detroit, Zola works as a confident waitress and part-time stripper. It is while serving her that she meets the gregarious and ill-mannered Stefani. Zola and Stefani became friends right away when Stefani asked her to go dancing at the club that evening. The following day, Stefani suggests taking Zola on a road trip to Tampa, Florida, where she says they might make a lot of money at a strip club. Along with Stephanie, her shy boyfriend Derek, and her enigmatic roommate X, Zola embarks on a road trip. Hope you can find your favorite movies like X Project.

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