Movies Like Ready or Not

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The audience that likes dark comedies is always searching for films with action, suspense, and horror scenes altogether. In the movie Ready or Not, a recently-wed must go into hiding on her wedding night to prevent her husband’s family from using her as a sacrifice during a satanic ceremony. The way it cleverly reinterpreted the most terrifying wedding night we’ve ever witnessed caught us all off guard. You can see many enjoyable, successful black horror movies like Ready or Not. Here are your top 15 options for watching. Come and discover more movies like Ready or Not with us!

Movies Like Ready or Not

  1. Would You Rather
  2. Knives Out
  3. Truth Or Dare
  4. Unhinged
  5. Gretel & Hansel
  6. Those Who Wish Me Dead
  7. You Should Have Left
  8. The House of the Devil
  9. Girl in the Basement
  10. Jakob’s Wife
  11. Countdown
  12. The Rental
  13. Funny Games
  14. Morgan
  15. Happy Death Day

Would You Rather (2012) – Streaming on Hulu, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video

Would You Rather (2012) Movie Like Ready or Not

In addition to her brother Raley’s critical illness and urgent need for a bone marrow transplant, the lovely and kind Alice has financial difficulties. During these trying times, a benefactor named Shepard Lambert encouraged her to enter a competition to get funding from the Lambert Foundation. Night falls, and Alice travels apprehensively to the foundation’s opulent mansion outside of town, where seven strangers, all struggling financially, are waiting. After dinner, which proceeds according to plan, eight competitors will compete in multiple-choice questions designed to test their human endurance. The winner will receive a sizable reward, but death is in store for the losers and those who don’t cooperate.

Knives Out (2019) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Knives Out (2019) Movie Like Ready or Not

A day after turning 85 years old, wealthy author Harlan Thrombey was discovered dead at his mansion, leaving billions behind. Unknown folks employ renowned detective Blanco out of the blue to look into the case’s validity. Harlan’s grandson, Ransom, is also secretly looking into the matter in the interim. The situation was more complicated than Blanco had initially believed after speaking with the other members of the Harlan Thrombey family. Everyone in the Harlan family wants an inheritance, and relations are not as amicable as they appear. It seems everyone is a suspect. Things start to come together when an heir to the estate shows up out of the blue. There are many movies like Knives Out and Ready or Not.

Truth Or Dare (2018) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Truth Or Dare (2018) Movie Like Ready or Not

During an orgy, a group of college students unintentionally play Truth or Dare. They are unaware that they are playing a supernatural version of the game, in which they are told to follow all the instructions or risk being killed. They will have to add players to delay the next round, or they will perish when there are just two left. Thus, they posted a video on YouTube explaining the game’s rules to spectators. Upon hearing the word, she proceeds to ask and invite the individual to join the game and postpone it until the next round.

Unhinged (2020) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Unhinged (2020) Movie Like Ready or Not

Rachel, a divorced mother, is running late for work when she irrationally honks her horn at a red light at a crazy middle-aged stranger. He becomes completely focused on teaching Rachel a deadly lesson by irritating him, which causes his road rage to reach terrible, insane proportions. Rachel quickly discovers that a man who feels invisible is after her and everyone she cares about, and he intends to leave a fatal legacy by teaching her several lessons. What happens next is a risky game of cat and mouse that shows you never know who is sitting in the car next to you.

Gretel & Hansel (2020) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Gretel & Hansel (2020) Movie Like Ready or Not

After their father passes away, teenage Gretel and her brother Hansel are put to work by their mother. Their mother reprimanded Gretel for not helping to feed them, and she even threatened to murder them if they didn’t leave. The siblings unintentionally came across the witch’s home when they ventured into the forest. After inviting the kids inside with a delicious dinner, the witch brought them in. However, they suffer from unsettling dreams and images at night. The two were quickly suspicious of Holda after accidentally spotting the five-pointed star in the tree. However, the witch unluckily ensnared the younger brother. How can they get out of the witch’s trap?

Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) – Streaming on Max, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) Movie Like Ready or Not

Hannah Faber, a firefighter in Montana, was sentenced to a lookout tower after she failed to put out a forest fire. The murderer is pursuing Owen, the forensic accountant, and the vehicle plunges down a cliff on the side of the road. With his life in danger, he hands over the proof to his son Connor and orders him to get away and locate a reliable source to speak with the media. Now, Hannah has to utilize her acute survival abilities to stop the killers from finishing their task. The killers will stop at nothing to hide their traces, even if it means lighting the forest on fire. Can Hannah and Connor get away from those who wish for their deaths? The answer lies in this excellent movie like Ready or Not.

You Should Have Left (2020) – Streaming on Peacock Premium, rent or buy on Amazon Video

You Should Have Left (2020) Movie Like Ready or Not

Ella, his daughter, is the product of Theodore Conroy, a retired banker, and his somewhat younger wife, Susanna. While on vacation in Wales, the family discovers that the house is haunted by odd entities, time goes by rapidly, and everybody experiences nightmares. In addition, Theodore’s notebook was full of frequent cautions that “you should leave.” A shadow observes Theo and Ella from within the home as they depart, desperate to get out of the house as the bizarre things pile up. They discovered they were returning to the home in a circle after some time.

The House of the Devil (2009) – Streaming on Hoopla, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The House of the Devil (2009) Movie Like Ready or Not

Samantha Hughes, a stunning college student in the 1980s, has her sights on an apartment. Samantha still finds it difficult to pay the rent each month, even though the gracious landlord has waived the onerous security deposit. After seeing an advertisement for a nanny position on a bulletin board, Samantha’s friend Megan invites her to the employer’s house for an interview in a remote house in the woods that evening. The AD’s placement agent, Mr. Ullman, disclosed that his aging mother-in-law would be watching the kids instead of Samantha. Samantha looks too motivated to care about the work; meanwhile, Meghan is somewhat concerned about it.

Girl in the Basement (2021) – Streaming on Hoopla, Hulu, DIRECTV

Girl in the Basement (2021) Movie Like Ready or Not

Let’s dive into the following best movies like Ready or Not! Having grown up with her dominating father, Don, Sarah is an energetic young girl eager to turn eighteen and escape his household. She had a very gloomy world when she reached eighteen, though, because Don had confined her in their home’s basement. Although Erin and her sister Amy continue to live upstairs, Don tries to persuade his wife Erin that Sarah has fled the house and that he will secretly visit, torment, and rape her in the basement. Sarah stayed in the basement alone and gave birth to many children. Finally breaking free from decades of captivity, Sarah’s family discovers the horrifying truth that has been lying beneath their feet for the last 20 years.

Jakob’s Wife (2021) – Streaming on AMC+, DIRECTV, Shudder

Jakob's Wife (2021) Movie Like Ready or Not

After being married to the local clergyman, Anne devoted her days to cooking, cleaning, and gardening. She was a submissive, faithful wife. This lasted for thirty years, during which time she felt that her marriage and life were getting progressively smaller. She has new vigor and wants to live a braver life than before after a fortuitous meeting with the Master. Anne started to develop a new attitude and confidence, pulling between her old and new selves. The community’s death toll is still on the rise, though. Jakob understands he needs to stand up for his wife.

Countdown (2019) – Streaming on DIRECTV, TNT, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Countdown (2019) Movie Like Ready or Not

An app called “Countdown” is downloaded by some pals during a teen party; it forecasts a user’s death date. Courtney turns down a ride home since she knows she only has a few hours to live, but the otherworldly entity kills her when her phone’s countdown reaches zero. The app indicates that Evan, Courtney’s boyfriend, will die at the same time. Therefore, Evan is terrified to have surgery. Finding out she only has three days to live, Quinn downloads it. They work together to discover a solution to lift the curse when she meets Matt Monroe in the parking lot of the store and finds out that his death is predicted to occur hours before hers.

The Rental (2020) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Rental (2020) Movie Like Ready or Not

For the weekend, Charlie, Josh, and his spouse had booked a holiday house. Josh’s wife, Mina, discovers a camera in the showerhead the morning after they arrive and tells Charlie about it. Mina is so terrified that she runs to the police, but Charlie stops her since there’s a chance that someone may uncover a video of the two having sex and report the incident. Josh knocks owner Taylor unconscious, believing that Taylor is assaulting his fiancée, despite Taylor’s denial of knowing about the event and his intention to contact the police himself. Tyler is left alone in the toilet when a guy wearing a mask enters surreptitiously and suffocates him to death.

Funny Games (2008) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Funny Games (2008) Movie Like Ready or Not

After George and Ann moved their dog and son to a villa on an island outside the city for a vacation, two unexpected guests ruined their enjoyable time together. George answered the door to see two well-groomed, courteous young guys asking to borrow eggs. Although Ann welcomed them warmly, their phones were dropped into the water, and the eggs were repeatedly cracked—purposefully or accidentally. Ann’s tolerance ran out, so she ordered them to leave their home. The young man did not listen; instead, he became more violent and started torturing and killing George’s family.

Morgan (2016)- Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Morgan (2016) Movie Like Ready or Not

Sending a top corporate analytics and resolution specialist to a remote, top-secret area, she investigates a horrific tragedy and finds that it was caused by an innocent “person.” Will this “person” be the beginning of an endless hope or the start of a dreadful nightmare? An enigmatic “man” named Morgan is a bioengineered creature representing the next stage of human development. He was produced using synthetic DNA. At six months old, she has surpassed the expectations of her inventors, even though she can already walk and talk at one month old.

Happy Death Day (2017) – Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video

Happy Death Day (2017) Movie Like Ready or Not

Tree was brutally murdered on her birthday night, but she woke up nonetheless. She assumed it was only a nightmare on the eve of her birthday. How could she know that her dream and wakeful experience were precisely the same? Is it a divine gift or a death joke that she was dead and then perpetually brought back to her birthday morning? Tree wakes up, dies, and wakes up again. Her only option is to figure out who murdered her, failing which she would be doomed to an eternal cycle of birthdays and deaths. Follow us to find other movies like Ready or Not on Netflix.

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