Movies like The Intouchables

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The French films also excel in the film industry. The Intouchables portrays the story of a disabled nobleman and the young man hired to look after him. If you are curious about the best movies like The Intouchables, we have thoughtfully selected 15 humorous films for you today, and several of them are French movies like The Intouchables. Come and check with us!

Movies like The Intouchables

  1. The Bucket List
  2. What’s in a Name
  3. Rye Lane
  4. I’ve Loved You So Long
  5. Love Me If You Dare
  6. The Brand New Testament
  7. Spoiled Brats
  8. Pride
  9. Crooklyn
  10. On the Count of Three
  11. There Are No Fakes
  12. Mr. Nobody
  13. The Fundamentals of Caring
  14. The Way
  15. The Intern

The Bucket List (2007) – Available on Prime Video and Apple TV

The Bucket List (2007) Movies like The Intouchables

At a hospital Edward Cole owns, two older men who have both been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer—blue-collar auto mechanic Carter Chambers and millionaire Edward Cole—meet for the first time. Carter and Edward were able to connect when they were both in the hospital. Carter decided to finish the list he had started writing before he passed away since it was amusing to do so.

What’s in a Name (2012) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

What's in a Name (2012) Movies like The Intouchables

His sister and brother-in-law extend a dinner invitation to a soon-to-be father and his heavily pregnant wife. This is Paris, in an apartment belonging to the upper middle class. Everyone else at the meal cannot express their shock when the expectant couple says they plan to name their kid “Adolphe.” When no one can reach a consensus and things start to get out of hand, everyone starts bringing up old grudges and unresolved conflicts.

Rye Lane (2023) – Streaming on Hulu

Rye Lane (2023) Movies like The Intouchables

Yas and Jules met by coincidence one day and spent the day getting to know one other even though Yas had recently broken up with Jules. The couple kept dating other individuals as the months went by while also attempting to get past their relationship. While Dom vacates his parents’ home, Yas eventually secures employment as a costume designer on a film shoot.

I’ve Loved You So Long (2008) – Available on Prime Video and Apple TV

I've Loved You So Long (2008) Movies like The Intouchables

Juliet moved in with her sister Leah after completing a 15-year jail sentence for the murder of her infant son. Leah is deeply affected by her sister’s terrible actions despite having established a happy home life in the years following Juliet’s disappearance. Juliet experiences difficulties relating to her family and locating her place in society. This is one of the French movies like The Intouchables, and the title is translated into English.

Love Me If You Dare (2003) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Love Me If You Dare (2003) Movies like The Intouchables

Since they were little children, best friends Julian and Sophie have been playing adventure games, and as they become older, they realize that they are unable to quit despite the fact that the game may endanger their lives. Love slowly blossoms between the main protagonists as they continue searching for the next sensation. They try to divert attention with more audacious, outrageous deeds since they don’t want to confess it.

The Brand New Testament (2015) – Streaming on Fubo, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

The Brand New Testament (2015) Movies like The Intouchables

God, his submissive wife, and their 10-year-old daughter, Ea, reside in a Brussels apartment building. One day, Ea sneaks into God’s workspace and learns that the creator of the universe has been torturing mankind. God was enraged by this and belt-whipped Oia. Ea decided to rebel against her dad and create the New Testament as her gift to humanity.

Spoiled Brats (2021) – Streaming on Netflix

Spoiled Brats (2021) Movies like The Intouchables

The millionaire chooses to discipline his own kids because he is sick of their caprices. He informs them that he has filed for bankruptcy. Now, spoiled youngsters will have to do something they have never done before work and acquire respect for and passion for life.

Pride(2014) – Streaming on Paramount +, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Pride(2014) Movies like The Intouchables

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) was on strike during the summer of 1984 when Margaret Thatcher was in power. A group of LGBT activists intends to raise money for the strikers’ families at the Gay Pride March in London. Many grateful miners acknowledged the role LGSM had played in their release, relations began to thaw, and the two communities soon became close.

Crooklyn (1994) – Streaming on Starz, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Crooklyn (1994) Movies like The Intouchables

It relates the tale of Troy Carmichael, a little girl, and her family, including her siblings. They teach Troy valuable life lessons. Her naïve, hardworking father, Woody, and her adoring but stern mother, Caroline. Troy showed he could hold his own as he went through puberty amid a hectic summer in Brooklyn in 1973. Follow us to explore other movies like The Intouchables 2011.

On the Count of Three (2022) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

On the Count of Three (2022) Movies like The Intouchables

Best buddies Val and Kevin have a morbid pact. The two, who are both suffering from severe depression, make a vow to kill one other before the day is up. As the two spend the day doing their unfinished business, everything appears to be going as planned—that is until Kevin interferes with their suicide plot.

There Are No Fakes(2019) – Streaming on Hulu

There Are No Fakes(2019) Movies like The Intouchables

This insightful exploration of the art world tells the story of 1931-born Indigenous Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau, who was the first in his race to receive substantial recognition from the European art world. His artwork was selling for tens of thousands of dollars around the turn of the twenty-first century. Kevin Hearn, the keyboardist for Barenaked Ladies, thus chose to sue the gallery that had sold him the Morrisseau artwork he had so much valued after learning that it was probably a fake.

Mr. Nobody (2009) – Streaming on Hulu and Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Youtube

Mr. Nobody (2009) Movies like The Intouchables

In 2092, humans defeated death through ongoing cell regeneration. The 118-year-old Nemo Knopty, the last living person on Earth, was on the verge of passing away while the entire world watched in awe. To assist Nemo in recollecting his life because there are no records of it and his memory is jumbled, psychiatrist Dr. Feldheim tries hypnosis. Nemo is interviewed by a reporter interested in learning about life before quasi-eternal existence. Nemo has memories from three different ages: 9, 15, and 34.

The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) – Streaming on Netflix

The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) Movies like The Intouchables

After going through a personal tragedy, a writer retires and is recruited by Elsa, an English bank office manager, to take care of Trevor, a crippled adolescent. Ben persuades Elsa to agree to their road trip after learning that Trevor is enthralled by American roadside sights. Their coping mechanisms are put to the test as they learn the value of friendship and hope as the two decide to go on a spontaneous road trip. This is one of the movies like The Intouchables on Netflix.

The Way (2010) – Available on Prime Video

The Way (2010) Movies like The Intouchables

During a storm on the Christian pilgrimage path known as the Camino de Santiago in the Pyrenees Mountains, Dr. Thomas Avery’s adult son perished. Dr. Avery was an American ophthalmologist. His next stop was France. Retrieving his son’s body was Tom’s initial goal. Tom chooses to follow the ancient spiritual path of his son’s passing with Daniel’s ashes.

The Intern (2015) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

The Intern (2015) Movies like The Intouchables

Ben Whittaker, a 70-year-old widower and former executive at DEX One, applied for a senior intern position at a recently opened opportunity after finding retirement dull. He submitted an application to About The Fit, a rapidly expanding e-commerce clothing firm based in Brooklyn. CEO Jules Ostin, with whom Ben was supposed to collaborate, initially showed skepticism and dismissed him. However, Ben endears himself to his coworkers with his positive attitude and offers practical life and career advice. He unexpectedly forms a connection with the company’s workaholic CEO. For further discussion on movies like The Intouchables Reddit is a good social platform for you.

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