Movies Like The Maze Runner

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Thomas, who grows up in a post-apocalyptic world like many young people in movies, overcomes his situation with cunning, willpower, and some amazing stunt work. The mix of charming teenagers, action-packed scenes, and tons of sci-fi riddles in the “Maze Runner” series led to box office success and two sequels. However, Thomas is by no means the only fictional figure to face an impossible task. The main characters in movies like The Maze Runner listed below are all thrust into unsettling, unexpected situations reminiscent of those seen in “Maze Runner” films; they may be seeking to escape a mystery maze, attempting to piece together a past they’ve lost, or fighting to live on a devastated Earth. Here are 15 movies like Maze Runner that viewers of the show ought to see.

Movies Like The Maze Runner

  1. Elysium
  2. Dark City
  3. Ready Player One
  4. The Tomorrow War
  5. Escape Room
  6. The 5th Wave
  7. Chaos Walking
  8. What Happened To Monday
  9. The Belko Experiment
  10. District 9
  11. Ender’s Game
  12. Love and Monsters
  13. Inkheart
  14. Chappie
  15. Oblivion

Elysium (2013) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Elysium (2013) Movie Like The Maze Runner

The wealthy reside on the man-made space station “Elysium” in the far-off year 2159, while the rest of humanity is squished into an unprecedented population increase on Earth. Individuals get high, as they say, and as a result, many individuals on Earth start to stow away and seek to join the “paradise.” Secretary Rhodes is a stern officer in the administration who will stop at nothing to uphold the extravagance of the “Elysium” affluent and enforce anti-immigrant policies. A troubled man named Max decides to take on a difficult mission that, if accomplished, will save his own life and provide much-needed equality to a divided globe.

Dark City (1998) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Dark City (1998) Movie Like The Maze Runner

The air was heavy with foreboding as the seemingly never-ending night shrouded the chilly, crumbling modern metropolis. John Murdo is wanted for a string of heinous and peculiar killings after waking up in a hotel bathtub without recalling what happened to him, forgetting even his name. He’s confused by mysterious phone calls, chilly bodies, and unidentified assassins. He starts figuring out who he is and what’s causing all of this commotion with the few hints he has. Through his investigation, the strange side of this dark realm is also gradually revealed.

Ready Player One (2018) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Ready Player One (2018) Movie Like The Maze Runner

In 2045, with the actual world on the verge of collapse and turmoil, people go to James Halliday’s virtual game environment, the OASIS, for solace. You can do anything. As he lay dying, Halliday said that he would open up a global competition to see who could solve three puzzles to uncover what he had concealed in the game and that the winner would inherit his huge riches and ownership of the OASIS. Wade Watts and his buddies unavoidably get entangled in an amazing treasure quest to preserve the Oasis and the entire planet when he solves the first riddle before anybody else does. Don’t miss it if you are looking for movies like Maze Runner and Hunger Games.

The Tomorrow War (2021) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple TV

The Tomorrow War (2021) Movie Like The Maze Runner

The Earth got a message from the future in 2022: 30 years later, the world was besieged by unknown creatures, threatening extinction; to rescue the Earth, Dan was recruited as a warrior to travel to the future and help mankind’s final struggle in the world. Dan didn’t comprehend the human race was confronting a horrible creature that ate people until he saw it with his own eyes. Time is running out for mankind to survive, and amid turmoil and oncoming Armageddon, a small band of defenders carries the world’s forlorn hopes.

Escape Room (2019) – Streaming on DIRECTV, Hulu, Fubo TV

Escape Room (2019) Movie Like The Maze Runner

Six random people each get a mysterious black box with tickets inside to an immersive escape room where they can win big bucks. To get access to the world’s best hidden room escape game, where players are guided by an enigmatic box, try your luck and earn enormous rewards. However, once a young player passes away, they look into the room’s history. Who is aware of the design of the chamber of secrets, the weighty organs, and the hidden traps whenever there is a murder? Escaping the chamber and attempting to avoid dying due to the company’s tricks is their only chance of surviving. Is there a possibility to perish, or is it a game of thrills? And who’s in charge of this?

The 5th Wave (2016) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The 5th Wave (2016) Movie Like The Maze Runner

The narrative predicts a sequence of catastrophic events that would eventually wipe out mankind in the event of an extraterrestrial invasion. Natural calamities and sickness are caused by aliens who run out of fuel. Human civilization regressed to the Stone Age as a result of the more lethal attacks, which destroyed vast portions of the globe. The sixteen-year-old Cassie discovers that aliens have turned human while looking for her younger brother. Together, Cassie and the young guy must face and vanquish the alien race before they wipe out everything that’s left of the planet and everyone fighting to survive.

Chaos Walking (2021) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Chaos Walking (2021) Movie Like The Maze Runner

In movies like Maze Runner and Deat Cure, Chaos Walking is a special one. Todd was raised with the belief that a bacterium unleashed by the planet killed all the females and transferred noise to the surviving men. Humanity has established a new home on a far-off extraterrestrial world that resembles Earth. Noise that was intolerable to the men of Prentice Town on the new world. After meeting Viola in the nearby forest, Todd went on an unexpected and dangerous planet adventure. Viola was a girl from a far-off planet, and her spaceship had crashed in the forest for an unknown reason. The mayor of Prentiss town immediately began searching for them after hearing about the accident. Todd had to flee with Viola to protect her.

What Happened To Monday (2017) – Streaming on Netflix

What Happened To Monday (2017) Movie Like The Maze Runner

In the future, due to the pressure of overpopulation, the government will implement the “one-child” policy. Under this strict policy, a family welcomed septuplets. The seven sisters were raised by their grandfather, who named them from Monday to Sunday and stipulated that they could only go out for activities on the day of the week with their namesake. Externally, they share the identity of Karen Setman. In this way, the seven sisters successfully evaded the government’s investigation until one day, Monday, they did not return home after going out. That is the movie What Happened to Monday going to talk.

The Belko Experiment (2016) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Belko Experiment (2016) Movie Like The Maze Runner

Due to the high rate of kidnappings in Colombia, all Belco Industries employees wear trackers so that their managers can keep an eye on them. Subsequently, an enigmatic voice informs staff members via the intercom that the majority of them will perish in eight hours. They have thirty minutes to murder two individuals, or more will perish. Barry attempted to calm everyone down. It was viewed by many as a nasty joke. One of Marty’s buddies, however, perishes while they talk about the circumstances—his back blows out. While three more people were murdered by the burst from their skulls in the hallway, others were frightened. Concerned coworkers believed they were being shot at.

District 9 (2009) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

District 9 (2009) Movie Like The Maze Runner

Earth received a shipload of foreign migrants in 1990, and they were placed in quarantine in Zone 9 of Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty years of procreation later, there are now 1.8 million alien immigrants, and hostilities with local humans persist. Agent Wikus of the Alliance of Nations Organization (MNU) will handle the task of moving the foreign refugees to farther-flung locations. Wikus got infected by an enigmatic alien fluid during the mobilization process, which caused him to gradually transform into an alien form. At this juncture, Wikus came to a genuine realization of the inequitable treatment of foreign immigrants on Earth, leading him to take action. District 9 is a classic movie like Maze Runner you must watch.

Ender’s Game (2013) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Ender's Game (2013) Movie Like The Maze Runner

Ender is a sensitive adolescent with a growing intellect. The brute jock, his brother, is aggressive and only sees cruelty and muscle. It is only through an affected sense of contact that one sees his sister, the kind and compassionate one. Ender is a third kid living in a world overrun by population and still recovering from the last battle with the Formics, an extraterrestrial species of insectivorous creatures that operate and behave like an ant colony. Ender feels that he is extra luggage in the world, even though he was born into a loving family who obtained consent for his birth. But his greatest asset is his intelligence.

Love and Monsters (2020) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Love and Monsters (2020) Movie Like The Maze Runner

Love and Monsters tells the story of Earth being overrun by trolls and Joel Dawson living underground with other surviving humans. Seven years later, the survivors around Joel Dawson are all in pairs, and he also wants to be with his dream girl, Aimee. To be with the girl he loves, Joel Dawson teams up with a dog and two people, Clyde and Minnow, to go to the surface where monsters are rampant. During this dangerous journey to find love, Joel Dawson, with the help of his companions, discovered the heroic spirit in his heart and worked hard to reach Aimee through the post-apocalyptic world where monsters were rampant. Follow us to explore more good movies like Maze Runner and Divergent.

Inkheart (2008) – Streaming on Max, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Inkheart (2008) Movie Like The Maze Runner

Meggie resides with Amor, her father. When Meggie was a newborn, Mother Lysa vanished inexplicably, and Amor used her skills at antique bookbinding to sustain the lives of father and daughter for almost a decade. Meggie wants to know where her mother is, but her father won’t say anything. Meggie eventually finds out the true cause of her mother’s departure and her father’s magical talent when a nasty, terrible person comes into her father’s and daughter’s home one night. Amor and her daughter then fled to Aunt Elinor’s house. The catastrophe starts when it becomes apparent that Amor can transport the characters into the actual world by reading them.

Chappie (2015) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Chappie (2015) Movie Like The Maze Runner

South Africa’s Johannesburg. Robots are used by the police to combat crime to lower the high rate of crime. Since the action was successful right away, the police requested additional robots from Tetravaal, the creator. To convince Deon Wilson, Tetravaal’s top engineer and the brains behind the droids, to disable them, two crooks, Ninja and Yolandi, abduct Wilson during a fight with the droids. To their astonishment, he is moving Scout 22, one of the robots, as he works on a side project to imbue robots with consciousness. Seeing an opportunity, Ninja and Yolandi strive to teach the robots to assist them in their illegal operations as soon as possible. They named him Chappie after him.

Oblivion (2013) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Oblivion (2013) Movie Like The Maze Runner

Humanity was compelled to move to Titan when their survival base was destroyed in 2017 when they used nuclear weapons to attack the alien invaders. However, there are only a very small number of people left on the home planet to deal with the remaining alien invaders. Two of the people who are still here are Jack and Victoria, whose major duty is to ensure that drones are operating regularly around the country. The mission that seemed to go on forever ended when the mystery aircraft touched down in a no man’s land. In the vicinity, Jack finds several dead bodies, but the drones have massacred them. Jack steps in to keep Julia safe while she’s in danger. Through this interaction, Jack unintentionally learns the predator’s name and the information he is withholding from everyone.

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