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Two young people on vacation in a remote vacation home have a terrible ordeal as three unknown assailants annoy them nonstop. The filmmaker Bryan Bertino’s childhood experiences served as the inspiration for the movie. One night, a stranger knocked on his door and asked to speak with someone who wasn’t there. Later, Bertino learned that the neighborhood’s unoccupied houses had been broken into. Check out these suggestions if you loved this film and are eager to watch more action-packed movies like The Strangers. Follow this post, and we will guide you to explore good horror movies like The Strangers.

Movies Like The Strangers

  1. Emelie
  2. You’re Next
  3. The Thing
  4. Kidnapped
  5. Knock Knock
  6. Black Christmas
  7. The Purge: Anarchy
  8. The Purge: Election Year
  9. The Strangers: Prey at Night
  10. The Invitation
  11. The Collector
  12. In Their Skin
  13. Don’t Sleep
  14. Scream
  15. Inside

Emelie (2016) – Streaming on AMC+, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Emelie (2016) Movie Like The Strangers

Before Anna can get to the house, Emily and the Thin guy assault her. Anna is meant to be traveling to take care of a family. Then, Emily breaks into the home of four-year-old Christopher, nine-year-old Sally, and eleven-year-old Jacob while assuming Anna’s identity. Emily progressively shows her frightening nature as her parents head out on a date. When Jacob, the neglected kid, searches through Emily’s belongings, he finds that Emily is not Anna. This enraged Emily. Jacob has been battling Emily to get away from them with his sisters and siblings.

You’re Next (2013) – Streaming on DIRECTV

You're Next (2013) Movie Like The Strangers

For his parents’ wedding anniversary, young Erin and her lover Crispian are returning to their vacation house in Missouri. The family was content around the dining table until Crispian’s brother and sister arrived at the celebration with their other half. But there was also another horrific sight outside, where the family was being watched by many masked assassins. Brother Drake is shot in the back unexpectedly, and the rest of the family is left terrified and injured as the killing spree rapidly intensifies. At this crucial juncture, Irene turned on the host, rallied the entire family, and unleashed their incredible survival instinct, turning the holiday home into a violent battleground in an instant.

The Thing (2011) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Thing (2011) Movie Like The Strangers

After Dr. Sandor Halvorson invited paleontologist Kate Lloyd to work with his group, they discovered something amazing. Aliens had lived on Earth for almost 100,000 years when they discovered an extraterrestrial spacecraft buried deep under Antarctic ice. They located the crew members’ remains not far from the landing spot. Once the ice melts, the monster cut out of the ice is returned to their camp, where it once again springs to life, attacks, and successfully infects the team members, transforming them into extraterrestrial creatures. This shape-shifting monster can change into an exact clone of any living thing after it was unintentionally let loose in this imprisoned colony. Don’t miss this excellent one when looking for good scary movies like The Strangers.

Kidnapped (2010) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Kidnapped (2010) Movie Like The Strangers

In celebration of moving into their ideal home in Madrid, Jaime, his wife Marta, and their teenage daughter Isa will hold a family meal. One terrifying night, three vicious turban-wearing robbers burst into their home, taking Marta and Isha prisoner while their leader goes to the bank with Jaime to take money out of the family bank account. Jaime was driven by the bandit to a bank ATM a little distance from their residence while the other two were left with the mother and daughter. If Jaime tried to notify anybody of his situation or if there was any variation from the plan, he threatened to phone the home and have the other two guys kill Marta.

Knock Knock (2015) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, DIRECTV

Knock Knock (2015) Movie Like The Strangers

Evan is a brilliant architect with a fantastic life that includes a mansion-like residence, a beautiful wife, and charming kids. Even though Evan seems happy and like a role model dad to others, his quiet life is not long-lasting. On a wet Saturday night, two young ladies knock on Evan’s door. In front of him were two friends, Bell and Generis, who were soaked, lost, and in need of help and a place to stay while they waited for a cab. Thought it was a heavenly affair at first, but as his dream life expanded, it turned into a violent, terrifying nightmare.

Black Christmas (2019) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Black Christmas (2019) Movie Like The Strangers



Aiming for the predatory atmosphere of the sorority house, the sorority sisters performed a Christmas concert unlike any other. They assumed the threatening texts they were getting from males in these fraternities when they first started, but the threats quickly became violent. A stalker who goes by no name kills sorority sisters on campus. As Riley and the companions arrive at the DKO fraternity, she witnesses an odd ritual that involves a fresh pledge to DKO and black slime seeping from a bust of infamous misogynist Caleb Hawthorne. The fraternity guys are locked inside and left to burn when Chris sets Galson on fire, allowing the women and Langdon to escape. Riley endured the frat house fire with newfound bravery while the horrified audience watched. It is also one of the movies like The Strangers on Netflix.

The Purge: Anarchy (2014) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Purge Anarchy (2014) Movie Like The Strangers

It’s almost time for the 12-hour purifying night to start. A couple’s automobile broke down as they were on their way home. Eva finds out that her father has sold himself to a wealthy family, along with her daughter Cali. He chooses to assist Liz and Sean in surviving when they hide in a stranger’s automobile. However, gunshots damaged his automobile, and he required a different vehicle to complete the assignment. Eva informed her that he would use her automobile since her buddy Tanya lived a few blocks away. The stranger quickly becomes one of the four survivors, supporting them during the perilous night.

The Purge: Election Year (2016) – Streaming on Netflix, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video

The Purge Election Year (2016) Movie Like The Strangers

The US presidential election between Adwicky Owens, the spokesman of the NFFA, which created and promoted the annual National Massacre Day, and Charlie Rohn, a female senator who lost her family to this horrific massacre, is underway as the annual National Killing Day approaches. Charlie becomes a thorn in the side of the NFFA, who plans to assassinate her on the night of the killing since she would stop at nothing to abolish National Killing Day. Leo and Ron are forced to leave the home due to internal spies; they are helped along the way by certain allies, and the opponent will not miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Apple TV

The Strangers Prey at Night (2018) Movie Like The Strangers

After terrorizing and murdering people for a torturous ten years, the Hoyt family has finally revealed who their next victim is: Babyface, the pin-up girl, and the masked guy. On their route to Kinsey’s isolated boarding school, Mike, his wife Cindy, and their kids Luke and Kinsey stop at Uncle Marvin’s place at Gatling Lake for the night. However, as they arrive, cold-blooded intruders to kill them show up at their front door. Once more, an interminable night of terror commences, and this time, a different family must fight to prevail. Follow us to discover other movies like The Strangers Prey at Night.

The Invitation (2022) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Invitation (2022) Movie Like The Strangers

In the hit thriller The Invitation, Emily never realizes she has a long-lost cousin until she takes a DNA test after her mother passes away, and she has no other known family. At the wedding at the family’s modest estate at New Carfax Abbey, charming English relative Oliver Alexander offers Evie the opportunity to meet her relatives. The attractive host, Walter de Vere, fascinates the American visitor, which leaves Evie wondering. She learns the dark truths of her family’s past and the sinister motivations underlying their illegal generosity get into a nightmare.

The Collector (2009) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, rent or buy on Amazon Video

The Collector (2009) Movie Like The Strangers

Arkin was employed by the Chase family to mend windows and doors after they moved into a remote home in the middle of Detroit. Afterward, he runs across his wife and daughter, who are in debt to Dangerous Shark and cannot pay it off with the money he paid them in a week. To get the money needed, Arkin intends to break into Michael Chase’s safe at night. Upon reaching the residence, he discovers that the family is being held hostage by a nasty criminal who has planted traps all around the place. To preserve himself, Akin looks for a way out of the lethal mansion.

In Their Skin (2012) – Streaming on AMC+, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

In Their Skin (2012) Movie Like The Strangers

Recovering from the loss of his little daughter, Mark Hughes takes his son Brendon and wife Mary to their rural cottage. Bobby invites Mark to supper after telling him that they are neighbors and that they have brought wood as a welcome. The next morning, Mark is informed by Bobby, Jane, and their son Jared. Mark and Bob argue over dinner, and after that, Mark kicks Bob and his family out. Before long, Bob and his family break into their home and lay siege to it. Bob is a psychopath, and Mark and Mary find out exactly how mad he is when Toby, Mark’s younger brother, comes to visit his brother and family.

Don’t Sleep (2017) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, rent or buy on Apple TV

Don't Sleep (2017) Movie Like The Strangers

Let’s dive into The Strangers similar movies. Two young lovers named Sean and Zach move together to a guesthouse on the Marinos’ estate. Zach gradually recalls a lost childhood period when he had what seemed to be a severe and violent psychosis – memories erased by a series of electroconvulsive treatments given by his doctor – as strange occurrences started to happen and the danger increased. Zach begins to doubt his sanity and worries for Sean’s safety as the horror around their life intensifies to lethal proportions and innocent people are killed. The possibility of demonic possession transforms the threat of insane conduct, forcing Zach to confront a horrifying truth he had never before given much thought to.

Scream (2022) – Streaming on Paramount+, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Scream (2022) Movie Like The Strangers

While Tara’s closest friend’s life is in danger, she is compelled to play a game with the man who calls her while she is alone at home. Her 18-year-old sister Sam ran away from home because of mental health issues. A man provocates Sam’s companion later in the bar, and Ghost Face attacks him afterward in the parking lot. After calling from the hospital, he tries to attack Sam but cannot. Eventually, she told her sister the family’s secret. One of the initial victims, Dewey, is contacted by Sam for assistance. He alerted Sidney Prescott and Gail Weathers, the other two initial victims, about Ghostface’s imminent return.

Inside (2023) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, rent or buy on Apple TV

Inside (2023) Movie Like The Strangers

When veteran art thief Nemo enters a high-tech penthouse in New York City, he is determined to take the renowned art collector’s valuables. Everything appeared to be proceeding as planned at first, but no plan was infallible. The intruder’s hopes of retiring are dashed by the painful cries of a security alarm system, and Nemo finds himself imprisoned in an unbreakable jail made of glass and concrete that houses an impressive collection of artwork valued at millions of dollars. Nemo is now left on his own. The hapless invaders must remain composed to handle the life-threatening scenario and beat the odds as the days go by and hunger, thirst, and exhaustion set in. However, the issue still exists. Hope you like these recommended films like The Strangers.

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