Movies Like The Truman Show

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Considered one of the greatest films ever made, The Truman Show debuted in 1998. Truman Burbank is the subject of the story. He finds out that since his birth, his whole life has been portrayed on television. He attempts to inform people about it, but they don’t take him seriously. One of the most intriguing ideas to be shown on television is explored in it. What transpires when your universe falls apart right before your eyes and your entire reality is destroyed? Here is a list of 15 movies like The Truman Show. Follow this post, and we will introduce you to more movies like The Truman Show you should watch next.

Movies Like The Truman Show

  1. Inception
  2. Vanilla Sky
  3. The Matrix
  4. Stranger Than Fiction
  5. Being John Malkovich
  6. The Man from Earth
  7. A Simple Twist of Fate
  8. World’s Greatest Dad
  9. Far from Heaven
  10. Good Bye, Lenin!
  11. Pieces of April
  12. Run Lola Run
  13. The Fountain
  14. Memento
  15. EDtv

Inception (2010) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Inception (2010) Movie Like The Truman Show

Following a botched conception operation, Japanese energy billionaire Saito uses Dom Cobb along with his associates Arthur and Nash. By using extreme means to instill in his lone heir, Robert Fisher, the notion of leaving the family business and doing it alone, Saito forced Cobb to assist him in dismantling his rival’s business. Cobb hires young dream designers, dream actors, and dream pharmacists to surreptitiously approach his father-in-law, Miles, about his intention to return to the United States. Cobb must confront the devastation of his late wife MEL in the progressing dream in addition to fighting Pay Hill’s subconscious need. The real scenario is considerably riskier than anticipated.

Vanilla Sky (2001) – Streaming on Paramount+, Hoopla, DIRECTV

Vanilla Sky (2001) Movie Like The Truman Show

David Aames may be referred to as God’s ideal creation: he is prosperous, successful, attractive, and charming, and his kind words have the power to entice innumerable attractive ladies. With a relentless pursuit of women, David even pursues Sophia, the girlfriend of one of his friends, since he refuses to waste this gift from God. David would soon pay for his flirty behavior, though, as Julie, his ex-girlfriend, tried to murder him by crashing his car into a tree. After the vehicle accident, David’s life falls apart, but the stranger things are still waiting for him ahead. Don’t miss this classic one in The Truman Show like movies.

The Matrix (1999) – Streaming on Hulu, Max, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Matrix (1999) Movie Like The Truman Show

Cyberhacker Neo begins to distrust this seemingly typical actual world shortly. He meets Morpheus, the group’s leader, and becomes friends with hacker Trinity. Morpheus informs him that Neo is the only one who can save mankind and that the actual world is run by an artificial intelligence computer system known as the Matrix. Neo claims that humans are mindless and dependent on machines, much like the animals they feed. But there’s never a simple path to salvation—where is the actual world? How can one defeat the extraordinary Secret Service? Is Neo humanity’s best hope? This is the code, the software, the hacker’s kingdom. Greetings.

Stranger Than Fiction (2006) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Stranger Than Fiction (2006) Movie Like The Truman Show

Let’s dive into the following movies like The Truman Show. An auditor for the Internal Revenue Service named Harold Crick frequently leads a routine existence. Upon discovering one day that he frequently heard the voice of someone who could comprehend his everyday activities and maybe foretell his impending death, he became quite concerned. Author Karen Eiffel is a gloomy person who worries about how to plan a spectacular demise for her characters and never lets them escape death. She was unaware that the male protagonist in her writing and him in real life entirely overlapped and that the male protagonist’s death plan would eventually come to pass for each of them individually.

Being John Malkovich (1999) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Being John Malkovich (1999) Movie Like The Truman Show

Craig does puppetry. Life forced him to work for a New York corporation. The employees must hunch over their work because the firm is just a half-story height. Craig came across a door hidden under the file cabinet of the organization. Curiosity pushing him, Craig opened the door. Craig rocketed across time and space into the well-known actor John as soon as he stepped through the door and was drawn into it through Malkovich’s mind. He discovered that he could now command John as he pleased. John Malkovich’s privacy was being invaded by Malkovich’s gaze. After fifteen minutes, Craig was thrust back into the real world. Craig, thrilled by the finding, decided to turn the door into a significant business.

The Man from Earth (2007) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Man from Earth (2007) Movie Like The Truman Show

After John Oldman, a history professor, quits, his coworkers surprise him with a goodbye party. His pals continued asking John why he was going after the farewell party got underway. According to John, he was unable to keep a secret about himself for more than ten years and that no one could ever fully comprehend. John admitted that he was the “caveman” in question when his pals asked him about it. John said that Jacques Borne, a buddy of Van Gogh’s who is currently “moving on” because others have realized he hasn’t aged, was formerly him.

A Simple Twist of Fate (1994) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

A Simple Twist of Fate (1994) Movie Like The Truman Show

Michael McCann spends all of his extra cash on collector gold coins when the lady he loves abandons him. An affluent family with two boys, John and Tenny, lived in the same town. John can’t handle Tanny, a wild youngster who breaks into McCann’s house one night, takes the gold, and then vanishes, so validating McCann’s suspicion of others. However, a young woman who is mysterious passes away in the snow outside of McCann’s house, and her little daughter visits McCann and becomes part of McCann’s life and heart. He gives her the name Matilda and brings her up to discover new joys and friendships with his adopted daughter. However, the truth of Matilda’s birth might cause them to separate ways.

World’s Greatest Dad (2009) – Streaming on Hulu, Hoopla, rent or buy on Amazon Video

World's Greatest Dad (2009) Movie Like The Truman Show

Father Lance Clayton hopes to become a well-known and wealthy best-selling novelist at a regular high school, but the manuscript is doomed to return. Not many people showed up for his poetry appreciation lesson. Kyle, Lance’s quirky son, has no problem confronting his father. His life was dominated solely by masturbation and porn. After having so much fun, Kyle suddenly passed away. An immense sadness overtook Lance. But Lance’s suicide letter has shocked everyone at the school, and now that everyone wants to understand Kyle, Lance’s life has started to get different. You will enjoy this excellent movie like The Truman Show.

Far from Heaven (2002) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Far from Heaven (2002) Movie Like The Truman Show

With two children under ten, Cathy and her husband, Frank, were leading a contented and peaceful life in a small Connecticut town in the fall of 1957. Many were envious of his family. When Cathy finds out that her husband is seeing someone else, she is shocked and feels as though everything is crumbling around her. She converses with Raymond, a well-bred black gardener whose consolation motivates Cathy. Because of her color, Cathy soon discovered that she was the object of unfair treatment. Though each of them has a lover in his heart, Kathy and her husband have managed to keep their marriage intact because they are terrified of rumors.

Good Bye, Lenin! (2003) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Good Bye, Lenin! (2003) Movie Like The Truman Show

As a fervent advocate of East Germany, Kristina’s spouse had departed for the West, leaving her in charge of their two kids, Ariana and Alex. When Alex was taken into custody in 1989, his mother watched from the sidelines and passed out. The nation she knew had changed when she woke up; the Berlin Wall had collapsed, and the GDR’s socialism with it. Christina can no longer be aroused, according to the doctor. Thus, the son attempted to bring his mother back in time. Mom was able to reside in the former GDR as a result. Even still, Alex’s good intentions cannot conceal the harsh truth of the world.

Pieces of April (2003) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Pieces of April (2003) Movie Like The Truman Show

Thanksgiving is approaching, and white girl April is finally inspired by her black lover Bobby to call her family for dinner. But because of April’s prior rebellious conduct, which they find so intimidating, the family feels differently about this arrangement. Mother Joy sneers at this and wants to call off the celebration, but Father Jim is still actively encouraging the family to attend. For Thanksgiving dinner, April goes to tremendous lengths. Bobby decides to borrow a suit from a friend in the meanwhile to impress April’s family, but he unexpectedly encounters a setback.

Run Lola Run (1998) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Run Lola Run (1998) Movie Like The Truman Show

Manny and Lola were youthful and infatuated. One day, street thug Manny was waiting for Lola to finish a diamond transaction with the boss. Since Lola was running late for the scheduled reception, Manny had to take the train back. Manny left the money bag in the train vehicle after becoming alarmed upon seeing the cops. Manny called Laura for assistance at this point because the boss was only going to be there for twenty minutes. If Laura could not come in time, Manny would have to take the chance of robbing the grocery store across from the phone booth. She goes to her father, the banker, for assistance, hoping to raise 100,000 marks in 20 minutes and save Manny.

The Fountain (2006) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Fountain (2006) Movie Like The Truman Show

An epic narrative about preserving love over time and space has been written for millennia. The story follows the brave warrior Thomas Cleo in 16th-century Spain as he sets out to save his dying love from the fabled Tree of Life, whose SAP is said to provide him immortality. He is two different people: in the present, he is scientist Tommy Cleo, searching for a means to rescue his dying wife from cancer; in the past, he was Tom the cosmic explorer, starting to understand the secrets of life that had baffled him for over a century.

Memento (2000) – Streaming on Peacock Premium, Hoopla, rent or buy on Amazon Video

Memento (2000) Movie Like The Truman Show

Leonard Shelby suffered from serious brain damage after his wife was brutally raped and killed in his house. When he awoke, he found that he had short-term memory loss, an uncommon disorder that caused him to only be able to recall events that had occurred twelve minutes prior. He gained experience with memory loss by working with a man by the name of Sammy Jankis. Building a system of items has been one of his coping techniques. To maintain his life and get revenge for the untimely loss of his wife, he utilizes random objects, such as notes, tattoos, and Polaroid photos, to store memories, collect leads, and conduct a challenging investigation.

EDtv (1999) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

EDtv (1999) Movie Like The Truman Show

Ed, 30, is an average man who can no longer be ordinary—he works as a shop clerk at a video store—but by coincidence, he has become a well-known TV personality. Ed is the main character of a 24-hour reality show that the station’s program director, Cynthia, chooses to develop in response to the growing danger to her job caused by the show’s consistently low ratings. As soon as Ed’s name spread across the nation, attention and celebrity did too. With time, Ed learns that his celebrity is not all positive, and he starts to yearn to go back to his former easygoing, contented existence. Follow us, and we will find more movies like The Truman Show on Netflix or other platforms for you.

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