Movies Like Through My Window

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Through My Window is a gripping Spanish love story that highlights the unexpected friendship between Raquel and her enigmatic next-door neighbor, Ares. It is based on the well-known Wattpad novel of the same name. Even though Raquel has had a crush on Ares for years (observing him via her window), they have never spoken to one another because of their differences. Among many romance movies like Through My Window, this film captivates many young adults as a rollercoaster love story. Netflix also previewed a sequel. Why not follow us to find more amazing romantic movies like Through My Window while you wait for the sequel?

Movies Like Through My Window

  1. After
  2. Our Friend
  3. Love in the Villa
  4. Along for the Ride
  5. Sounds Like Love
  6. Wedding Season
  7. The Kissing Booth
  8. Purple Hearts
  9. Look Both Ways
  10. All The Bright Places
  11. 6 Years
  12. Anonymously Yours
  13. Cha Cha Real Smooth
  14. A Perfect Pairing
  15. Candy Jar

After (2019) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

After (2019) Movie Like Through My Window

Tessa is a girl who has always complied with the rules; as such, she met Hardin, a boy, on the university campus. Tessa has never encountered a boy like Hardin. His eyes were defiant, his look extravagant, his manner eclectic. After having a negative first impression of Hardin, Tessa eventually came to admire him because of his distinct temperament and grew to want to be free like him. As fate would have it, Tessa and Hardin kiss and become even more enamored with Hardin because of his unpredictable behavior.

Our Friend (2019) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple TV

Our Friend (2019) Movie Like Through My Window

Matthew is shocked to discover that their best buddy, Dane, is willing to help him after discovering that his partner, Nicole, only has six months to live. Dane gave up his life and moved in with them. Although his initial aim was to stay for a few weeks, it became increasingly evident that his assistance was required as time passed. He lost his New Orleans job and recently committed to a girlfriend due to his kindness. In the end, he was essential to keeping the house operating as Nicole’s death drew near. Nicole escorted Matt and Dane to the side while a hospice employee was called.

Love in the Villa (2022) – Streaming on Netflix

Love in the Villa (2022) Movie Like Through My Window

The fact that Verona served as the backdrop for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet captivated Julie, a third-grade teacher. Julie’s relationship with her boyfriend Brandon abruptly ends as she is ready to go for her long-awaited trip to Verona; as a result, Julie has to visit lovely Verona, Italy, on alone. She is forced to share the property with Charlie, a wine specialist, for the holidays after learning that it is double booked when she gets there. He has good looks and is cynical. They become romantically involved when they begin spending time together. It is also one of the movies just like Through My Window on Netflix.

Along for the Ride (2022) – Streaming on Netflix

Along for the Ride (2022) Movie Like Through My Window

After completing her high school education, Auden West, then eighteen, moved in with her father, Robert, in the coastal town of Colby. Her goal was to spend a carefree summer recreating herself before heading off to college. When everyone else was asleep, Auden would stroll the streets alone. Ten days after her arrival, she meets Eli, a man who also experiences insomnia. As a BMX fanatic, he challenges her to accomplish everything she missed out on as a child and takes her on nighttime escapades. During the night, the two set out on a mission to assist Auden in living a teenager’s carefree, exciting life while the beach town of Colby sleeps. She didn’t realize she wanted it.

Sounds Like Love (2021) – Streaming on Netflix

Sounds Like Love (2021) Movie Like Through My Window

As Maca works as an assistant for a terrible and gloomy fashion influencer, her talents go unused, and she spends her time with men. Maka seemed to be doing well with her two distinct and wonderful pals, Jimena and Adrianna, until the unnamed one reappeared. When Leo, the greatest error of all time and the love of her life, reappears, everything is turned upside down. He destroyed her confidence in men and shattered her heart. Before Maca can truly take charge of her life, she must face her conflicts, worries, and doubts. Old scars reappear.

Wedding Season (2022) – Streaming on Netflix

Wedding Season (2022) Movie Like Through My Window

Feeling despondent following the split, Elsa relocates to New Jersey to start again. Aisha’s mother’s online dating site aimed to match her with the “ideal” partner. The same could be said for Ravi’s parents and their son. Ravi’s hesitant first date with Elsa fails. Elsa offers Ravi a win-win solution after observing that her mother is tenacious and won’t give up easily: they could pretend to be each other’s dates to get through the approaching wedding season. Through innumerable invites, balls, and gowns over the following three months, Elsa and Ravi gradually realize that they could be more alike than they initially believed. Perhaps their parents have at last made a discovery.

The Kissing Booth (2018) – Streaming on Netflix

The Kissing Booth (2018) Movie Like Through My Window

Let’s dive into more movies like Through My Window. Despite being born on the same day in the same hospital, Ellie Evans and Lee Flynn have remained best friends. The two created a set of friendship guidelines they pledged to follow to preserve their unique bond. But Ellie meets Noah Flynn, Lee’s bad-boy brother, at a kissing booth and falls in love for the first time. Soon after, Allie finds herself hurting Lee and disobeying the rules as her romance with Noah heats up. Ellie soon realizes that the two brothers’ relationship is deteriorating and that she may lose them.

Purple Hearts (2022) – Streaming on Netflix

Purple Hearts (2022) Movie Like Through My Window

Luke Morrow and Cassie Salazar couldn’t be more dissimilar in this wonderful movie like Through My Window. To make ends meet and pursue her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter, the quick-witted Cassie spends her nights working at a bar in Oceanside, California. Unwavering service discipline comforts Luke, a Marine cadet preparing to embark on a mission at sea. Their lives were forever altered by a fortuitous encounter in Cassie’s tavern. For military reasons alone, the couple decided to be married. They’ve come to understand that their political identification is not all that important despite all the obstacles in their path. What matters more are their character traits, which include loyalty, fairness, empathy, integrity, and thoughtfulness. Maybe they could even learn to flourish in a convenient marriage.

Look Both Ways (2022) – Streaming on Netflix

Look Both Ways (2022) Movie Like Through My Window

Natalie’s life is stuck between two distinct realities on the eve of her college graduation: she came to Los Angeles to develop her career, but she is also pregnant and needs to take on the responsibilities of parenthood as a young adult in her birthplace of Texas. Back in Austin, it did not sit well with Natalie’s parents. Gabe suggests that they tie the knot, and Natalie’s parents consent to cohabitate and assist with the children. After relocating to Los Angeles, Natalie settled in, obtained an assistant position, and began touring the city with friends.

All The Bright Places (2020) – Streaming on Netflix

All The Bright Places (2020) Movie Like Through My Window

Two adolescents, Theodore Finch and Violet Markey, are yearning to get out of the little Indiana town of Bartlett. Finch is a kid who is preoccupied with death and is viewed as a weirdo by his friends, whereas Violet is a popular girl who is privately battling with survivor’s guilt. When they decide to leap off a cliff and climb the school’s clock tower simultaneously, fate brings the two together. When they got together, their lives were never the same. Together, they overcome the psychological and physical wounds from their past and learn that even the most little locations and times may hold significance.

6 Years (2015) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

6 Years (2015) Movie Like Through My Window

The film centers on a youthful couple who have an ideal love. Still, they start to come apart when unanticipated events lead them down a violent and unstable path and jeopardize the future they’ve always dreamed of. Dan, who has been good friends with the record label since they were young, is presented with an attractive employment opportunity. This puts their friendship to the test. It turns out that Dan’s decision has an eternal impact on the destiny of the two young lovers since he is forced to choose between his love for Melanie and his dream profession. It is also one of the classic romance movies like Through My Window and 365 Days.

Anonymously Yours (2021) – Streaming on Netflix

Anonymously Yours (2021) Movie Like Through My Window

The movie’s subject is two high school students who form an online acquaintance. The distinction lies in their ignorance that they are conversing with an irritable person. Will and Alex, the two main protagonists, deal with personal issues that only worsen as they attempt to get through high school and the year-end prom. By exchanging anonymous texts, Vale develops a close relationship with her classmate Alex, whom she despises in real life. Alex is more of an incognito texter with Will and is less likely to create new pals. With their anonymous contact, they quickly developed a friendship that turned into a love partnership.

Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022) – Streaming on Apple TV+

Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022) Movie Like Through My Window

The only thing 22-year-old Andrew excels at is throwing parties, which has helped him obtain the ideal job. He came out of college without a clear life plan. When Andrew gains Lola’s trust as his kid’s nanny, his parents engage him to throw the children’s bar and bat mitzvah celebration. Their lives get more complicated as their relationship grows, and he confides in Domino about his all-too-obvious affection for her. Andrew’s image of the future clears, and he knows her life when he meets Domino and her autistic daughter Lola during a bar mitzvah.

A Perfect Pairing (2022) – Streaming on Netflix

A Perfect Pairing (2022) Movie Like Through My Window

A motivated wine executive in Los Angeles is exposed to a lesser-known wine from an Australian brand that hasn’t expanded internationally to gain the favor of a significant client. Suddenly, a coworker approached the boss behind Lola’s back to sell these items. Lola launched her own business to attract clients and took a plane trip to Australia. Lola tried to pitch the farmer when she got to the farm, but Hazel turned her down immediately. Upon realizing they were low on hired labor, she offered to demonstrate her abilities by working on a sheep farm. She got to know and fell in love with one of the farmers while working on the farm.

Candy Jar (2018) – Streaming on Netflix

Candy Jar (2018) Movie Like Through My Window

Bennett and Lorna are two high school debate team members who aspire to be team presidents because they will appear well on their applications to Harvard or Yale. If that was where the argument ended, that would be good. They all have single moms who are determined to bring their kids home, regardless of wealth. They all wore fancy clothes in the film. Maybe, in the end, they aren’t all that dissimilar. Finally, they had to cooperate to advance to the debate state championship. Is it possible for them?

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