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The Spartan army launched an offensive against the Trojans when the Trojan Prince kidnapped the Spartan Queen. The Trojan War and Greek mythology were vividly portrayed in this epic war film Troy, which was highly acclaimed and loosely based on Homer’s epic poem The Iliad. Furthermore, one of the most epic conflicts ever shown on television is still the struggle between Achilles and Hector. That’s why this post is essential if you liked this 2004 blockbuster and are searching for the best movies like Troy. Action, battle, and historical fiction were the guiding principles behind our selection of these films. Come and discover more excellent war movies like Troy with us!

Movies Like Troy

  1. Gladiator
  2. Immortals
  3. Beowulf
  4. 300
  5. Alexander
  6. Centurion
  7. Last Knights
  8. The Last Samurai
  9. Clash of the Titans
  10. Kingdom of Heaven
  11. Outlaw King
  12. Napoleon
  13. Robin Hood
  14. Gods of Egypt
  15. Druids

Gladiator (2000) – Streaming on Netflix, Paramount+, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Gladiator (2000) Movie Like Troy

The exhausted Marcus Aurelius selected his devoted general, Maximus Decimus Meridius, as his successor and guardian of Rome in 180 AD. However, death and entrapment are in store for Rome’s hero when his adversary, enraged and blinded by fury, orders his murder and ends up using him as a slave for Proximo, the former gladiator. A new Maximo, a gladiator, will emerge from the wide wastes of North Africa and fight his way up to Mother Rome and the gullible ruler Commodus. Will the much-needed revenge, however, ever bring peace to the popular general? Let’s discover some of the best movies like Troy and Gladiator.

Immortals (2011) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Immortals (2011) Movie Like Troy

In an attempt to locate the long-lost bow of the mythical deity Epirus, the power-hungry, vicious, and ruthless ruler Hyperion commands his terrible army to burn ancient Greece to the ground. With the use of this formidable bow from god, he has released the Titans of Warcraft, creatures capable of annihilating everything. With this power, he can depose the gods of Olympus and take complete control of his world. Around this period, Theseus, a stonemason, swore to exact revenge for his mother’s death during the raid on Hyempoli. He becomes god’s chosen hero and, with the prophet’s assistance, rises to become the everlasting God of War in the terrible conflict that ultimately decides humanity’s fate.

Beowulf (2007) – Streaming on Fubo TV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Beowulf (2007) Movie Like Troy

Beowulf, the protagonist and a formidable warrior with incredible fighting prowess, will go through three crucial fights that will profoundly affect him. Beowulf brings his soldiers across the sea to confront the monstrous Grendel in an attempt to preserve the community that it has ravaged. The warriors prevailed against Glendale following a brutal struggle. But Beowulf is challenged to retaliation by Grendel’s mother, who says the conflict has not yet ended. Even the strongest foe will fall short in the face of the fearless Beowulf, even though the warriors will suffer greater losses this time. Beowulf’s name would become an eternal legend years later after his final fight with a dragon.

300 (2007) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

300 (2007) Movie Like Troy

The Spartan king Leonidas commanded his 300 elite soldiers and over 4,000 allied warriors to defend Greece’s Thermpass against Persia’s invasion in 480 BC. Because of the traitors’ betrayal, the Persian army gathered up the Greek troops. To preserve the Allied forces’ might, Leonidas allowed them to withdraw first and then commanded 300 elite soldiers to guard the hot spring. Knowing they would perish, the Spartan soldiers were inspired to fight with unexpected vigor. In the end, the two-day struggle claimed the lives of Leonidas and his 300 finest warriors, with almost 20,000 Persian soldiers lost. 300 is a must-see if you are looking for good historical movies like Troy.

Alexander (2004) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Alexander (2004) Movie Like Troy

Alexander the Great, who ruled over Eurasia for the first time in history, was born in 356 BC. Since he had successfully defeated mountain robbers as a young boy, Alexander—who had studied under Aristotle—was named leader of the Macedonian army and proceeded to sweep the Greek city-states alongside his father. After taking the throne in 336 BC, Alexander led the Greek army in an invasion of Persia. The front prevailed, the Persian ruler was assassinated, and the Persian Empire fell apart. Alexander, who died at the age of 33, created Hellenistic era culture in the nation by fusing the cultures of the East and the West, promoting interethnic marriage, equality between countries, and the dissemination of Greek laws and ideas.

Centurion (2010) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Fubo TV

Centurion (2010) Movie Like Troy

At the edge of the Roman Empire in 117 AD, in Scotland, the bold centurion Quintus Dias departs northward with the valiant commander Titus Virilus and a small group of the Ninth Army after witnessing the destruction of his remote outpost. Furious over the mounting threat posed by the courageous Caledonian tribe, the ruthless Pictish chieftain Gorlacon orders their annihilation; nevertheless, an unprovoked attack obliterates nearly every one of them. A little band of survivors, commanded by Quintus, are now trapped and encircled by fierce warriors. They need to battle their way back to the frontier’s safety before the vicious betrayers kill them. Can they, however, avoid the enemy’s quiet trap?

Last Knights (2015) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple TV

Last Knights (2015) Movie Like Troy

Lord Bartok comes to his castle accompanied by Commander Reiden and his knights as Geza Mott, the Minister of Corruption, demands additional taxes. The emperor gave him the punishment of having his head severed by lightning when he confronted Geza Mott and attempted to murder him. He also stole his family’s property and castle. To exact retribution, Geza Mott orders his commander to pursue Raiden and erects an iron gate at the entrance to his castle, but Raiden would rather drink than develop an alcohol problem. When their Lord was humiliated a year later, the knights desired to get revenge. As an alcoholic, Raiden’s safety was disregarded by Geza Mott. For Reiden, what fate has in store?

The Last Samurai (2003) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Last Samurai (2003) Movie Like Troy

In 1876, a bitter alcoholic, Captain Nathan Algren—still scarred by the massacre of American Indian tribes—got an offer to mentor the inexperienced Japanese army under the Japanese emperor. But O’Gren will end up a prisoner of war when youthful Imperial soldiers are dispatched too soon to battle the seasoned forces of samurai commander Katsumoto. To comprehend his adversary, Katsumoto spares Algren’s life, only to watch as he gradually adopts Bushido—the samurai’s rule of death. Nathan now has a very different foe. In his search for atonement, will the last samurai achieve serenity? Follow us to discover more movies like Troy.

Clash of the Titans (2010) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Clash of the Titans (2010) Movie Like Troy

Acrisius, the king of Argos, revolted and severely disregarded the supreme gods because he could no longer stand the harsh persecution of the Olympian gods. Zeus, the god of thunder, determined to punish the foolish mortals at Hades’ insistence. Born to Zeus and the queen of Acris, the stranded child demigod Perseus saw the horrible miracles that Hades worked and discovered that if Acris didn’t offer the lovely princess Andromeda to the gods, Hades would unleash the North Sea monster Kraken as a punishment on the earth. Once Perseus is informed of his existence and destiny by the goddess Io, he sets out to slay the North Sea Monster and foil Hades’ scheme.

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) – Streaming on Starz, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Movie Like Troy

Blacksmith Berion has experienced family loss and nearly lost religion. Berion is taken on a voyage across the continent to the famous Holy City by Goffrey, a crusader who returns temporarily to his native France from the battle in the East. Godfrey confesses to Berion that he is his father and exhibits genuine chivalry. The serenity that had gripped Jerusalem was now brittle and easily broken. It’s not quite peaceful, though. Godfrey and several other knights swear to dedicate their lives to upholding the ideal of peace in the Kingdom of Kings. A vow to uphold peace, safeguard the weak, promote interfaith and cultural harmony, and establish a celestial empire was given by Godfrey to his son as he handed him the sword.

Outlaw King (2018) – Streaming on Netflix

Outlaw King (2018) Movie Like Troy

Robert the Bruce’s actual narrative is told in this film. Throughout an incredible year of ups and downs, he began as a defeated nobleman and ended up a reluctant monarch and unsung hero. The tyrannical English conquest of medieval Scotland forces Robert into combat to protect his people, his nation, and his family. As the bloodthirsty King of England, Edward I, and his temperamental son, the Prince of Wales, gathered the world’s most formidable army against him, he rose a rabble against them and grabbed control in Scotland.

Napoleon (2023) – Available on Apple TV

Napoleon (2023) Movie Like Troy

Let’s dive into the following epic movies like Troy! The film’s protagonist is an ambitious guy with faith in his military strategy skills and a burning desire to use conflict to impose peace on Europe. Centuries after his death, Napoleon remains relevant as a brutal guy who uses pure force to woo Josephine, the love of his life, over to his way of thinking. Napoleon was drawn to an obsession, nevertheless, that outweighed his love for Josephine. He missed the battles between the other European nations and the acknowledgment of their nobility. He then started a battle to expand French rule outside of its borders. Napoleon attempted to do what he could not by conquering as a general turned emperor, but it would result in exile, resurrection, and eventually downfall.

Robin Hood (2010) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Robin Hood (2010) Movie Like Troy

Following King Richard’s death in the thirteenth century, Robin Hood traveled to Nottingham, where the despicable sheriff had driven out the populace and the taxes were as high as the hair on a cow. Here, Robin Hood meets Lady Marian, a unique widow, with whom he quickly becomes captivated and falls in love. However, Marian has doubts about Robin Hood’s identity and intentions. Robin Hood gathered individuals who were willing and able to rise with him, punish the corrupt upper class, and reform social injustice—not just to save the peasants from the fire but also to change Marian’s prejudice against him. His actions prevented a civil war in Britain and ultimately brought the people back together.

Gods of Egypt (2016) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Gods of Egypt (2016) Movie Like Troy

The deity Horus ruled in peace, and the people enjoyed happy, tranquil lives. The happy days, meanwhile, were short-lived. Horus’s eyes and throne were taken by Seth, the malevolent god of darkness, who then expelled him. Because of Seth’s brutality and military mentality, anarchy quickly engulfed the whole nation. Originally intended to be simply another human thief, Baker ends up being humanity’s last hope. He made the long journey to Horus and begged for assistance so that he might battle the formidable Set. Thus, the peculiar union of one man and one god was created. Horus has to get his eyes back to become powerful again, so the group embarks on a quest to do that.

Druids (2001) – Available on Amazon Video

Druids (2001) Movie Like Troy

A group of Druids, led by Grand Druid Guthur, saw a comet pass by around 60 BC and saw it as an omen of the impending king of their nation, Gaul, which had never had a long-lasting monarch. To attend a gathering of the Gallic leaders, Guttuart journeyed to Gorgovia, the Alvin tribe’s capital. Vercingetorix, a small child, and his companion Ebonia, a young girl, plunge into a big cave where Celtill, the head of the Alvins, and Vercingetorix’s father preside over a gathering of chiefs with the intention of Celtill declaring himself the king of all the Gauls. An arrow shot by two Roman spies strikes Celtill in the back as he is displaying the crown that the former king of Gaul once wore.

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