Movies Like Vivarium

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The 2019 science fiction horror movie Vivarium is eerie and hallucinogenic. A couple who travel to a suburban community where every house has the same appearance is at the center of the story. Every path they attempt to take out of the complex that resembles a labyrinth returns them to the starting point. Being confined to their home forces the two protagonists to cope with social isolation, terror, and paranoia. If you need more movies like Vivarium to see characters contend with a cinematic reality that is just as flawed as the real one, here are 15 movies like Vivarium you can watch next time.

Movies Like Vivarium

  1. 1408
  2. Cam
  3. Clinical
  4. Rebirth
  5. Mother!
  6. Fractured
  7. The Open House
  8. Without Name
  9. The Strangers
  10. Silent Hill
  11. The Endless
  12. Come True
  13. Brightburn
  14. Possessor
  15. Wounds

1408 (2007) – Streaming on Starz, AMC+, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

1408 (2007) Movie Like Vivarium

Two popular novels about the paranormal have been written by paranormal author Mike Enslin. The unknown sender advised him not to book a room in the Dolphin Hotel in New York City, specifically Room 1408. Preceding the hotel’s opening by ninety-five years, his investigation documented several bizarre fatalities that occurred in the room. Enslin chose to stay personally in the iconic Room 1408 of a New York City hotel to do research for his upcoming book. Despite the hotel manager’s repeated warnings about the evil room’s serious risk, Mike decides to follow his curiosity and packs up his mind-reading equipment to explore a secret world full of strange and fantastical happenings.

Cam (2018) – Streaming on Netflix

Cam (2018) Movie Like Vivarium

Alice Ackerman is a female anchor for the website FreeGirlsLive, and she hopes to top the list of anchors someday. When Alice tries to access her account one day, she discovers that all of her login credentials have changed. However, she is still streaming and using her account. She watched the live broadcast using a backup account out of curiosity and observed individuals who precisely resembled her playing in a bathtub with bath toys and bubbles; their studio was even a perfect reproduction of Alice’s. When she cautiously entered the studio after hearing her voice there, she discovered that no one was present but that the studio TV was airing live. It is one of the movies like Vivarium on Netflix.

Clinical (2017) – Streaming on Netflix

Clinical (2017) Movie Like Vivarium

When he heard a loud crash in the corridor late at night, trauma psychiatrist Jan Mathis was working alone at the hospital. She witnessed her patient, Nora, slashing her hands and wrists with glass fragments as she entered the waiting area. After using glass shards to assault Mathis, he sliced his own throat. Mathis thinks that by treating Alex, a new patient, he can cure him and help him forget his horrible past. Two years later, Mathis meets Alex, a patient with a deformed face. However, Nora has been circling Mathis’s life since she fled the mental health facility.

Rebirth (2016) – Streaming on Netflix

Rebirth (2016) Movie Like Vivarium

Expert in social media at a young age, Kyle. He owned a limousine, a suburban home, and a respectable office job. Kyle had a lot of luck, including work and house. His family was devoted, and he owned a lovely home. Until Zach, an old acquaintance from college, unexpectedly and pleasantly turns up. Zach is as wild and chaotic as ever, but he’s excited about a self-actualization project he recently finished called “Rebirth.” He gives up his phone, wallet, and keys after persuading Kyle to go on a weekend retreat for the reborn. From there, he embarks on an odd and violent adventure.

Mother! (2017) – Streaming on Paramount+, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Mother! (2017) Movie Like Vivarium

A writer by trade, he reached a dead end and was unable to produce a single word. She is a homemaker who spends her days trying to restore their comfort level. One day, A big admirer of the writer knocks on the door. When the man’s wife arrives, the two individuals in the house ask random questions regarding the host and hostess’ privacy, which greatly annoys her. He appeared genuinely excited about the impolite couple’s visit, even though she kept trying to show them the door. Subsequently, the couple’s two sons also broke into the house, and a fight broke out in the end. Heartbroken, she is unaware at this moment that this bloodshed is only the beginning of a loss of control and collapse.

Fractured (2019) – Streaming on Netflix

Fractured (2019) Movie Like Vivarium

Ray Monroe is a devoted husband and father who is overburdened. Ray traveled home with his wife Joanne and daughter Perry after a tense holiday weekend spent with his in-laws, stopping at a rest stop along the route. But Perry was hurt in an accident on a wet night. After her relatives hurried her to a local emergency room, the personnel were dubious about their motivations. Following their referral for more testing, Perry and Joanne vanished, as did all of their visits. Ray’s worst nightmare comes true: he has to find his family and discover what happened to them in a race against time. Follow us to discover other Vivarium like movies.

The Open House (2018) – Streaming on Netflix

The Open House (2018) Movie Like Vivarium

Wife Naomi, unable to maintain herself and her adolescent son Logan financially after her husband is murdered in a car accident, accepts to move into her sister’s remote mountain cottage until it is sold. Naomi and Logan were requested to check out of the hotel at breakfast and return after 5 p.m. on Sunday for the open house. A weird sequence of events started to occur. Unidentified noises were heard, the hot water tank valve was turned off repeatedly, things were moved or vanished, and the home phone was called, but no one answered.

Without Name (2017) – Streaming on AMC+, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Without Name (2017) Movie Like Vivarium

In Without Name, Eric is dispatched as a land surveyor to evaluate Dublin’s woodlands. Eric was eager to take on the task of escaping his family, even if his boss was evasive regarding the precise purpose of the inquiry. Their affair and the fact that their responsibilities would keep them virtually cut off from the outside world also enables Eric to spend more time with Olivia, his student assistant. Eric is perplexed and disturbed by weird silhouettes roaming through the woods as unusual happenings and equipment malfunctions steadily worsen after his arrival.

The Strangers (2008) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Strangers (2008) Movie Like Vivarium

On their way home after a friend’s wedding, James and his wife Christine, a young couple, get into an accident. They had to pull over and look for assistance in the area, but they unintentionally spent the night in an abandoned vacation house. It became darker as the night drew nearer. Then James and Christine had misfortune. Three masked burglars attacked the homeowners in succession as they unexpectedly materialized around the house at night. The couple’s tremendous will to live led them to engage in a life-or-death struggle when faced with the possibility of death.

Silent Hill (2006) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Silent Hill (2006) Movie Like Vivarium

Rose’s daughter sleepwalks frequently, and despite trying to find a treatment for her illness through medical professionals, Rose is determined to help her daughter. She transported her daughter to the location known as Silent Hill, as the girl would often recite the name of the spot while she slept. Sadly, my daughter has vanished from this location. There are a lot of weird species living here, and the air is oppressive and dense. She frequently came across strange objects that she had never touched while searching for her daughter. She gradually discovered the location’s history as well as a mystery.

The Endless (2017) – Streaming on Fubo TV, Hoopla, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Endless (2017) Movie Like Vivarium

A film from Camp Arcadia, a program they attended as young adults, was sent to brothers Justin and Aaron. Justin describes the group as a UFO death cult, whereas Aaron remembers them as a peaceful commune. Justin and Aaron have contrasting memories of the events. Aaron persuaded Justin to return for a single day since he was fed up with their failure to find friendships or gainful employment after leaving Camp Arcadia. At Camp Arcadia, Justin and Aaron were made to feel quite welcome. Nevertheless, the brothers learn that the “cult’s” actual views are very different from what they recall during a series of strange interrogations conducted close to the camp.

Come True (2020) – Streaming on Hulu, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Come True (2020) Movie Like Vivarium

When Sarah, a high school girl, walks away from home and discovers she has no one to turn to and is tormented by horrific dreams, she is at her lowest point. Sarah is fortunate that a university is studying sleep, which allows her to be paid while sleeping well and, surprisingly, develop a strong friendship with Jeremy, the study’s lead scientist. Sarah experiences more vivid nightmares and perceives the shadow monsters in her dreams as more potent as a result of taking part in the experiment. As the shadows grow closer, Sarah inadvertently turns into a scary conduit for a recently found link.

Brightburn (2019) – Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Brightburn (2019) Movie Like Vivarium

Tori and Kyle Breyer struggled with infertility despite their desire to raise a kid. Their dream appears to come true as a spaceship crashes in the woods, revealing a mystery infant boy they name Brandon. Tori and her spouse Kyle appeared to find in Brandon everything they could have hoped for: he was intelligent, gifted, and worldly-minded. As Brandon approaches adolescence, though, great darkness begins to emerge in him, and Tori begins to worry deeply about her son. Those closest to Brandon will be at great risk if he starts acting on his perverted urges.

Possessor (2020) – Streaming on Hulu, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Possessor (2020) Movie Like Vivarium

As an assassin, Tasya Vos implants herself with implants in the minds of her unsuspecting targets. With the assistance of a specialized machine, Vos can implant her consciousness into the hosts’ brains. After each assignment, she pushes the host to take her own life, returning to her own body in the process. Voss struggled to break free from her own identity due to spending so much time pretending to be other people; she could not completely separate her professional life from her relationships with her husband, Michael, and son, Ella.

Wounds (2019) – Streaming on Hulu

Wounds (2019) Movie Like Vivarium

Infested with roaches, Will serves customers in a sleazy pub in New Orleans. A bunch of university students entered a bar one evening. When Eric and another visitor got into a quarrel, a broken bottle was used to stab Eric in the cheek. One of the kids has left his cell phone behind. Will finds out as the rest of the kids rush out of the pub. After taking the phone home and giving it some thought, Will gets a message from Garrett, a man who says he is afraid and that something from the “tunnel” is coming after him. After that, he started to experience an increasing number of unsettling and enigmatic events. If you want to discuss more, movies like Vivarium Reddit are a good social platform where you can discuss with other movie lovers.

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