Movies Like We’re The Millers

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Lighthearted, ridiculous comedies with outrageous concepts will always find an audience. These are the films that manage to maintain the appearance of being grounded in reality while having wildly improbable stories. We’re The Millers is such a relaxing comedy film. To evade detection by border control, David employs stripper Rose and two teenagers to pose as his virtuous family to smuggle narcotics into the country in order to pay off a debt. If you are seeking some enjoyable or more relaxing films to watch, these are 15 really popular comedy movies like We’re the Millers. Hope you can discover your favorite funny movies like We’re The Millers with us!

Movies Like We're The Millers

  1. Are We There Yet?
  2. Keanu
  3. The Switch
  4. Girls Trip
  5. Just Go With It
  6. This is 40
  7. EuroTrip
  8. The Change-Up
  9. Horrible Bosses 2
  10. 30 Minutes or Less
  11. Scorched
  12. 22 Jump Street
  13. Project X
  14. Super Troopers
  15. Walk of Shame

Are We There Yet? (2005) – Buy on Apple TV

Are We There Yet? (2005) Movie Like We're The Millers

The unmarried Nick Persons would rather pursue a romantic partner than a fulfilling partnership. He went after single mother Suzanne Kingston this time. Because of her failed marriage in the past, Suzanne was wary of showing her true feelings, and even with Nick’s undivided attention, nothing seemed to happen. Suzanne was disappointed to split her time with her two kids between Vancouver and New York for work as Christmas drew near. Seizing the chance, Nick offered to bring up 11-year-old Lindsey and 7-year-old Kevin to see their mother in Vancouver. To Nick’s amazement, Lindsey and Kevin put a lot of barriers in Nick’s path and appear to detest any man who approaches his mother.

Keanu (2016) – Rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon TV

Keanu (2016) Movie Like We're The Millers

According to the story, Bob had broken up with his long-distance girlfriend and was devastated when he saw a cute stray cat. The kitten made Bob’s friend Clarence even cuter, and the two named the kitten “Keanu.” From that point on, the tough man of steel has been the cat slave, accompanying, loving, and spending time with the cat. A group of thieves breaks into Bob’s house one day, and to make matters worse, their cherished cat, “Keanu,” is taken! Two individuals decided to mingle in the drug trafficking network to aid the rebel group’s access to save the cat.

The Switch (2010) – Streaming on Fubo TV, Hoopla, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon TV

The Switch (2010) Movie Like We're The Millers

The best pals are Wally and Kassie. Kassie, who had been unlucky in love, chose to use artificial insemination to conceive her kid. Wally didn’t like the thought but was too proud to tell himself he loved her. Wally had gone away, believing that New York City was not a suitable location to raise a child, and Kassie was too drunk to remember what he had done that evening. Kassie returned with his son Sebastian seven years later. Wally recognizes that Roland, the sperm donor, and Sebastian have much in common, even if she wishes Roland had a more significant role in their lives. Don’t miss this classic movie like We’re The Millers.

Girls Trip (2017) – Streaming on DIRECTV, Peacock Premium, rent or buy on Apple TV

Girls Trip (2017) Movie Like We're The Millers

The four best friends known as the “Flossy Posse” have drifted apart over time. Recognized as “the next Oprah,” lifestyle guru Ryan Pearce chose to transform a business holiday into a girls’ getaway when she received an invitation to participate as the keynote speaker at the New Orleans Essence Music Festival. Sasha gets a message during their trip that includes a photo of Ryan’s hubby cuddling up to an Instagram model. Dina told them the news, but Ryan surprised them by claiming to know the circumstances beforehand. The only lodging they could find was a subpar motel because Ryan’s husband refused to reside in a hotel.

Just Go With It (2011) – Streaming on Fubo TV, Peacock Premium, rent or buy on Apple TV

Just Go With It (2011) Movie Like We're The Millers

Danny chooses to keep himself from being committed by telling every lady he meets that he is married, having been damaged in a past relationship. However, he believes Palmer, a cute little girl, maybe the one when they first meet until she learns he’s “married.” So he informed her that he and his “wife” were divorcing to keep their connection going. He requested Catherine to pretend to be his wife since she persisted in seeing her. When one of Catherine’s kids calls, Palmer believes it’s one of Danny’s kids and wants to see them. During this encounter, Danny is duped by Catherine’s son into bringing the group to Hawaii.

This is 40 (2012) – Streaming on Peacock Premium, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

This is 40 (2012) Movie Like We're The Millers

Debbie is forty years old. While Pete owns a financially struggling independent music company with a vintage vibe, she operates a small boutique apparel business that barely makes ends meet. As Pete’s second wife, still a young woman, gave birth to triplets, Larry continued to pester his son for money, making their financial problems worse. The emotionally distant and extremely successful surgeon, Debbie’s father, doesn’t appear to want to be engaged in his daughter’s life, even though they periodically get together for lunch after a protracted period of silence. At the couple’s elegant house for a birthday celebration, all of these individuals—as well as Pete’s employees, Debbie’s coach, and the salesgirl from her boutique—disclose the family’s tragedies. Follow us to discover other movies like We re The Millers!

EuroTrip (2004) – Streaming on Hoopla, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

EuroTrip (2004) Movie Like We're The Millers

In front of his family, Scott’s girlfriend abandoned him at graduation. The Wade family finds out that Jenny and Jimmy, the twins, are taking a European vacation, with Paris as their first stop, during the twins’ graduation celebration. Scott got an email later that evening from his German internet acquaintance Mieke, who expressed her desire to meet up with him. Upon discovering Mieke’s gender, Scott feels remorse and chooses to travel to Berlin alongside his companions to locate Mieke. After finding a club where Manchester United supporters congregated upon their arrival in London, the two traveled to Paris with the assistance of the supporters, where they eventually located the twins.

The Change-Up (2011) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

The Change-Up (2011) Movie Like We're The Millers

Since third grade, Dave and Mickey have been pals. Mickey is a life-loving slacker, whereas Dave is a young and ambitious lawyer who aspires to be a partner. The two guys regret their lives on a drunken night. They can’t resist making the wish “I want your life” while urinating in the goddess and wishing fountain. And Dave and Mitch traded places with each other in the morning. After swapping bodies, Dave and Mitch cautiously live other people’s lives to not wreck their closest friends’ lives with their own foolishness and former selves. It is one of the movies like We’re The Millers on Netflix.

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Apple TV

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) Movie Like We're The Millers

Companions Kurt, Nick, and Dale decide to launch their own companies. An investor, Hansen, became interested in them soon. After happily completing the order ahead of schedule, they were informed that he would be canceling the agreement. Eventually, the Hansen family disclosed that they had founded these businesses to acquire their operations at a reduced cost. They will thereby lose everything if they are unable to raise the funds necessary to pay back the loan. At that point, they devised a scheme to kidnap their son and demand a ransom to utilize the proceeds to settle the debt. They were bad kidnappers, and after learning of their scheme, the son chose to accompany them and demand more money than they wanted.

30 Minutes or Less (2011) – Streaming on Starz, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

30 Minutes or Less (2011) Movie Like We're The Millers

Nick is a pizza delivery guy from a small town who has always had a typical life. To rob a bank, Nick is abducted by two insane criminals one day. When stealing a bank or escaping danger becomes difficult in less than one hour, Nick goes to his history instructor and erstwhile best buddy, Chait, for assistance. Nick did the unthinkable in the little thirty minutes with Chet’s assistance. The two crooks have to deal with the cops, hired killers, a flamethrower in someone else’s hand, and even their disagreements as the timer runs out. For a harrowing thirty minutes, they confront the threat of having to rob banks, cops, assassins, and heavy weaponry and put their friendship to the test.

Scorched (2003) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video

Scorched (2003) Movie Like We're The Millers

A little village in the desert has a bank. In the bank, there are three clerks. The three clerks wish to open a safe by breaking in. Regretfully, none of them knew what the other two had planned, so they decided to do it the same weekend. The three bank employees, ignorant of each other’s schemes, ultimately pulled out their robberies. Rick got in touch with each of them after finding out he had been let go and offered them jobs as bank managers. After Rick finds Carter a job after he leaves the bank, they all quit individually.

22 Jump Street (2014) – Streaming on DIRECTV, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

22 Jump Street (2014) Movie Like We're The Millers

In addition to putting Schmidt and Jenko to the test intellectually, their unforgettable high school undercover job also assisted them in resolving some “teenage problems.” Time flies; the local police still send them undercover to the university, taking advantage of their positive rapport with the youth to obtain a wealth of information. Suddenly, Schmidt is playing soccer at school with a group of friends who share his interests, while Jenko is enthralled by the class’s flawless sculptures and attractive females when he declares painting. For them, it is a burden to solve the crime. And the quality of their relationship has significantly diminished. Would they rather remain partners or simply take advantage of this “second spring”?

Project X (2012) – Rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

Project X (2012) Movie Like We're The Millers

Let’s dive into more movies like We’re The Millers. Thomas’s birthday is approaching, and Costa and JB, his two best pals from school, are throwing the wildest party ever. The three of them got to work, inviting all of their high school pals, purchasing beer with fictitious identification, and obtaining ecstasy while Thomas’ parents were gone for the weekend. The three individuals, concerned that no one would show up at night, glanced at a crowd of people, particularly if there were a lot of very attractive ladies there. This increased the three individuals’ anxiety levels. As the parties and crowds increased, the neighbors voiced their displeasure, and there was no deterrent for people to enter my father’s study above. With almost 2,000 attendees, the organization of the activities was no longer in the hands of three teenagers.

Super Troopers (2001) – Streaming on Starz, DIRECTV, rent or buy on Apple TV

Super Troopers (2001) Movie Like We're The Millers

A few Vermont State Patrol officers that are stationed close to the Canadian border include Thorny, Farva, Mac, and Foster. They go on drives in their impounded sports vehicles and taunt speeders on the highway for most of the day. Sadly, their silent service has gone unappreciated because the government slashed funding for their modest position. Though it’s difficult to alter their cheeky ways, particularly when they’re interacting with law enforcement, these gentlemen are making an effort to modify their working manner. Given the date, the El Ville police department is making every effort to remove this message.

Walk of Shame (2014) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Video

Her pals want to spend a night with news anchor Megan Myers to help her overcome her recent failure at an audition for her dream job. She gets a call from her agency after an exciting night out, telling her she has been selected for a transformational interview. She goes home with her crush after they first meet at a party. But when she got out of the car, she discovered that her ID card and wallet were taken by a tow company. When is the poor anchor going to arrive for the interview?

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