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Movies Like Game Night

In Game Night, a bunch of friends have weekly game nights held by Max and Annie. But when Max's brother recommends turning the evening into a mysterious murder night, things really go out of control, and someone is abducted. It goes without saying that the entire group embarks on a crazy trip together. While few films have the same dark plot as Game Night, there are others that are strikingly comparable in other ways. This post will provide you with a list of excellent action and comedy movies like Game Night. Grab your popcorn and explore more Game Night like [...]

Movies Like Insurgent

In the popular dystopian adventure film Insurgent, Tris seeks Allies and answers in the aftermath of an uprising and thus begins her journey on the run. While they are pursued, Tris and Four find themselves closer and closer to the truth of the past. Perhaps the answer to the future world is between their thoughts. In addition to this splendid action film, more movies like Insurgent are worth watching. Check the following list and explore more with us! We're sure that these excellent movies like Insurgent will give you a memorable sci-fi journey! Elysium Chappie District 9 Automata World War [...]

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