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Movies Like Edge of Tomorrow

The main character of Edge of Tomorrow, William Cage, is trapped in a time loop while fighting against extraterrestrial invaders known as Mimics alongside other troops on Earth. The story is based on the Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill. It employs the time loop trope in a well-known and incredibly entertaining way. Some of the past few years' most exciting action and sci-fi brain-bending films like Edge of Tomorrow. This post is a great resource if you're looking for more action-packed and time-traveling movies like Edge of Tomorrow. 9 Best Time Loop Movies Like Edge of Tomorrow [...]

Movies Like 9 Songs

Art house films frequently have erotic themes, even when they are handled tastefully. But certain movies have a tendency to go too far with their sensual moments, almost to the point of being too suggestive. 9 Songs is one of these movies. The plot revolves around a young couple named Matt and Lisa, whose romance is chronicled across nine shows featuring well-known British indie bands. The film's background soundtrack consists of these nine well-known rock songs at different points. Numerous nations declined to provide even an R classification. Though seen as sultry and disrespectful, the movie has had its fans. [...]

Movies Like Project X

The comedy Project X uses recovered film to tell the story of Thomas Kub's 17th birthday party, which he arranged while his parents were away. As hundreds of teens and young adults pour into Thomas' suburban neighborhood, the party spirals out of hand, forcing Thomas, his closest friends, and his dog to escape the scene of the biggest home party ever. Project X is an irreverent, amusing, and bold addition to the house party and "one wild night" genre. Here are 15 similar movies like Project X. Continue reading to find out what other movies like Project X will satisfy [...]

Movies like Zero Dark Thirty

Numerous action-packed, stunning sights, life-threatening consequences, and the emotional suffering of combatants or characters are expertly incorporated into wartime and blockbuster films to capture the excitement and volatility of battle. The popularity of films about the war on terror and counterterrorism has grown over the past several years. A peek into the murky realm of global espionage and intrigue is provided by these movies. "Zero Dark Thirty" is one of this genre's most popular and action-packed movies. If you are interested in other best movies like Zero Dark Thirty, come and check out the following similar movies with us! We [...]

Movies like Hidden Figures

Some filmmakers are willing to turn their cameras on real life so that their movies reveal real-life tales of resiliency and empowerment, going beyond just amusement. Hidden Figures is one of the masterpieces. The movies relate to the tales of regular women who achieved incredible achievements. We will recommend 15 top Hidden Figures related movies in this post. To further assist you in comprehending these movies better, we will also introduce the plot of these great works. Follow us and explore more Hidden Figures similar movies! Woman Walks Ahead Selma The Best of Enemies 12 Years a Slave Suffragette The [...]

Movies Like The Longest Ride

There will always be an audience captivated by the experience of watching attractive individuals fall in love. That's why romantic drama movies like The Longest Ride continue to find success. It's a genre that consistently presents challenges and obstacles for the central couple to overcome, yet it ultimately leads to a heartwarming conclusion. Here are 15 romantic movies like The Longest Ride where you can witness enduring love with the characters. Join us and discover your favorite! Me Before You The Fault in Our Stars High Fidelity Stuck In Love Silver Lining Playbook Remember Me The Best of Me The [...]

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