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Movies Like Love Rosie

Would you tell your closest friend the truth about how you feel, or would you keep it to yourself? For the sake of love, would you be willing to risk losing this friendship? Choosing to be vulnerable when your friendship is on the line can be intimidating, even if it may seem simple to someone else. Love Rosie is a romantic comedy that focuses on the two closest friends, Alex and Rosie. This film transports you to a world of unwavering love and unparalleled friendship; it's funny and uplifting. Of course, there are many acclaimed romantic movies like Love Rosie. [...]

Movies like Zero Dark Thirty

Numerous action-packed, stunning sights, life-threatening consequences, and the emotional suffering of combatants or characters are expertly incorporated into wartime and blockbuster films to capture the excitement and volatility of battle. The popularity of films about the war on terror and counterterrorism has grown over the past several years. A peek into the murky realm of global espionage and intrigue is provided by these movies. "Zero Dark Thirty" is one of this genre's most popular and action-packed movies. If you are interested in other best movies like Zero Dark Thirty, come and check out the following similar movies with us! We [...]

Movies like Hidden Figures

Some filmmakers are willing to turn their cameras on real life so that their movies reveal real-life tales of resiliency and empowerment, going beyond just amusement. Hidden Figures is one of the masterpieces. The movies relate to the tales of regular women who achieved incredible achievements. We will recommend 15 top Hidden Figures related movies in this post. To further assist you in comprehending these movies better, we will also introduce the plot of these great works. Follow us and explore more Hidden Figures similar movies! Woman Walks Ahead Selma The Best of Enemies 12 Years a Slave Suffragette The [...]

Movies Like Black Swan

Black Swan is not a dramatic documentary about ballerinas, nor was it intended to be. It's a deliberately stylized view - an obsession with art and a depravity to madness. Natalie Portman's beautiful ballet and award-winning acting have also captivated countless fans for her. If you are looking for other psychological thriller movies like Black Swan or ballet movies like Black Swan, check the following list and explore those 15 similar movies with us! Coherence Annihilation Jacob's Ladder Uncut Gems 10 Cloverfield Lane Hereditary I'm Thinking of Ending Things Shutter Island The Killing of a Sacred Deer Beau Is Afraid [...]

Movies Like Instant Family

In the process of children growing up, parents always encounter a lot of unexpected troubles and interesting things. Children usually go through a childhood of companionship and rebellious youth. Parents are the first teachers of children. In turn, children will teach parents a lot of simple truths. It is because of such a connection that the family movies like Instant Family become more happy and harmonious.   Many family comedies use these as their main plot. Instant Family follows a hilarious story about a couple with three adopted children. If you are a fan of this film and want to [...]

Movies like The Intouchables

The French films also excel in the film industry. The Intouchables portrays the story of a disabled nobleman and the young man hired to look after him. If you are curious about the best movies like The Intouchables, we have thoughtfully selected 15 humorous films for you today, and several of them are French movies like The Intouchables. Come and check with us! The Bucket List What's in a Name Rye Lane I've Loved You So Long Love Me If You Dare The Brand New Testament Spoiled Brats Pride Crooklyn On the Count of Three There Are No Fakes Mr. [...]

Movies like I Am Number Four

Science fiction films, with their fantastical Settings, exciting plots, and dazzling special effects, are unique in the genre and have gained a large number of loyal fans from the original novels. Alien invasions, time travel, Star Wars, and the like create a grand, imaginative world for us to explore. I Am Number Four is such a memorable film where we can immerse ourselves in the stories of bounty hunters and other digital avatars. If you are curious about other best movies like I Am Number Four, there are also wonderful sci-fi movies that deserve your attention. Come and explore 15 [...]

Movies Like The Longest Ride

There will always be an audience captivated by the experience of watching attractive individuals fall in love. That's why romantic drama movies like The Longest Ride continue to find success. It's a genre that consistently presents challenges and obstacles for the central couple to overcome, yet it ultimately leads to a heartwarming conclusion. Here are 15 romantic movies like The Longest Ride where you can witness enduring love with the characters. Join us and discover your favorite! Me Before You The Fault in Our Stars High Fidelity Stuck In Love Silver Lining Playbook Remember Me The Best of Me The [...]

Movies Like Green Book

In addition to romantic films, there are also films that explore the harsh reality of life, which is full of discrimination, estrangement, and prejudice. This kind of film tends to be more serious and tells a moving story with tough characters and a brave fighting spirit. The Green Book, for example, tells the audience a thought-provoking story about the incredible road trip that white drivers and black musicians experience together. If you are looking for more similar movies like Green Book, check the following movies like Green Book recommendation right now! Driving Miss Daisy The Help 20th Century Women Junebug [...]

Movies Like Grown Ups

When an interesting group of friends gather, there is always a funny story. Wherever they go, there is always witty dialogue, fantastic adventures, and emotional highs and lows. In Grown Ups, we follow five friends from childhood through their youth and their lives as adults. If you are looking for other similar movies like Grown Ups and more teen movies like Grown Ups 2, check the following list and introduction! Vacation Friends Camp nowhere Tag Daddy Day Care The Benchwarmers The Hangover Horrible Bosses Old School Couples Retreat Dinner for Schmucks Click We're the Millers Blended The Change-Up American Reunion [...]

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