Best Movies On Tubi TV

Movies Like World War Z

The zombie film World War Z was a huge smash in 2013. civilization War Z, which is based on Max Brooks's 2006 book of the same name, tells the tale of a civilization overtaken by an unexpected and deadly zombie epidemic. A virologist discovers that understanding the origins of the zombie virus is the only way to create a vaccination against it. Gerry Lane, an ex-UN Investigator, has to go on a mission to find the virus's source and survive to protect his family. This post will give you a similar movie list and a brief introduction to movies like [...]

Movies like I Am Number Four

Science fiction films, with their fantastical Settings, exciting plots, and dazzling special effects, are unique in the genre and have gained a large number of loyal fans from the original novels. Alien invasions, time travel, Star Wars, and the like create a grand, imaginative world for us to explore. I Am Number Four is such a memorable film where we can immerse ourselves in the stories of bounty hunters and other digital avatars. If you are curious about other best movies like I Am Number Four, there are also wonderful sci-fi movies that deserve your attention. Come and explore 15 [...]

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