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Movies Like 9 Songs

Art house films frequently have erotic themes, even when they are handled tastefully. But certain movies have a tendency to go too far with their sensual moments, almost to the point of being too suggestive. 9 Songs is one of these movies. The plot revolves around a young couple named Matt and Lisa, whose romance is chronicled across nine shows featuring well-known British indie bands. The film's background soundtrack consists of these nine well-known rock songs at different points. Numerous nations declined to provide even an R classification. Though seen as sultry and disrespectful, the movie has had its fans. [...]

Movies Like Spirited Away

A lot of people who are new to anime see the internationally recognized Studio Ghibli films. One of the well-known anime films that Hayao Miyazaki has directed is Spirited Away. The movie centers on 10-year-old Chihiro, whose parents are turned into pigs by a witch and who thereafter enters the spirit realm. Chihiro has a lot of obstacles to overcome before she can leave the magical land she's been imprisoned in. Thankfully, she bravely defeats them with her friends' assistance. There are many other animated movies like Spirited Away about self-discovery, the genuine meaning of friendship, and the power of [...]

Movies like Ted

In the movie Ted, the teddy bear really comes to life as John wanted it to and joins in his life. John's romantic relationship and life became colorful and interesting due to him. The lighthearted comedy has attracted millions of fans. In addition to Ted, there are also many comedy movies that bring you joy and laughter. Why not check these 15 funny movies like Ted and explore more good movies with us? Ted 2 Due Date Neighbors Monsters, Inc. Zoolander The 40-Year-Old Virgin Wanderlust Dumb and Dumber To A Million Ways to Die in the West Dirty Grandpa Role [...]

Movies Like Green Book

In addition to romantic films, there are also films that explore the harsh reality of life, which is full of discrimination, estrangement, and prejudice. This kind of film tends to be more serious and tells a moving story with tough characters and a brave fighting spirit. The Green Book, for example, tells the audience a thought-provoking story about the incredible road trip that white drivers and black musicians experience together. If you are looking for more similar movies like Green Book, check the following movies like Green Book recommendation right now! Driving Miss Daisy The Help 20th Century Women Junebug [...]

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